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Cho Oyu Expedition News April 2010

By March 30, 2011Current Trips

Team leader and updates: Chris Szymiec
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The Team: Dan Mallaber, David Woodman, Stuart Long, Mich Koch, Kieran Lally

27th May – The team are traveling back to Kathmandu as I write this and should arrive tomorrow,  I am sure they will be looking forward to a decent bed and cold beer.

25th May – The team are now safely back at base camp in high spirits having successfully summitted at the weekend

25th May – The team were all safe and well back at camp 2 yesterday, and are on there way down to Base Camp.

24th May Congratulations to the team who made the summit at 4.00am GMT, all were in good spirits and should now be well on their way back to camp. If all goes well and the energy levels are maintained they will drop down to at least camp 2. More news later but well done.

23rd May The team is now resting at high camp and will leave for the summit in the morning.

21st May The team is on its way aiming for the summit on the 24th, so they should be on the way up to camp 1 today. The weather is currently extremely windy but forecast to drop as we move into tomorrow. Regular updates should now appear on daily basis

Dave Pritt

11th May The group continue to rest and will then move up to camp two for their final acclimatization in a day or two.

10th May Chris just rang in to say that they are all well having spent two successful nights at camp one (6400m) with great weather and views.  Chris and Stu managed to climb up to camp 2 (6800m) before heading back down.  They are all now resting at base camp for the next couple of days.

7th May – The team are back down at base camp having down a gear drop at camp 1 (6400m) they are aiming to go back up to stay the night at camp 1 this weekend.

6th May – Tomorrow the team are heading up to the site of camp 1, taking the gear with them to establish the camp before returning to ABC. The following day they will return to spend the night at camp 1, then head up to 6700m-6800m before returning to ABC. The wind is forecast to increase in a few days time when the team will have returned for rest at ABC, with the long range forecast looking good again from the 17th onwards.

4th May – The team arrived at ABC (5700m) yesterday, all fit and well. They are resting over the next few days before heading out for further acclimatization treks.

24th April  – A little delayed due to volcanic ash, the group arrived safely in Kathmandu and will shortly depart for Tibet.

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