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Elbrus Expedition 14th June 2018

By June 16, 2018Current Trips

Elbrus South 14th June 

Leader: Judith Work

22nd June

Following their successful summit attempt the team are now relaxing in the valley and preparing to celebrate.

22.06.07   22.06.5

22.06.3   22.06.2


21st June

SUMMIT SUCCESS! Congratulations to the Judith and the team who have reached the summit. The team left the barrels early this morning and everyone has reached the summit. More about their journey and some pictures coming soon.

19th June 

The team have returned to the Valley after their acclimatisation walk.   They spent two nights camping at Syltrankel Lake (3000m) and climbed Mount Muklal (3899m).   After a night in the hotel they have now moved up to the barrels where they will stay for the duration of their ascent on Elbrus.

19.6.5      19.6.4       19.6.9

19.6.3     19.6.2   19.6.7   19.6.8

19.6.6   19.6.1

16th June

Our first Elbrus team of the season have arrived in the beautiful Baksan Valley and have sent through their first photographs.  Today they will head off for two nights camping and acclimatisation up the Syltran-Su Valley to Lake Syltrankel at 3000m. They will then make their ascent of Mount Mukal before returning to the valley.

Carrie Gibson

About Carrie Gibson

Carrie Gibson has traveled on many of our expeditions including Everest North Ridge, Denali, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Island Peak & Ama Dablam. Carrie is also the first British woman to summit Himlung Himal.

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