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Aconcagua December 2006 Expedition News

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31/12/06 – 6pm GMT: Good news Chris, Tom, Ed & Brian have reached the summit of Aconcagua today They are now back at base camp after clearing the camps from the mountain. Karen and Paul spent 2 nights at Camp 1 before heading back out, unfortunately Karen’s chest infection, which she picked up just before the trip, did not clear, they both decided to head back to Mendoza. Paul also called today to inform me that they were now safe and well in Mendoza. They were both going to relax and explore more of Mendoza whilst waiting for the rest of the team to arrive.

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Pumori 2006 Expedition News.

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Pumori 25 October 2006 Expedition News.Pumori

The Team Leader : Zac Poulton

Mick Allen

Alistair Ball

Ian Pratt

Duncan Williams

2/11/06: After leaving Pumori decided to first tackle Lobache East. Today we received a satellite phone call to say that all the team had summited and were now back down at base camp. After a rest day the team are planning to move over to Island Peak and make an attempt on the less frequently climbed North Ridge.

27/10/06:The team have moved up to ABC, and have ventured onto the mountain to assess the conditions. Unfortunately conditions are not good enough to progress to Camp 1. The team are now considering moving across to Island Peak & Loboche East in order to make the most of their time in Nepal.

25/10/06:The team have arrived at Pumori Base Camp. There has been a lot of snow deposited on the mountain, however the team have decided to go up to ABC and have a look at the conditions. The forecast is for the weather to improve over the next few days

Mt Meru & Kilimanjaro Expedition News August 2006

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Team Leader: Zac Poulton (Mt Meru),

Team Leader: Graham Niven (Kilimanjaro)

Andrew Halsall

Colin Nelson

Jennifer Philips

Catherine Rennie

Susan Shellard

17/08/06 – 2pm GMT:The full team have made a successful ascent of Kilimanjaro and have now arrived back in Moshi, so well done to everyone for their achievements on this expedition.

11/08/06 – 1pm GMT:The team successfully reached the summit of Mount Meru and have now moved over to Kilimanjaro

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Tien Shan Peaks Expedition News July 2006

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The Team Leader : Nick Lumb

Brian Lewis

Peter Fanthorpe

Lee Crocker

08/08/06 – 12pm GMT:The team have made good progress on the acclimatisation peaks. Today they made an attempt on the summit of Chapayev, however progress was slow due to weather conditions, so the decision was made to turn round. The team are now on their way down to base camp and will be returning back to the UK on Sunday.

14/08/06 – 9am GMT:The team have now arrived back in the UK


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Bolivian Peaks Expedition

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The Team: Owen Samuel (Team leader, Cumbria) Martin Barron (Dentist, Manchester) Paul Gwilliam (Computer Programmer, Wakefield) Hannah Vickers (Gap Year student, Cambridgeshire)

From Hannah: Why Bolivia? During the nine months since I’d booked onto the expedition, this question had been asked dozens of times by as many people, at the pre-expedition meets and by friends. My answer had to be i) the prospect of fine, dry and stable weather conditions ii) spending time mountaineering in several areas of the Cordillera Real and not just on one mountain and iii) the challenge posed by Illimani and Huayna Potosi, both at a greater altitude than what I’d been to on Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, one and a half years previously.

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