Rab’s motto is “For the most extreme conditions in the world” and that is what they design their products for. Based in Sheffield and started 30 years ago by Rab Carrington, he began designing products to meet the requirements of alpinists aiming for fast and lightweight ascents of high mountain peaks. Rab spent a lot of the 1970s on boundary pushing expeditions globally, educating himself on understanding the requirements of climbers and their kit. His approach to designing equipment was to first decide what functions the gear needed to achieve and then designing for that purpose.

While Rab’s range of products has expanded massively, each item is still designed with the ethos of quality and performance in mind. Rab produces garments that cover every layer from the skin outwards. Rab have a very close relationship with it’s suppliers allowing them to produce some of the best lightest, most breathable, long-lasting and comfortable clothing in the world.

It’s range of sleeping bags and down clothing is very popular among people hiking in the Lake District to those aiming to summit Mount Everest and is some of the best quality in the world. It is not uncommon to see Adventure Peaks clients and leaders wearing Rab’s Expedition Series particularly the Expedition down suit and their extensive range of sleeping bags.