began making bags in the 1920s and sustained itself through WW2 supplying the Resistance with backpacks. However it wasn’t until the 1950s that the Millet brand took off. Millet supplied the first French expeditions to the Himalaya. It was with Millet equipment that Louis Lachenal and partner Maurice Herzog conquered Annapurna, an ascent of the first summit of over 8000m. Millet quickly established itself as the leader in the manufacture of mountain backpacks in France. In 1959, another famous mountaineer, Walter Bonnati was contracted as a technical consultant.

The success of many of Bonnattis expeditions catapulted Millet equipment’s reputation for quality and innovation worldwide. Into the present day, Millet has diversified its product range but has stayed faithful to its roots and can boast supplying equipment to climbing expeditions around the world for 60 years. Millet is as profuse as ever in its range of technical products, clothing, backpacks, shoes, and ropes based on its textile expertise.

Millet continues to offer each adventurer, whether a mountaineer, skier or hiker the capability to equip themselves out from head to toe, a promise that few brands are in a position to make. Focussing on modern alpine-style for fast and light ascents has driven Millet’s product development and innovation with the release of the “Expert” and “L.T.K” ranges. Adventure Peaks is a pro-store and is one of the few suppliers of Millet equipment in the UK. Millet operate a shop-within-a-shop and utilise the expertise and experience of our staff.