Global Challenges - The Poles


Skiing to The North and South Poles captures the essence of polar exploration in just two weeks! You don’t need to commit to a full-length expedition, the journey begins at 89° where you and your sled are dropped by ski aircraft for the 111 km journey. The landscapes are vast, harsh and unforgiving which adds to the beauty and adventure. You don’t need to be an expert skier as it is similar to walking with skis, but a high level of fitness is required. Complete this challenge to stand at the most southerly or northerly point on Earth.

Mount Vinson
Mount Vinson


Grade: 3C
A stunning mountain in an extreme environment.
The South Pole - Ski Last Degree
The South Pole - Ski Last Degree


Grade: 2D
Experience the challenges that faced early explorers as you ski from 89°S to the South Pole.
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