The Lowe Alpine story starts with Ralph Lowe, whose life-long love of the mountains was a passion he passed down to his children; especially to his three sons Mike, Greg and Jeff. In 1956, Ralph took Mike (then aged 10), up the Exum Ridge of the Grand Teton in Wyoming. In 1958 he returned to do the same route with his younger sons Greg (aged 9) and Jeff (aged 7), making Jeff at the time the youngest person to complete the climb.

Lowe Alpine is now a leading worldwide manufacturer of outdoor gear, yet still creating new solutions to old problems. This is equipment used in the world’s wildest places, where gear failure is not an option.

Lowe Alpine’s objectives stay true to the Lowe brothers’ vision: to create innovative, practical outdoor products using exacting levels of design and materials. Their backpacks and clothing are built to cope with any outdoor situation, to defend and protect you from the worst conditions in the world.