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Everest 2009 Expedition News

By April 1, 2009Current Trips

Everest 2009 Expedition News.

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22nd May Fantastic news 13 summit!  We have heard from our ABC and BC staff that the full team except Lianne & Chris have summitted. All except two members (Andrew Williams & Paul Noble) and their Sherpas are back at high camp. Well done everyone and we wish you a safe journey down.

29th May Well the team are all back in Kathmandu for tea and medals! – and we’re not joking about the medals. They arrived smack bang in the middle of the Everest festival where they recieved a heros welcome! Now after a few lemonades they’re all enjoying sleeping in a bed for the first time in a couple of months. They should all be back in the Uk on the 2nd June.

26th May It’s snowing heavily but the whole team are now down at Base Camp relaxing, eating well and watching DVD’s. The final yaks are coming down from ABC with the remaining equipment and the pack up has started. The lorries and Land Cruisers should be arriving on the 28th and everyone should be back in Kathmandu by the 29th ready for the highlight of the trip – As Everest summiteers they get to sign the walls of the Rum Doodle Restaurant!

23rd May 15:30 BST. Paul has just phoned in from ABC and confirmed that the whole team including the Sherpas are safe at Advanced Base Camp. They’re all well and getting some well deserved rest. Photos and stories to come tomorrow but a huge well done to everyone, especially the Sherpa’s who have been immense as usual and without whom none of this could have happened. Sleep well folks!

23rd May 10:30 BST Gyanu, our ABC Cook, has just reported that 2 of the team have safely reached ABC and the rest are descending the slopes from the North Col. Meanwhile our Sherpas are in the process of clearing Camp 2. More updates to come as soon as we hear anything.

12:14 UK Time Paul Noble , Andrew Williams and the six sherpas are back at the top camp. They will stay there tonight and head further down tomorrow. Allan, Troy, Andrew Edwards & Paul James are now down at the 7800m camp. Jack & Lianne are on their way back down to the North Col.

22nd May Fantastic news 13 summit!  We have heard from our ABC and BC staff that the full team except Lianne & Chris have summitted. All except two members (Andrew Williams & Paul Noble) and their Sherpas are back at high camp. Well done everyone and we wish you a safe journey down.

No news yet as of 3.30am or 7.45am. At the moment we can only assume there is a problem with the Satellite phone. Still nothing 8.45am.

21st May The group have arrived safely at high camp 8200m and are currently resting in preparation for their summit attempts. We will post an update as soon as we hear anything…normally around 03.00hrs.  Don’t panic if nothing appears, much depends on the sat phone working and for our leader Paul to be in a position to use it. Good luck to all.

20th May Paul has just called from Camp 2 at 7800m which the whole team reached in good time. It was another warm day and the weather forecast is still looking good for the 22nd with a slight reduction in the summit winds. Everyone is well and concentrating on getting the fluids in. There have been a number of summits from the North again today.

19th May The team are now in their tents at the North Col readying themselves for the summit attempt. Chris has had to return to ABC but the rest of the team are all well and completing their final preparations. Tomorrow they begin their climb to Camp 2 at 7800m, Camp 3 on the 21st and aiming to summit on the 22nd. The route is now open to the top with the first teams from the North summiting today.

15th May Summit fever has arrived at Base Camp. After a few days of poor weather with snow and high winds the forecasts are now indicating the weather window the team have been waiting for. The current plan is to leave Base Camp tomorrow and take two leisurely days to reach ABC conserving their strength for the challenge ahead. If everything is still looking good then they are hoping to summit on the 21st May. Once the final push is underway we will have live updates throughout the night to keep you abreast of the teams progress.

12th May Well phase 2 of our trip is over. The team were given a good beasting back up to ABC but snow and winds couldn’t stop them! After a rest day and a Surrendra dalbhat we were off to N. Col. We stayed for 2 nights at North Col and visited as high as possible, mostly in the 7300 mts to 7500 mts band. It was cold and windy, perfect for down suits and a gear sort out. The weather has been a bit rough over the last few days, sunny starts followed by a windy and snowy afternoon seems to be the pattern. Currently the ropes are fixed to 8300 metres with little chance of going further in the current conditions. Our Sherpas are waiting to set up our camp at 8300 metres and have cancelled going up 3 days in a row because of the weather. Sherpas have done good with the N. Col camp, unlike some groups our tents are still in place, I noticed some teams tents parked in a very deep crevasse due to the wind. There are a lot of people heading up today so I’m guessing it’ll be for finishing the ropes.

Most members had left camp this morning when the crags next to ABC threw a spectacular rock fall. Again, our well placed camp is well out the way but some rocks got close to some other camps. No one hurt, no tents damaged but some repositioning  was taking place when I left.

So now some rest time. Washing, showers, eating and DVD’s are likely to be the order of the day. Expect some emails folks, everyone here is always looking to hear about home.

Paul Noble.

6th May After a good rest at Base Camp the team are returning up the 22km of moraine to ABC. Despite a few snow flurries this afternoon the plan is to move up to spend a couple of nights at the North Col and climb to 7500m to complete the acclimatisation phase. Meanwhile the Sherpas have pushed the fixed line out to 8300m and could potentially complete the route to the summit in the next couple of days.

2nd May Everyone is now safely back at Base Camp after their first climb to the North Col at 7000m. Andy E, Paul, Jack, Allan & Paul all successfully reached the col on the 30th April while Andrew W, Lianne & Troy all turned around just 100m shy of the ridge. Chris had an easier day towards Crampon Corner to aid his acclimatisation. In a few days the team will climb back to the North Col to spend the night at 7000m for the first time. Shelagn has now left on her journey back to Kathmandu leaving the team in good spirits. It seems Chris has some stories to tell and Paul’s beard is no more!

29th April The team arrived at ABC yesterday and have spent their time resting and acclimatizing on the slopes around the camp. They will walk to the bottom of the headwall today before they head up to the North Col in a couple of days time.

23rd April The group have now been up to 6000m and are awaiting for the arrival of the yaks ready for their departure to Advance Base Camp on Saturday or Sunday.  Everyone is well and in high spirits.

18th April The full group have arrived safely in Base Camp and are now taking further acclimatisation walks. Jack managed to sample the local dentist en route, but it sounds like he survived and is in good spirit.

14th April Paul emailed in today. The team have now got the permit and are heading towards the border today. All being well they will cross over into Tibet tomorrow.

11th April Paul’s just reported in from Kathmandu where the team are eating – again! The plan is to head north to Tibet first thing on Tuesday morning. With their prior acclimatisation it should only be a couple of days before they are settling in to Base Camp

9th April Hello from Namche, again!

Well a lot has happened in the last while, difficult to know where to start. The team still going strong and eating…….alot. I had always believed altitude put people off food, not this lot. Guest houses are desperately sending porters out to find more chocolate cake for Lianne and there will be a national tea shortage soon! Several members are now trying to find bigger down suits.

Yesterday we visited Ama Dablam base camp with members moving up to just under 5000 metres. Back at the Namaste Lodge we were greeted with the news that the Tibetan border has been opened. A few phone calls were made, then a big ( and probably first serious) discussion took place. We’ve decided to head down and will drive to the border early next week.

We will be in Lukla tomorrow and will fly as soon as possible to KTM.

As I sat eating breakfast this morning, who did I spy walking up the trail? (guess at this point……no you’re wrong) Sir Chris Bonnington! Alan (chief blagger) was sent to offer tea. Sir Chris spent an hour with the team which was very enjoyable. He very much liked our plan to head North. I think he will probably like it more when he sees the tents on South side base camp. There is a lot of equipment and members heading up that way.

Everyone is well- we are very excited about stage 2 of our trip, I personally suspect they are only interested in eating breakfast in a KTM hotel.

Paul Noble.

8th April The team have now reached Pangboche, the hometown of many of our High Altitude Sherpas, where they are staying at the tea house owned by Nuru & Sonam’s family.

6th April Andy Edwards emailed in today. The team went for a walk up to Khunde & Khumjung Monastery, the highlight was a 30 second clearing in the cloud and a view of Everest, Lhotse & Nuptse. The group then went to visit Ang Temba Sherpa, the first Sherpa to summit Kanchenjunga. Allan had climbed with his Grandson on Baruntse last year. They finished off the day with a visit to their favourite German bakery in Namche.

5th April Paul has emailed in from Namche. All the team are in good spirits and have enjoyed a bit of a rest after their long flight and early morning departure form Kathmandu. Although the only complaint from the team is that they are getting fat from all the food they are eating. Life has been tough for the team with only enough chocolate cake to go around the group at the bakery. They will rest at Namche tomorrow, before heading on further up the Khumbu.

2nd April The team have all arrived in Kathmandu and are all really excited about the Adventure that is about to begin. They had lunch at Northfields cafe and have had time for bit of shopping in Thamel. Due to the border not being open yet to Tibet they will fly to Lukla tomorrow and begin their acclimatization in the Khumbu. Once the border is open they will head back to Kathmandu and cross over into Tibet.

10th March The team will depart for Kathmandu the 1st April.

Paul Noble

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