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Aconcagua 8th Dec 18

By December 23, 2018Current Trips

Aconcagua Expedition departed 8th December

Leader: Paul Etheridge

23rd December

First Summit Successes of the Season! Paul called in late on tonight to say the team we successful in reaching the summit of Aconcagua. They were now back at camp. Kieran decided to head back down from independancy hut, but Ivar and Paul pushed on and reached the summit at 1pm, closely followed by Andrei and the local guide at 2pm. They started the ascent with a perfect moonlit morning with very little wind. Although the clouds did come in eventually in the later afternoon it couldn’t dampen the spirits of the team. Tomorrow they will descend to Plaza de Mulas base camp and then trek out to Penitentes on Christmas Day.

20th December

The team have just arrived at Camp 3 Guanacos, it’s been a windy day but all is good with the team. Looking at the weather forecast Sunday is looking to be the best day, so they will have a rest day tomorrow while the winds start to subside and then head up to Camp Colera on Saturday.

18th December

Currently at Camp 1, the team will do a carry up to Camp 2 tomorrow, before having a rest day then moving up. The first possible summit day would be Sunday, the weather is currently fairly windy but it is set to calm down later in the week.

16th December

The team are doing well and enjoying the hot showers, coffee and music at base camp. Their final preparations are made in readiness for moving up the mountain.


14th December

The team arrived at base camp yesterday. Today Tim has made the decsion to head back to Mendoza he has been struggling with an illness and although there is no cause for concern he has decided not to venture up the mountain this time. This was Tim’s 6th (not all with AP) and last attempt on Aconcagua so the AP team are sad to see he did not get any further this time.

11th December

Yesterday the team made their journey to Penitentes and today will start their trek along the Vacas valley.

Looking Nervous, Excited or Confused?     Team Packed and Ready to Depart Mendoza

10th December

The team have now all arrived into Mendoza, Ivar arrived this morning after a mix up with his flights. They will make their final preparations and obtain their permits this morning before making the 4 hour drive to Penitentes.

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