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Mt Vinson Expedition 12th December 2011

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28th Dec: The team are all well and arrived at the Union Glacier yesterday. They are waiting to fly back to Punta Arenas and the flight is planned for tomorrow.

26th Dec: At 2.30pm on Christmas day Chris and the team reached the summit of Mount Vinson. The winds had picked up during the day but didn't affect the summit bid. They descended back down to high camp and will clear down to base camp today. Well done to all the team and wish them a safe trip off Antarctica and back home.

24th Dec: The team are at high camp enjoying a rest day - all are well. The forecast for Christmas day is good, so all being well, they will make their summit bid tomorrow.

22nd Dec: The weather has improved somewhat and Chris and the team have moved to low camp. They plan to carry some gear to high camp today, and move to high camp tomorrow.

21st Dec: Chris rang today - the team are at Vinson Base Camp but they're experiencing bad weather - 3" of snow has fallen whilst they've been there and they've decided to stay put for a couple of days or until the weather gets a bit better - whichever comes first.

19th Dec: The team have now flown onto Antarctica and arrived at Vinson base camp last night. Sadly Tomaz was suffering with flu like symptoms when he arrived in Punta Arenas and they had not improved in the short time they had before flying on to Antarctica. He traveled with the group to Vinson base camp and then flew back with the plane. We wish Tomaz a safe journey home.

17th Dec: The team are all well but the weather has not been favourable so they are still at the Hotel in Punta Arenas waiting for it to clear. They will fly to Antarctica as soon as it does.

16th Dec: The team have now had their briefings and so far the weather is looking good for departure on the 16th.

13th Dec: All the team have arrived safely in Punta Arenas. They will make their final preparations and have their briefings before departing for Antarctica on 16th Dec weather permiting.

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  • Ger Mullally

    Ger Mullally

    18 December 2011 at 22:00 |
    Hi Senan.
    Best wishes to you and the team.

    Go easy on the rations before you leave!

    Looking forward to the updates. Enjoy it.
  • dunc hale

    dunc hale

    21 December 2011 at 16:12 |
    "Got the tent, Bob?"
    Hope the weather improves and you get get some great shots from the summit.
  • Ger Mullally

    Ger Mullally

    22 December 2011 at 19:03 |
    Great to hear they are on the move again.

    Hope they make the summit for Xmas Day
  • Ger Mullally

    Ger Mullally

    26 December 2011 at 17:26 |
    Congrats to Senan and all the team from Glanbia Hillwalking Club,Ireland.
    Enda (Crean) O'Brien, grandson of Tom Crean, sends his congratulations also today.
    Enjoy the trip home.

  • Willie Marshall

    Willie Marshall

    27 December 2011 at 13:07 |
    Well done, Bob et al!!! Great Christmas present. Safe home.
  • Steve Marin

    Steve Marin

    27 December 2011 at 19:54 |
    That is really good news for the whole group and especially to my Denali team mate Bob Kerr! Vinson must be a truly memorable and magnificent peak in a unique environment, well done guys.

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    Margaret Heaton

    Margaret Heaton

    20. October, 2014 |

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    I just heard some disconcerting...
    Jessica Heaton

    Jessica Heaton

    18. October, 2014 |

  • Following you all the way Stu. Hope everything goes according to plan and look forward to reading your blogs x
    John Robson

    John Robson

    18. October, 2014 |

  • Thank you for keeping us homies up to date Stu.David, I hope you tidied that room before you left it!
    Liz S

    Liz S

    17. October, 2014 |

  • To Stu. AKA Daddy.

    Have a great treck, have fun and enjoy, keep safe and we will keep an eye on your progress.

    Miss you and love...
    Kelly Peacock and Alec

    Kelly Peacock and Alec

    15. October, 2014 |

  • Good luck Chris, have fun and stay safe! Hopefully get to climb with you again some time. Cheers!
    Malcolm Dobson

    Malcolm Dobson

    08. October, 2014 |