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Is Aconcagua for me? – Training Weekends

If you have just climbed Kilimanjaro, Elbrus or perhaps trekked to Everest Base Camp and are considering your next challenge, Aconcagua often presents itself as the next logical step. It is often described as a “Trek” or “a technically easy peak”. At 6962m, it is in fact the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas and is not as easy as people are led to believe.

It’s fair to say you don’t need to be a climber but you do need to have a high level of cardiovascular fitness, be able to carry loads of at least 15kg (uphill for at least 5-7 hrs) over multiple days and be able to use crampons and ice axe.

To give yourself the best chance of success on Aconcagua, you also need to be organised and have good camping skills, look after yourself in extremely cold conditions, have an acceptance of living on the mountain without home comforts and most of all, have a mental toughness to keep going.

If you are not put off, read on..

There are things that can be put in place to make life a little easier, for example: hiring a porter to reduce the weight in your rucksack, employing a 1:1 guide who will assist you at camp with making meals and preparing drinks, to encourage you when the going gets tough and stay with you all the way to the summit and back. However, if you haven’t put the training in beforehand, then all of this will be a waste.

Although you will have experienced what it is like at altitude on your previous trips, the extra 1000m to the summit of Aconcagua is exponentially harder, both mentally and physically.

We can’t recreate the effects of altitude in the hills around the UK, but imagine climbing Scafell Pike, or Snowdon, on a foul day dropping back down to the valley and then going back up a second time. It’s this sort of mental toughness that you need to have. The ability to keep going when the going gets tough.

OK, so you are not there yet, so sign up now, get training and become prepared. Unsure? Got lots of questions or hesitations then join one of our Aconcagua familiarisation weekends in the Lake District and we will help you develop a full training programme.


Training Weekends:

10 places are available per course: Just a £10 registration fee if you are already booked on an Adventure Peaks expedition, or if you are still thinking of joining an expedition, £60 registration fee, which can be deducted off a future booking. You will also get 15% discount on any equipment purchased during the course or for one month after.

Course Instructor: Dave Pritt or Carrie Gibson

When: 27th – 28th July 2019

Time: Saturday 9am to Sunday 3pm


The courses cover:

  • Physical Training for climbing at altitude
  • How to minimize weight for load carrying
  • Equipment for Aconcagua and high altitude
  • High Altitude camping
  • Food issues at altitude
  • Cooking and boiling water at High Altitude
  • Medical & Health issues
  • AMS – Acute Mountain Sickness

Tents and specialist equipment provided. You should be prepared to carry 15kg for 2-3 hours; those with more energy/fitness can do more BUT remember we don’t expect you to be Aconcagua fit yet. This course is more about highlighting and developing training plans and skills to get you there, and for most people this will take up to six months.

You will need a sleeping bag (these can be hired) and general Lake District walking gear including waterproofs. Also bring along any gear you have questions about. A full kit list will be supplied to those who book on the training weekend.

Dave Pritt

About Dave Pritt

Dave Pritt is the Director of Adventure Peaks. With over 30 years of mountaineering feats, he is a very experienced high altitude mountaineer who has led expeditions to K2, Broad Peak and five Everest expeditions. Dave has completed the 7 summits, led an expedition to Ski the South Pole Last Degree, Satopanth in India and in 2007 he guided Ian McKeever to break the world record for the seven summits in 156 days. He is lucky enough to have climbed on the majority of our advertised peaks, but the Tien Shan remains his favourite destination.

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