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Elbrus Expedition news

By August 9, 2013Current Trips

Departed 31st July 2013

Updates and Leader: Carrie Gibson
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9th August 2013: Carrie emailed in to say all the team reached the highest point in Europe today. It started out as a very cold day, but by the time they reached the saddle the sun was on them and warmed everyone up. Vladimir the loca guide held the first few team members back so that the whole team reached the summit together. Upon reaching the top of Elbrus they were rewarded with beautiful mountain panoramas! The team are now back down in the valley with a well earned cup of tea!

8 August 2013: Carrie and the team are still at the Barrells and have spent some time practising skills on the glacier. The weather has remained good although quite windy, with good views across the Caucasus mountains. They are planning to make their summit bid in the early hours of the morning tomorrow. Good luck to the team!

7 August 2013: Carrie rang to say they had all completed an acclimatisation walk up Pastukov Rocks at 4850m, on the slopes of Elbrus today, the weather was good.

She said they may possibly go for the summit tonight, but looking at the forecast, they may decide to have a rest instead, and try for the summit tomorrow night as the forecast is more favourable then. All are well.

6th August 2013: Carrie rang – they’re at the Barrels at present, everyone’s fine and happy. Today they went for an acclimatisation walk and on the whole the weather’s been fine.

5th August 2013: Hi, we are now back at the hotel again. everyone has acclimatised well. yesterday we walked back up to Base Camp where the weather closed in on us for a while. Then slowly the sun began to win the fight and we had a really nice evening meal sitting out side which at one point looked impossible.

This morning when we woke everything was still white and we carefully made our way up Andrichi. We were lucky with the forecast and didn’t get any of the rain that was expected. we are now getting ready for moving up to the Barrels tomorrow.

3rd August 2013: Today we walked up to establish a base camp for Andrichi. The team carried their sleeping kit climbing gear and some food ready for our move up the hill tomorrow. everyone is acclimatising well. The weather was warm and sunny while we were walking but had poured since we got back to the hotel. Hopefully it will rain all night and be sorted for the morning. cheerio.

1st August: Just a wee note to say we have all arrive at the hotel laguna. All of our baggage arrived which is always a relief! Today’s walk was to the café down the road, but tomorrow we step up the game a bit to Cheget Peak after which we will meet our local guide.

31st July: The Team will depart the UK on the 31st of July arriving in Moscow before travelling on to Mineralnye Vody to make their final preparations for the mountain.


Carrie Gibson

About Carrie Gibson

Carrie Gibson has traveled on many of our expeditions including Everest North Ridge, Denali, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Island Peak & Ama Dablam. Carrie is also the first British woman to summit Himlung Himal.

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