At 190 years old, Grivel is one of the oldest producers of alpinism equipment in the world. Throughout its long history, Grivel has continually introduced new technologies into the sport of Alpinism, with the first modern crampon in 1909 and countless innovations in ice axe technology with the introduction, in 1986, of the first carbon fibre shafted ice axe.

A simple, yet massively influential product, the anti-balling plate, allowed Grivel to solve the problem of snow build-up under the crampon using the alpinists movement. Many companies have tried to find alternatives to Grivel’s design, but none have been as successful. Grivel have continued to introduce new materials into their products, most recently using a carbon composite material used in the aerospace industry, in the Qunatum ice axe, making it the lightest in the world.

Throughout the long years of innovation and expertise Grivel has become a world leader in the production of crampons and ice axes and is considered to be one of the world’s best brand names in mountaineering equipment.