Aconcagua December 2006 Expedition News

By Adventure Peaks
December 06, 2006

31/12/06 – 6pm GMT: Good news Chris, Tom, Ed & Brian have reached the summit of Aconcagua today They are now back at base camp after clearing the camps from the mountain. Karen and Paul spent 2 nights at Camp 1 before heading back out, unfortunately Karen’s chest infection, which she picked up just before the trip, did not clear, they both decided to head back to Mendoza. Paul also called today to inform me that they were now safe and well in Mendoza. They were both going to relax and explore more of Mendoza whilst waiting for the rest of the team to arrive.

21/12/06 – 3pm GMT:Chris has called in today from Plaza Argentinas BC, the team have arrived safely after a 3 day journey trek from the road head at the start of the Vaccas Valley. They have had a well deserved rest day today and are now preparing to head up to Camp 1 with their first carry tomorrow.

15/12/06 – 11pm GMT:The team have now arrived in Mendoza after a slight problem of a lost flight ticket and passport in Buenos Aires. Tomorrow the team will take on the large task of food shopping in preparation for their journey. They will then obtain their permits before travelling to Puente Del Inca.

The Team Leader : Chris Walker

Tom Lawson

Ed Maxwell

Brian Corcoran

Karen McHugh

Paul Wright

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