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Elbrus 20th July 2013 Expediton News

By July 30, 2013Current Trips

Leader and Updates: Dave Fisher
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30th July: David and the team are now back in the hotel. Unfortunately, despite great efforts the weather and local conditions determined the team were not able to summit.

With large amounts of snow overnight, the team started their day using the snowcat which eventually got caught in deep fresh snow and was not able to continue. The group then forged ahead on foot and gained The Saddle. The conditions from there were clearly dangerous and avalanche prone so David made the decision they could not continue. The group retreated to Base Camp then further down to the hotel. Everyone is now celebrating their great effort with a meal in town. Well done to the team from us all at Adventure Peaks!

29th July: David called today to say the weather has still been pretty unstable, but snow fall is not as bad as what the weather forecasts have been predicting. That said the clag is in and it’s impossible to know what has been happening high up on the mountain. Tomorrow morning is their last chance to make the summit bid, they will catch the snow cat to 4700m at 2am and start walking from the Rocks of Pastahov. It’s going to be challenging either way and we wish the team well. After their summit bid they will descend back into the valley.

28th July: David Fisher rang today to check the weather forecast for the next 36 hours. This is part of the valuable information liaison between Base and the Leader to check on everyone’s well-being and to check weather conditions in preparation for the summit attempt. Everyone woke to find 18cm of snow had fallen last night; David is checking winds speeds; snowfall and temperatures; and “Team Elbrus” are currently holding Snowmen competitions and snowball fights. Weather currently looks best for a summit attempt on Tuesday.

27th July: We have arrived at The Barrels and completed an acclimatisation walk to the Priut 11 Hut, and another today to Pastuchova Rocks. The team are now back at The Barrels and will push for the summit in the next few days.

25th July: We had miserable weather yesterday but we still moved up to the VCSPS pass and relaxed with some wheelbarrow races for entertainment.

Today we got up at 6am and did Andirchi. We are now down in the hotel tonight relaxing.Tomorrow we are planning on going up to the Barrels to complete some acclimatisation walks.

23rd July: Yesterday we completed a trek to 3400m on Cheget Peak and today we ascended to the VCSPS. The group are now in the processes of relaxing and resting.

22nd July: David called – the second group have arrived safe and well and they have today made an acclimatisation trek up to 3400m and are now back in the Hotel.

20th July – The team depart for Russia today and will arrive at Mineralnye Vody tomorrow morning.


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