Elbrus Expedition 4th August 2012


An exhilarating expedition to Europe’s highest peak

Leader: Carrie Gibson
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15th August: We had a great last day with Gennady. We went fishing and caught at least 15 fish and had them cooked for dinner, very tasty! We think john was the winner but carrie was a very close 2nd… Nice relaxing day to finish

14th August: All back at hotel champagne bought. No summit but team did really well in very challenging conditions

13th August: Set off on a perfect night but alas Elbrus weather changed to the complete opposite and the team had to turn round at the col in driving winds total white out horizontal hail stones Carrie descended with Toni shortly before.

10th August: Scottish weather prevailed for the last part of yesterdays decent and it even turned to hailstones for a while. It poured all night and we had thunder and lightning. Sadly this morning it had not blown over and we struck camp in the rain. The weather brought added excitment on the path or what was left of the path down. Best narks go to rob with a score of 10 for artistic impression and for creating a new path/shute in the process. All back down at the hotel in the valley speak soon

9th August: Today everyone had an exciting day and all managed to get to the summit of Kumrichy. The views were breathtaking. We spent an hour sunbathing at the top and Rob managed to make and throw his first snowball. All back at camp now and everyone has managed to eat some of Gennedy’s good cooking.

7th August: Today we walked up the valley, weather was great but a bit on the hot side at the start. The valley we went into was stunning with one side reminding everyone of the Scottish hills, complete with thistle like flowers, the other side was far more sinister looking but an amazing backdrop to our photos. We played Supermario Kart on the way home, completing the advanced level, i think.

Tomorrow we take head to a high camp with Andrichi and Krumrichi. Hopefully the day after we will have more photos. Carrie

6th August: Today we had a fantastic walk up past the ski lifts to about 3300m we then spent time absorbing all the wonderfull scenery around us. Elbrus teased us by almost allowing us to see the top but not quite. A leisurely walk back down for some shopping and a bite to eat. All of the team are feeling really good and were happy to be out in the mountains after the travel of the last few days. Speak soon, Carrie

5th August: Everyone has arrived safe and well and all luggage too! Carrie says the drive in was lovely, and the cows seem to have the right of way ?    They are making the most of their lovely accommodation and looking forward to the next stage.

3rd August: The team will be flying out tomorrow. Good luck to everyone and enjoy the trip.

Carrie Gibson

About Carrie Gibson

Carrie Gibson has traveled on many of our expeditions including Everest North Ridge, Denali, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Island Peak & Ama Dablam. Carrie is also the first British woman to summit Himlung Himal.


Rob Graham · 11 years ago

The first day of walking was a nice change to sitting on planes and buses for the past few days. Claire is a great leader and Phil lead the way from the front.

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