Snow and ice – in Africa? Sounds surreal but is actually as much a reality as sand is in the Sahara.

We offer three of the classic routes to the ‘Roof of Africa’, Kilimanjaro, throughout the dry seasons. These can be combined with ascents of Mt Kenya and Kili’s little sister Mt Meru for those with more time. 

In Africa’s north, snow blankets Morocco’s Atlas Mountains every winter. The mountains are transformed into a winter mountaineer’s paradise where broad ridges and snow-filled gullies lead up to 4000m peaks that are seldom ascended in the summer months. Our winter walking, winter mountaineering and snow climbing courses here offer a fantastic alternative to Scotland, with direct flights between London or Manchester and Marrakech costing little over £100 in the low season (which is the best season for winter climbing!)

Our Africa selection extends into our treks program where we offer ascents of the highest peaks in Ethiopia and Malawi.

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