Ama Dablam Expedition 12th October 19


Ama Dablam Expedition

12th October 2019

Leader: Paul Noble

1st November

The team set out on the 28th to Camp 1 with the intention of a summit attempt. The following day we headed up to Camp 2. Mike knew he’d be happy to stop between the Camps, happy he’d broken his personal altitude record. Our two Sherpas, Ang Dawa and Tenzing accompanied Simon, Davy and Paul up the ridge to Camp 2. After 10pm we began to climb the Grey Tower, initially it felt quite mild but the temperature dropped as we hit Mushroom Ridge. Unlike the previous day it was quiet, allowing us to avoid any queues.

We climbed on, now much cooler with some winds. These mountains truly test you and at this point Davy, who also had smashed his altitude record, reluctantly decided to call it quits around the old Camp 3 site.  He rightly wanted to keep some energy for the descent.

While Tenzing and Davy descended, Paul pushed on to catch up with Dawa and Simon. Dawa knew Paul was coming and they took a couple of breaks with us joining above the Dablam. The slopes felt like they took forever but by 07.10 Nepali time we on the summit! It was very cold with high level cloud but otherwise a good day to be on top.

Paul and Simon on summit.

30th October

Summit success! Congratulations to the team who reached the summit of Ama Dablam at 7:10 this morning. They are now back down at camp 1 and will head down to base camp tomorrow. Photos to follow

29th October

The team are at camp 2 and are going for the summit tonight.

27th October

It’s fair to say we haven’t had the best weather up till now. None of the classic blue sky mornings with some cloud in the afternoon. Just plenty of new snow fall of which the last heavier snow broke the WiFi, the modern perils of mountaineering!!

Just before the worst of the weather we had a very snowy trip initially to camp 1 then the following day we went as high as conditions allowed towards camp 2.  It was a tough but worthwhile experience. After this we returned to the comforts of BC.

The weather improved on Saturday and today is a stunning day, perfect for washing and showers.

We will head up the hill again tomorrow – the weather looks stable for the next 4 days and should allow us to get high on the mountain.

22nd October 

Paul called to say that the team have had their puja and blessings from the local Lama.  Tomorrow they head to Camp 1, and then on to touch camp 2 before heading back down to base camp to rest.

21st October

So far we haven’t had the best of weather since we arrived at Base Camp. After overnight snow and continuing low cloud the day had a bit of a monochrome feel to it.

However the winds have remained light, so we headed up the hill to drop some equipment at ABC, otherwise called Yak Camp. Accompanied by our two Sherpas and our trek guide/base camp manager, I think it’s fair to say we could all feel the altitude but the team went well. On arrival we stashed our gear and grabbed a bite to eat before descending back to BC for a late lunch.

Tomorrow is our Puja when a local Lama will bless our expedition and ask the mountain gods to look after us.


20th October

The weather was a bit disappointing on our first full day at Base Camp. However the team has been busying itself with walks, gear fettling and for those brave enough in the cold and snow… showers. There was a delay in using the shower tent as a team member, who will remain nameless, on arrival at camp thought it was a toilet tent and used it accordingly!!!!
After a base camp familiarisation tour, this is unlikely to happen again. There are a lot of tents in place – a store, kitchen, dining, toilet and personal tents for everyone. Perfect for getting through poor weather days like today.

We’ll walk to yak camp tomorrow, then the plan is to have our Puja and some rope practice the following day, then a camp 1 – 2 rotation after that.

16th October

The team have arrived fit and well in Namche.
An afternoon of coffee drinking and shopping is now on the cards!

15th October

Hello from Paul and the Team.
It was a 4am start for the team this morning. After a 4 hour  drive /snooze we reached  our airport. In record time we were off to Lukla. So now a coffee in the sun and then we’re off for a short trek to tonight’s lodge.

The team departed the UK on the 12th of October.

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