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Aconcagua December 15th 2018

By January 4, 2019Current Trips
Aconcagua Summit day views

Aconcagua Expedition departed 15th December 2018

Leader: Carrie Gibson

4th January

The team are now on their way back to Mendoza looking forward to showers and some amazing food.

1st January

Summit success! Despite the strong winds, seven members of the team managed to reach the summit and have now descended to Camp Colera. Congratulations to the team – we look forward to seeing the photos!

28th December

Carrie called in today to check the weather forecast ready for making their summit bid. The winds are very strong for the next few days with only Tuesday offering any chance of a possible summit opportunity, but with potentially challenging winds. Hopefully the winds are not as bad as predicted for the team.

27th December

Carrie called in today to say that they are all doing well. They have moved up to Camp 3 Guanacos (5400m) and will acclimatise there whilst they wait for the winds to drop. They are going to have a rest day today and do some ice axe and crampon skills practice, and of course keep on eating lots! They spent Christmas day doing a load carry up to this camp but it was a good day and they’d had birthday cake the day before.

24th December

23rd December

Yesterday the team were strong in the mountain as we carried a load to Camp 1 before returning to base camp. Today some of the team were applying face masks! At base camp as I’ve said before it’s full luxury!

We also had a stunning full moon last night and were willing the other Adventure Peaks team on to the summit! The photo doesn’t quite do it justice, it was like a street light!

Today is Joolsy’s birthday – Happy Birthday! We had double decker pizza with steak in it!

22nd December

Today has been our rest day at base camp. We had a wee lie until the sun hit our tents and we had breakfast booked at 9.00 although the helicopter was in early to act as an alarm clock. Then the team had only one thing to do – to drink lots until we went to see the doctor. After a really nice lunch, we checked our crampons. Then we split the group food out ready for our carry tomorrow to Camp 1. Then we were treated to a traditional Argentinian Sunday dinner. Empanadas, amazing, BBQ steak, sausage and potatoes even more amazing! And dulce de leche pudding. Very happy campers tonight!

20th December

Carrie has just called in to say they have now arrived at Plaza Argentinas base camp and were welcomed into the mess tent by the sight of some amazing food russled up by the cook. The team will enjoy a full rest day tomorrow while making some preparations for their first carry up to Camp 1 on Saturday.


19th December

Carrie called in today to say that the team are at Casa de Piedra and will reach base camp tomorrow. They enjoyed an excellent barbecue at Pampa de Lenas, their first camp on the trek in, and everyone is in good spirits.


16th December

The team have arrived in Mendoza and are making final preparations before departing for the mountain.

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