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Carstensz Pyramid 24th March 2019

By March 29, 2019Current Trips
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Carstensz Pyramid Expedition

Departed 24th March 2019

Leader: Stu Peacock

29th March


The team have reached the summit and are able to add another of the Seven Summits to their achievements!  Poor weather meant a delayed departure from camp, however the team pushed through and managed to summit at 10.00am this morning.  It was snowing all the way back down.  The team are now celebrating back at base camp, all be it in heavy rain!

Photos to follow.

28th March

Stu has called this morning to update us on their day (11am here is 8pm there!) – It’s been pretty wet there with some heavy rain from 1pm onwards, but this morning they went up to the first terrace and practised some skills using jumars and abseiling. Stu and Steve also went on a walk from base camp. Tomorrow is their first possible summit day, so the team’s plan is to get up for breakfast at 1:30 am and leave camp at 2:00 am to make their way up. If the weather is on side it’ll stay dry until midday to give them a chance to get up and down before the rains arrive. Fingers crossed – we’ll keep you posted!

27th March

Last night Stu and the team headed out for food and were treated to some karaoke (some good, some not so good). This morning they met with the local guides and then helicoptered in to base camp at 4250m.

The weather at base camp has been clear from the early morning and throughout the day, and raining in the evenings. The plan is to do an acclimatisation day tomorrow, potentially summiting on the 29th if the weather keeps to this pattern.

26th March

We have heard from Stu:

We have arrived in Timika. Had breakfast and first team briefing for the day’s plans. After some sleep we’ll regroup for lunch and then head to the immigration office to have some photos taken. Then the biggest challenge condensing our kit into 12kg each…

Then kit briefing tonight. The plan is to be on standby for 5:30am tomorrow morning for the helicopter.

25th March

The team have all arrived safely in Bali where they will spend the night before flying on to Timika on the island of New Guinea tomorrow.

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