Yvon Chouinard began hand-forging pitons using a hammer and anvil in his backyard and selling them from the back of his car. The Chouinard Standard, one of the first carabiners, was to become the industry standard being very strong, light and uncomplicated. In 1989, Chouinard’s employees founded the first climber-owned equipment company and named it Black Diamond. The company has built on the principles of making simple, highly functional, long-lasting and products that are ideally suited to their purpose.

Now specialising in skiing and climbing equipment, they are a very “hands-on” company and test their products personally in the environments for which they are designed to ensure that all Black Diamond products from skis to Stoppers and Camalots perform superbly exactly when you need them. Much of Black Diamond’s equipment has been tested to the limit on Adventure Peaks expeditions.