In 1862 after finishing his three year apprenticeship as a rope maker Kaspar Tanner started up his own rope business and Mammut was born.
In 1878 Kaspar moves production to Lenzburg where he gets permission to use the public way next to his flat as a rope wall to braid and coil his ropes, in 1897 Kaspar’s son Oscar takes over the business and throughout the 1900’s he pushes rope making into the modern world creating new and more efficient machinery, and also making the rope makers a stock corporation company.

Mammut in the 90s was all about expanding the brand, firstly by purchasing Toko in 1993 and in 1994 introducing the Mammut logo we all know and love today. The expansion carried on in ’00s with them buying Norwegian sleeping bag specialists Ajungilak, Raichle footwear, Lucido head torch manufacturer and in 2006 they launched the Pulse Barryvox avalanche rescue device.
Since 2010 Mammut have gone from strength to strength with their new central warehouse built in Germany, becoming a Bluesign member in 2011, celebrating 150 years in 2012 and in that same year designing and developing the Airbag rucksack. To think all this started in a rope factory in Wohlen in 1862!