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Grivel Speedy Ice Screw Medium

Our Price: £63.00

The Grivel Speedy is designed to simplify manoeuvres of placement and removal, safely without losing the screw.
It consists of a shackel rotating freely on the tube, a sling in highly resistant Dyneema and a carabiner.
There’s a weight reduction of 15% compared to the traditional screw plus quickdraw and double carabiner.
With Speedy the climber can set up a self belay by attaching the rope after only a few turns of the screw and then finish screwing in safely.
As the carabiner hangs perpendicular to the ice it’s easy to thread the rope with the carabiner facing in the right direction.
The generously sized carabiner makes it easy to use with winter gloves.
The point of force is right up against the ice and follows the screw’s length.
The ridge on the tube keeps Speedy in the right position avoiding whiplash in case of an abrupt jerk and stops the quickdraw slipping down the tube during placement.
Speedy lets the climber remove the screw without unthreading the rope so it’s impossible to lose the screw, once out of the ice it can easily be attached to the harness.
This has a strategically placed ring so that the carabiner can be hooked up to the harness during transport so it doesn’t get in the way. The carabiner is then freed up on inserting the rope.

-Faster as it’s ready to thread the rope.
-Lighter than a traditional quickdraw.
-Compact on harness
-Safer as you can’t lose the ice screw

Length: 16cm, 20cm Sling

Weight: 0.249 grams

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