Annapurna IV 27th September 2022

Annapurna IV 27th September 2022

Annapurna IV 27th September 2022

Leader: Pablo Kuntz

Our first departure for the post monsoon season is to Annapurna IV. Follow Pablo and the team here:

10th October 2022

Pablo has messaged at 1pm today to say they should be arriving into Kathmandu in around an hours time.

9th October 2022

Currently the road is blocked getting out of the valley, so the team are going to sit things out, but they have decided not to continue with the trip. If the roads don't clear soon, then they plan to take a helicopter.

8th October 2022

On the 7th Oct after more extreme heavy snow the difficult decsion was made by the team to descend down to Humde for some repsite from the bad weather. It took the team an arduous 11 hours to descend to Humde, which would normally take 3 to 4 hours in good weather.

6th October 2022

Pablo called in today to say heavy snow is preventing the team making any progress at the moment. The whole Annapurna/Manaslu area is being affected by this. They have had over 1m of snow, so the day has been spent clearing tent's, walkways around base camp. The team are still in good spirits, but are planning to head back down to Humde for a bit of respite. The forecasts are still a bit contradictory at the moment as to when the snows will receed, but hoepfully from Saturday things will start to imporve for the group.

5th October 2022

Heavy snow for the last 24 hours has held the team at base camp. At least 40 cm has droppeed in that time, so lots of reading, chatting and shoveling!

4th October 2022

Today the team have finally reached base camp. The Sherpas have already fixed to just below camp 3. Over the next copule of days the team will spend more time acclimatising and refreshing skills before ascending the mountain.

2nd October 2022

The team have completed their road journey to Humde. Tomorrow they will cut off the main Annapurna Circuit and head to Sabej Kholagon, where they will stay night before making the final trek to Annapurna IV base camp.

28th September 2022

The team have arrived in Kathmandu. They will make their final preparations and attend the necessary ministry briefing before heading to Besisahar tomorrow.

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