Eight of the most remote mountains in the world, all confirmed Adventure Peaks expeditions

By Adventure Peaks
May 19, 2016
Tien Shan Unclimbed

Diversity, Remoteness and Isolated Beauty

“Adventure Peaks was started as a result of my passion for mountains and remote locations. I spent my early years travelling to isolated mountain ranges and it is these experiences that continue to inspire me to seek out new ‘out of the ordinary’ destinations for our expeditions. It is these expeditions which help Adventure peaks stand out…” Dave Pritt. Director

Here is a collection of our CONFIRMED remote and diverse peaks for 2016 and 2017… you can still join us on these exciting adventures.

Kamchatka Expedition

Kamchatka 4750m

Without exaggeration, one of the most spectacular regions in the world. A land of volcanoes, fire and ice, active boiling springs, geysers, waterfalls and volcanic sculptures displaying a multitude of colours that took millions of years to create. There are over 400 glaciers and 189 volcanoes in this region, 29 of which are still active. The region is such a geological phenomenon it has created its own unique flora and fauna. The beauty of Kamchatka will capture you forever. A number of the regions we visit are on the UNESCO World Heritage List

So where is Kamchatka? Its shores are on the Pacific and it’s in one of the most remote places in the world! You will find it at the far Eastern tip of Russia, beyond Siberia. Still interested? Look for a small peninsular jutting down towards Japan. The peninsula has two active volcanic mountain ranges extending from northwest to southeast divided by a wide flat area of tundra. The area is remote with practically no infrastructure. We will aim to climb three or four of the most interesting volcanic summits in Kamchatka: Avachinski (2741m), Ushkovsky (3903m), Krestovsky (4057m) and the highest Kluchevskoy (4750m) a perfect cone. Please note the final peaks attempted may vary according to conditions.

Departing 27th July 2016 (17 days)

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 Mount Sidley

Antarctica Mt Sidley 4285m

Perhaps THE most remote mountain in the world (sorry, but also one of THE most expensive to climb) Impressive and exceptionally remote; Mount Sidley is to be found in one of Antarctica’s least travelled corners of its polar ice sheet, making it a truly special place to visit. To date there have been very few ascents of this – Antarctica’s highest volcano. It is one of the Volcanic ‘Seven Summits’ highest volcanoes on each continent. One side of the mountains forms a huge caldera crater with a diameter of 5 km, with it’s internal walls forming a sheer one kilometer high cliff of ice. On the other side there are blue ice slopes that rise gently to the crater rim giving access to its summit. Sidley’s spectacular remote setting is a ‘must do’ for adventurous mountaineers in search of one of the most remote and unique places on earth!

Departing 6th January 2017 (17 days)

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Madagascar – Mt Maromokotro 2876m

Rising out of the Indian Ocean with its nearest neighbours being Mauritius and Zanzibar, this island has a feeling of quality and exuberance. But whilst exotic, this expedition takes you away from its luxurious neighbours! Leaving the coast, to become remote and wild!

“As far as human encounters go, a total absence of it would be a totally appropriate way to describe this journey. You are likely to Travel for about five days without meeting another soul, this is definitely something you don’t get to experience very often. “

Nights are truly dark and the stargazers amongst you will love the untainted view of the night sky. As you approach the Tsaratanana Massif, open savannah is slowly replaced with rolling countryside, dense jungle and an amazing moorland standing at over 2000m. There are stunning waterfalls, beautiful rivers and a peace which is difficult to describe. Mt Maromokotro our main objective at 2876m itself is technically a trek, and was first climbed by the French in 1936. A small cairn sits on the summit, where wonderful views of the island can be seen, Madagascar’s isolation from any other land mass also means that many of its plant and animal life is found only here, giving it a unique existence!

Extend your stay if you want a taste of exotic beaches to bring you back to civilisation. 10 best beaches of Madagascar

Departing 3rd September 2016 (16 days)

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Sudarshan 6507m

A beautiful 6000m peak that dominates the famous trek up to the source of the Ganges, which we share for the first two days before branching off up a remote glacial to the isolated western side of the mountains. A fully supported climb, where high altitude porters are used to establish three approach camps. The majestic views of Shivling – the Matterhorn of the Himalaya – is always present and it is surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the world

Departing 3rd September 2016 (23 days)

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Satopanth 7075m

Situated in the beautiful Garhwall region of India, beyond the source of the Ganges, you will find this stunning 7000m Peak. It will only be OUR team members on the peak, as climbing permits in India are purchased in advance and it is one permit, one mountain, one expedition. Satopanth has the most spectacular summit ridge, the perfect image of what inspires mountaineers – a perfect knife edge and a panorama of Himalayan peaks dominated by the stunning pyramid of Mount Shivling, a huge granite tooth topped with ice and snow.

Departing 10th September 2016 (30 days)

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Ojos del Salado

Ojos Del Salado 6893m

The highest mountain in Chile, just 79 metres lower than Aconcagua but with only a handful of people climbing it. Why climb the normal route of Aconcagua with hundreds of other people when you can step over the border and climb in almost total isolation on the edge of the Atacama Desert (the driest spot on earth) This is the world’s highest volcano. Our journey to the mountain takes us by jeep to the remote region of the Chilean Altiplano, where few people go, passing through salt flats and pristine mountain lakes in this region of amazing beauty. We acclimatise on the beautiful peak of Volcan Copiapó 6052m, before making our ascent of the majestic massif of Ojos del Salado where the 360º summit views are beyond description. No crowds on this peak!

Departing 11th November and 17th December 2016 or 6th January 2017 (17 days)

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And for 2017 why not book now and benefit from one of our early booking discounts, check out these peaks:


Siberia – Mt Belukha 4506m

Described by our 2012 leader as “one of the most stunningly beautiful places I have been to…”  The GoldenMountains of Altai in the south of Siberia have remained almost untouched and form part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. This unique trip combines a stunning approach trek with the ascent of the highest summit of the whole Altai; the magnificent BelukhaPeak (4506m). We trek through mountain forest Taiga to the beautiful KucherlaLake, over Kara-Turek pass (3060m) for acclimatisation to Base camp on the Akkem lake. The mountain ascent requires previous experience of ice axe and crampons and takes a route up the Akkem glacier to gain the Delone Col before a high camp is established on the plateau above the steep Berelskoye Saddle at 3800m. The summit is reached via fixed ropes to give dramatic views across Siberia and the Altai.

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Tien Shan Unclimbed

Tien Shan Unclimbed 5500m – 6000m

In 2017 we will be visiting a new area on the border with Tajikistan where we have found unclimbed peaks rising up to 6000m. Six places are available on this expedition for 2017, you must have the ability to lead Scottish grade 3 Snow & Ice. Don’t ask for the exact location of these peaks, it’s a secret find…just book and enjoy the remote and unclimbed!

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