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Everest 2013 Expedition – North Ridge

By May 28, 2013Current Trips

Departed 30th March. Leaders: Paul Noble and Robert Smith

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30 May 2013 – Rob
Yesterday all of our team attended the British Embassy reception and Nepalese Ministry of Tourism Everest for the 60th Anniversary celebration. Guests included Reinhold Messner and Edmund Hilary’s grand-daughter. A very enjoyable day.

Sam and Ian left to fly home this morning. Bob, Jenny and Melissa leaving tonight. Nick is off to Chitwan for a few days. Angus flying home tomorrow and Brian is off to Thailand in a day or 2. Paul and i still waiting for info from airlines on flight changes. Cheers for now. Rob

28 May 2013 – Rob
The team have arrived back in Kathmandu this afternoon. We have been invited to the British Embassy tomorrow afternoon. and then after that is the Nepalese celebration for the 60th anniversary of Everest. Should be a good day!

25 May 2013 – Paul
All of the team are now down to Base Camp. Everyone is looking forward to getting back to Kathmandu and finalising their plans for departing.

23 May 2013, 06:23 UK Time – 11:00 Nepali time

Bob is now on his way down to BC to join Jenny & Ian. Angus has taken over at ABC on the news updates of the teams progress as they descend. Beth, Brian & Sam are now at the North Col. Paul & Mel are slowly descending to the North Col and Rob & Nick are about to leave Camp 2 at 7800m. The sherpas have now cleared Camp 3 and are in the process of Camp 2 as they move through. All being well everyone will be back down at ABC this evening Nepali time.

22 May 2013, 14:43 UK Time – 19:30 Nepali time

The team members still on the mountain will now all be down at camp 2. It was a long descent for Mel but Paul stayed with her back into camp. Hopefully a good few hours sleep and rehydration at camp 2 will allow everyone to clear down to the welcome comforts of ABC tomorrow.

22 May 2013, 14:13 UK Time – 18:55 Nepali time

Rob, Beth and Nick have made it safely down to camp 2 where they will spend the night. Mel and Paul are still descending towards camp 2.

22 May 2013, 12:37 UK Time – 17:31pm Nepali time

Angus has safely arrived at ABC where he will stay the night. An amazing physical endurance feat has been achieved by Angus as very few people summit Everest and reach Advanced
Base Camp to sleep the same day.

22 May 2013, 12:05 UK Time – 16:45pm Nepali time

Angus has reached the bottom of the North Col and has been met by the tea boy with a very welcome flask of hot juice. Brian, Rob, Nick & Sam are in Camp 2 at 7800m. Paul & Beth waited for Mel to arrive at Camp 3 and they are all now 100m vertically below top camp enroute to Camp 2 where they will stay tonight.

22 May 2013, 09:37 UK Time – 2:15pm Nepali time

The Adventure Peaks team would like to thank the 6 Sherpas that helped the team summit today:Dorjee Khatri, Phurba Ridar Bhote, Passang Bhote, Lhakpa Bhote, Anu Gurung & Siddi Tamang. Not forgetting the Cook staff Surendra & Raj Kumar for their tireless efforts to keep the team well fed during their days spent at BC & ABC.

22 May 2013, 09:08 UK Time – 1:40pm Nepali time

Mel and her sherpa are still making their way down to high camp, she tired but making good progress. Angus has now reached the North Col and has decided to carry on down to ABC once he has packed up his kit.

22 May 2013, 08:17 UK Time – 1:00pm Nepali time

Mel is approx. 90 minutes away from the top camp. The rest of the team, not counting Angus, have arrived at the top camp and are rehydrating before moving down to 7800m where they will stay for the night.

22 May 2013, 07:24 UK Time – 12:05pm Nepali time

Angus is now at 7800m camp and is still feeling good so has decided to carry on descending down to the North Col.

22 May 2013, 06:39 UK Time – 11:20am Nepali time

Brian, Beth and Paul are at top camp getting ready to follow Angus down to 7800m. Rob is about 150m above top camp closely followed by Nick, Sam & Mel.

22 May 2013, 05:50 UK Time – 10:30am Nepali time

Bob is doing a fantastic job relaying the messages. Beth & Brian are also approaching high camp. Nick is at the First Step and Mel, bringing up the rear, is at the Second Step. To put this in to perspective from the summit to the top of the exit gullies, which is the point the climbers cut off from the North East ridge and head back down to camp is approx 1km, so the distance is short but is still very hard work at that altitude. From the top of the exit gullie it’s about 500m back into top camp.

22 May 2013, 05:33 UK Time – 10:15am Nepali time

Bob has emailed to say that Angus has reached top camp and is now making his way down to the lower camp. The rest of the team are still on the way down to top camp at 8250m, but at the moment it’s not clear how far the others are off from the camp.

22 May 2013, 03:15 UK Time – 8:00am Nepali time

At 8am Nepali time Mel reached the summit of Everest along with her sherpa a fantastic effort especially after suffering a chest infection just before the summit bid started. All the team are now descending down to the top camp. If they are still feeling strong when they reach top camp then after a short rest they will head down to 7800m camp for the evening.

22 May 2013, 02:44 UK Time – 7:30am Nepali time

At 7:30am Nepali time Sam & Nick reached the summit of Everest. Those that summited are now on their way back down towards top camp. Mel & her sherpa are still pushing on and hopefully will reach the top soon.

22 May 2013, 01:22 UK Time – 6:00am Nepali time

News from Bob at ABC: Angus, Beth, Brian Paul & Rob are standing on top of the world. Melissa, Nick & Sam are not far behind still approaching the summit. A big well done to all the team and staff for there efforts over the last 52 days and a big final cheer of encouragement to the members about to arrive at the summit. The team now have time to savour their moment at this tremendous achievement, take their pictures and video and then it will be time to head back down.

21 May 2013, 23:49 UK Time – 4:30am Nepali time

Brian Beth & Paul have just reached the Snow slope at the top of the Third Step. I’m still waiting to here the progress on the other team members but believe they are still on the way up.

Above the Third Step the route can be broken down into three sections to the summit. The first section climbs an easy angled snow slope to about ¾ of the way up the slope. The team will then cut off onto “Rock Quadrahedron” on the North Face, they move along an exposed traverse and then zigzag back on themselves negotiating a couple of small rock steps. This finally brings them out onto the final approach to the summit. The final 300m to the top of the world.

21 May 2013, 22:30 UK Time – 3:05am Nepali time

The Summit bid is now well under way.

Bob has emailed from ABC to say the he’s received the first comms from the team Paul, Beth & Angus are at the top of the second step. The rest of the team have arrived at the bottom of the second step.

So far so good and sounding as though they are all strong. The traverse to the Second step and the second step itself is the hardest section of the summit day, a 30ft exposed rock step at just over 8600m. It can take climbers anything from 5minutes to 20 minutes to ascend the Second step and normally climbers will up there oxygen flow to maximum while they make the extra effort to negotiate this challenging section. Psychologically it is a big tick in the sumiteers mind to get over the second step and certainly they will start to feel the summit is truly within their grasp. They will now be higher than K2 the second highest mountain in the world. Above the second step the terrain becomes easier again but the altitude starts to really kick in typically from the top of the Second step it takes teams between 2 – 3 hours to reach the summit assuming no delays on the third step.

21 May 2013, Top Camp – Paul Noble
Greetings from Top Camp, 8250m. Unfortunately 2 of our team have had to return down from 7800m. Paul and Jenny made the difficult decision that she was not moving strongly enough, Bob was suffering with blurred vision in one eye. They are now returning down from the North Col and will soon be in Advanced Basecamp.

The rest of the team are now having a brew and resting in preparation for the Summit bid. If all goes to plan they will set off around 4pm today (UK) and a typically 8-10 hours later will be on the summit. We wish them well and good climbing! Updates will be added throughout the night as we hear from them.

20 May 2013, Camp 2 – Rob Smith
The team are progressing up the mountain and have arrived at Camp 2, 7800m. Weather has been blustery as predicted but not hampering efforts. Unfortunately Ian decided to turn back at the North Col but the rest of the team are well and in good spirits. Looking forwards to our Summit attempt soon.

19 May 2013 – Advanced Base Camp – Rob Smith
The weather is good, and the team is setting off from Advanced Base Camp for the North Col. On our present schedule we plan to summit on 22 May. Many other teams are already above us on the mountain, we wish them luck and safe climbs. From now on we will phone the Adventure Peaks office with our progress reports.

16 May 2013 – Rob Smith

Quick update from Rob. The team went up to Advanced Base Camp on the 16th and are looking at a summit attempt on the 25-27th. More detail soon

15 May 2013 – Rob Smith

After our final rest period at Base Camp, the team will leave tomorrow 16 May for Advanced Base Camp. This will be our final push up the mountain, planning to end on the summit of Mount Everest. We have been studying the weather forecast every day, at the moment strong winds are still preventing progress higher up the mountain. However these winds are forecast to decrease. We must be in the right position when they do. We will spend 2 days at ABC and finalise our plan for the summit bid.

We will have 3 camps above Advanced Base Camp on our way to the summit, spending a night in each as we climb. Our route will continue above our previous camp at the North Col 7050m, to Camp 2 at 7700m. We will start to use our Oxygen bottles on a low flow rate between these camps. From Camp 2 we climb another 600 metres through the 8000 metre barrier, and rest in Camp 3 at 8300m. We do not really spend the night here, as our final summit push will begin later that night as we climb in the darkness to the summit of Everest.

The whole team will leave BC early tomorrow morning as we make our way up the Rongbuk Glacier for the final time. Everyone is well and looking forward to the final challenge. Our next update will be from Advanced Base Camp.

Hello from Everest Base Camp, 11th May – Paul.

Well the winds continue to blow and the team are doing their best to keep busy until our preparations are in place and weather is right for our summit attempt.

Obviously we’re trying not to get too bored here at Base Camp. Our entertainment manager, Nick, has been arranging various activities over the last few days. Converting a tent into a sauna and marmot trapping come to mind as early attempts to keep us occupied. This was followed by a boules match against another team. The scores not important of course it was the taking part that counts. Important not to cause another international incident on Everest!!! We would have given them a re-match but they came up with the excuse of heading up the hill with a possible early summit.

Not content with sorting out inter-team comps, we headed off to the Tibetan traders village yesterday. Nick appears to know them all well now and he promised us a pool table. An after lunch walk down to the tents for shopping and pool ended with many bottles of the fine Lhasa beer being consumed, so many we in fact missed the last bus heading for base camp! Initially staggering home the team soon sobered up and arrived back for a late dinner. Due to various ‘busgate’ incidents Nick has retired from the Entertainments manager post. It was easy enough today, due to snow and wind we decided on a matinee. We’ve still plenty of time here yet, cards, puzzle books, sleeping, eating, reading, storytelling and an awesome amount of brew drinking goes on. Currently the DVD ‘Homelands’ is entertainment at night.

Encouraging to hear there has been a couple of summits from the South and more importantly the rope fixers reached the summit from the North yesterday. We are avidly watching the forecasts but for us it’ll be a little while yet before we move back up.

Everest Base Camp 07 May 2013 – Rob

Tuesday morning finds the Adventure Peaks team safe and well back at Everest Base Camp. We have completed our second cycle on the mountain; spending Saturday night sleeping at 7050 metres on the North Col. Most of the team spent an uncomfortable night, trying to find sleep at an altitude higher than they had ever been before. Even the most basic things become an effort; it can take over 1 hour to melt enough snow for a hot drink. Eating can become a chore with high altitude reducing appetite. Headaches, lethargy and nausea are common conditions. Overnight the inside of the tents become coated with frozen condensation, and when morning finally comes around, the slightest movement creates little showers of ice onto everything below. However a night spent at this altitude is all part of the programme we must complete if we hope to stand on top of the highest mountain in the world.

On Sunday our plan to climb higher was prevented by high winds. The team turned around as low temperatures combined with wind chill made cold injury a real threat. We descended to Advanced Base Camp later in the morning, and spent the rest of the day and night in relative comfort there. Never did a basic dining tent with a table and chairs seem so luxurious. Yesterday we descended the long trail down the Baltoro Glacier again, 22 km through the impressive ice pinnacles and then over the tumbling moraine to finally reach Base Camp. The environment changes subtly on descent; frozen ice thaws into running water, tufts of grass grow tenuously amongst the boulders and small birds flit around. That is as abundant as life gets here above 5000 metres in Tibet.

Now we must wait for several things to happen. The Chinese Tibetan Mountaineering Authority need to complete fixing the ropes on the high mountain. Our sherpa team need to establish our high camp at 8300 metres. Our team need a substantial rest period at Base Camp before we can attempt the summit bid. Finally we need a suitable weather window before we can consider attempting to climb to the highest point in the world. Currently the wind speeds on the mountain are too great to allow teams to progress. The jet stream is still dictating the mountain conditions, and we must wait for this period to pass. So now we must be patient.

Advanced Base Camp 6400m – 06 May 2012 – Paul

The team have safely arrived back from their sleepover on North Col.

After a good push yesterday the team arrived at camp at various times during the day to a very sheltered campsite. The route is in better condition now than the first time we went up. There was a variety of ‘camping experiences’ at the North Col from good to bad, but I think everyone learned something useful from the sleepover. This morning we headed off up the ridge, but the cold winds soon turned people back to the sheltered and sunny delights of NC.

Winds have been a problem this year, we picked the two days when the winds were at their least and and in general it has worked very well for us. Our Sherpa’s headed up to 7900 metres today to deliver gear but also did not enjoy the cold strong winds on the way back down.

And so tomorrow (Monday) we are leaving for basecamp for a well-deserved rest and some slightly thicker oxygen!

Advanced Base Camp 6400m – 02 May 2012 – Rob/Paul

Hello from Advanced Base Camp!

We are all now at ABC following a long day on the trail yesterday. 22km and 1200 metres of height gain. It was the first time the team had attempted to walk the entire BC-ABC ‘trail of pain’ without stopping overnight at the interim camp. We did however arrange for some lemon tea here and it was most welcome. We all set of from BC at different times with Paul and Rob last due to trying to photograph marmots! Everyone arrived at ABC during the afternoon and got stuck into drinking and eating. Appetites are not what they were down at BC but this didn’t stop our cook Surrendra producing copious amounts of food for us! Overnight most of us had trouble sleeping not because of altitude but because of the strong winds. Ipods to the rescue!

We are having two rest days here, probably both will be similar, eat, drink, cards, sleeping, reading etc. As I write the luxury barrel is being raided (that didn’t take long!) There has been a mix of forecasts at the moment but our intention is to get to the North Col after our rest days. One nights camping at the North Col followed by a day going up to a high point, then back to ABC.

The rope fixers have got the ropes up to around 8300 metres, a great effort given the weather this year so far. Our Sherpa’s have got most of our gear at the North Col and hope to move gear up over the next few days.

Well it’s time to eat again, we’ll report in a few days on our progress.

30th April 2013 – Everest Base Camp  – Rob Smith
The team was due to head back to Advance Base Camp yesterday after a rest period, but the weather forecast encouraged us to spend an extra day at Base Camp. The jet stream is forecast to move back to the Everest region in a few days, bringing very high winds. This would have coincided with our overnight camp on the North Col at 7030 metres and a higher climb up the mountain the following day. At this stage of the expedition there is no sense in risking exposure to adverse conditions. So here we are in Base Camp awaiting better conditions to get higher; such is high altitude climbing.

Those used to expedition life adapt easily and relax; reading, writing or resting to pass the time. For others this can be a frustrating part of the whole experience, with little consolation that many others are presently in the same position, in our Base Camp ‘village’. We will receive another weather forecast later today, and hopefully move up to ABC tomorrow if conditions allow. For Cycle 2 our objective is to reach a high point above the North Col, after spending a night there to continue our acclimatization. Everyone is well here and looking forward to getting back onto the mountain. We will write again on our return from the high slopes of Everest.

26th April. Everest Base Camp – Rob Smith

The team has been very busy since the last blog. We left our now homely Base Camp 5200m on 19 April for Intermediate Camp 5700m; the route branching off the main Rongbuk Glacier to follow the Eastern fork. Intermediate Camp is much more basic as it is only used in transit, on the way to Advanced Base Camp. Still it’s a necessary place to break the climb, in terms of altitude gain and distance. Everyone fared well, Yak bells rang all night as the restless animals shifted around near our tents, and few climbers needed to be woken in the morning. Another day on the trail passing through the impressive ice landscape of the East Rongbuk Glacier brought us to Advanced Base Camp. 22km distance from Base Camp and 1200 metres of ascent, ABC is another milestone on the Everest journey.

A rest day was gladly had to acclimatise to the new altitude, while the following day was spent with another Puja ceremony and some fixed line practice. Fresh snow over 2 days, meant the climb to the North Col was going to be tough. We set out on the 23rd; the new snow having had 24 hours to settle. High temperatures made the approach hard work, and clothing layers were adjusted at the base of the steep ground. Roger decided his high point for the trip had been reached, and turned around for ABC. He made a great effort throughout, having had a cough for several weeks.

People settled into their own pace, as the fixed lines were ascended. Our sherpa team led the way, carrying loads to the North Col. Everyone was thankful we have such a strong team in support, as they broke trail, uncovered ropes and climbed steadily. The weather deteriorated in the afternoon with clouds and more snow moving in. Some of the team reached the North Col, others turned around not far below. A tired team returned to ABC, having learnt a lot from setting foot on the slopes of Everest. The whole team returned to Base Camp yesterday, and early this morning we bade farewell to Roger as the sun rose above Everest.

18th April: Greetings from Everest Base Camp!

We’ve just about settled in to camp routine now, drinking/eating/drinking/diary writing/drinking/reading etc. Obviously there’s a large amount of going to the toilet as well, but its all part of adjusting to altitude. We have had a bit of cold travelling through the camp and had the odd headache but on the whole the members are in very good shape. Indeed, we have found the solution to the world food shortage, we will send our cook, Raj Kumar, I can guarantee no one will go hungry again. There have been some outstanding performances to help get Basecamp working efficiently. Brian and Angus helped sort out the electrics, particularly sorting the Began, our link to the outside world. Rob S also needs mentioning in dispatches for walking round the valley for a send/receive site.

Our first challenge at Base Camp was to get through the Puja, a blessing from the Rongbuk Monks. I’ve sat through a few, on occasion they don’t feel ‘the event’ they should. However I haven’t been to a Dorjee Puja, this event would put UK Event Planers to shame. Most Puja’s start late morning, Not Dorjee’s, straight after breakfast the monks arrived and were presented with their new down jackets, Oh-oh, this was going to be a long one…..

If you think of it like the opening of the the Olympic Games (Tibetan Style), you won’t be far away, various flag hoisting, chanting, mobile phone texting, drum banging, rice counting we finally get to the climax, throwing flour at each other then eating and drinking. Fortunately for us we had been training heavily for this exact situation by going to the highest outdoor cafe in the world, known as the khumbu. Of course we have certain members of the team who are in fact chocoholics, anything in a wrapper was quickly polished off.

The best Puja I’ve been to, the entire team and our equipment is well and truly blessed! Having survived 2 monks, it will of course be a doddle to get past our next day. We went off to visit a monk in a small monastery, easy 3.5 km walk downhill. It was nice he remembered me and made a comment about my beard, no doubt a positive one. I do remember him living here in solitude, it was a bit of a surprise to find 2 ladies living here as well, have to say the place did look better for it though. After insisting on some Sherpa Tea, we presented him with a new down jacket, he was very pleased, he put it on and I suspect it will remain on for a significant time (think years). And so on to the secret shrine, another blessing and a talk about mountain gods. There was another tour I wanted to do, but first the Sherpa’s wanted some time with the Lama, after a while I went to go get them, time was marching on. They asked the lama a question about their future, the answer came, via rolling dice of his head into a bowl, consulting his mobile then looking at his chanting book. The Sherpa’s seemed to think it worked, I was asked if I had a question, the Lottery Numbers immediately came to mind, but to be fair this seemed very un-Buddhist, so declined. Off we went on the next tour, a cave where the monks hid for a period of time when there was a ‘handover’ period in Tibet. Lots of crawling about throwing dark stones down tunnels and learning about other Buddhist rituals took place, great fun. After we finished, faced with the savage 3.5km uphill route home, the team of potential Everest summiteers made a phone call and less than 5 mins later a bus appeared and took us back to base camp, try getting that service at home.

It can’t all be enjoyment at base camp! It’s a bitter disappointment to learn you cannot eat and drink your way up mountains! The pain comes in some big walks designed to help us to adjust to the altitude. The target for our walk was 6000 metres. Ouch, our merry band split into different groups on the way up, comments of ‘this is fun’ ‘are we nearly there yet’ and ‘really?’ battled up a scree slope that people laughingly call a ridge to reach target height. Evenings are filled with eating too much and DVD’s. It’s tough here.

A rest day today! Angus is helping with radio’s (a lot of ‘Broadsword calling Dannyboy’ going on) most people enjoying washing time.

Always Everest looks over us; it’s time for the next ‘cycle’. We are moving up to Intermediate/ABC camps, some rest and then the North Col for a quick visit before descending to BC again. It’ll be a few days before we check in. Paul Noble

14th April: The Adventure Peaks Everest 2013 Team have arrived at Everest Base Camp 5200 metres.

The last few days have passed quickly with all going as planned. We crossed the Friendship Bridge from Nepal into China / Tibet on Thursday 11 April. Driving snow made road conditions challenging as we gained height on the steadily climbing road from Xangmu, but we reached Nylam as planned that night. On Friday we reached Tingri, a small village high on the Tibetan plateau, for our final acclimatisation before Everest Base Camp. All team members reached 4800m and some higher, getting fantastic views of the Tibetan plateau, and the high mountains beyond. Cho-Oyu and Everest both looked huge rising above everything else. A
memorable evening was had drinking tea in the company of a local family offering warmth from their yak burning stove, surrounded by their traditional home furnishings. With candles lit as the electricity faded, goodbyes were said and their genuine hospitality provided the perfect end to our journey to Base Camp.

An early start from Tingri, before sunrise this morning, was followed by a rugged drive across the Tibetan plateau and through the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. We crossed many frozen rivers, passed through remote villages and met isolated yak herders along the way.

The first view of Everest took many by surprise, as the impressive North side loomed into view as we rounded a corner. We had seen Everest several times on our approach from a distance, though the closer you get the more impressive it becomes. We are now among the fortunate few who get to call Everest Base Camp home for the next while. Every morning we will wake up to see Everest looming above the horizon, as we endeavour
to make our way steadily upwards. We plan to spend the next 5 nights at Base Camp training and acclimatising on the hills around us. Tomorrow is our Puja blessing, a very important event we will attend to receive a blessing from a local lama before we progress higher. Always one of the highlights of a mountain trip, I’m sure the Puja will be talked about on an upcoming blog. Rob Smith

11th April: Busy Busy Busy! We managed to get out of Lukla this morning, we were very well looked after by Paradise Lodge, perhaps the most famous and best lodge in Lukla. We were lucky to get out, we got the last flights of the day, the rest were cancelled behind us.

So Team Happy moved into Kathmandu, Jenny of course went into shopping mode, did she ever stop shopping? We all got very hungry as we have been constantly eating for the last week! We are now about 2 hours from Kathmandu towards the border, a great drive out with some fantastic Nepali views and sights. We had a great hotel and expect to get to the border by lunchtime.

There are some challenges with logistics in the next few days but the team will sort it out! Beer, food and bed at the moment, business as usual then! Paul

9th April: Just a quick update to say we all got to Lukla ok from Namche. Really hot day, steady walking from the team. Now were back into the best rooms in Paradise Lodge. In particular I am enjoying the ‘Sir Ed Hillary Suite’. Of course there is a huge amount of eating and drinking going on. Our ‘holiday’ will end tomorrow with our flight out. Paul

8th April: Well, the Long Way Round Team have finally arrived back in Namche after our Khumbu trek up to around 4700 – 4900 metres. No great problems, a couple of dodgy stomachs and headaches but things have settled down. This has been a great mini trek for acclimatising and getting to know each other.

We have very much been in holiday mode, enjoying the hospitality of the Khumbu, meeting old friends and making new ones. I’m always shocked how fit the people here are. After the team left the lodge this morning, I had offered to walk down the trail with a Sherpani and our Sirdar, as they casually walked and chatted I gave it everything, going as fast as I could. I knew they would be impressed by my speed and strength! It was therefore a blow when she offered to carry my rucksack up the last hill! Of course I bravely refused, knowing there was a bakery at the top and of course the entire team were there munching their way through cake and coffee.

Despite the good mood in camp, we have not lost focus on the main event and it was a great moment to hear the border is officially open. We will be in Lukla on Tuesday afternoon, hope to fly on Wednesday and then Tibet!

5th April: Nice day today. We walked up to the airstrip first and were treated to a great takeoff by a pilot who liked to show off! Next was a walk up to Everest View Hotel for coffee and hot chocolate of course and then up to Khumjung and on to 4000 metres. Some rogue put a rock in Dorjee’s (our sirdars) rucksack this morning, which he thought hilarious after carrying it all day. I suspect he may get his revenge!

We also had a recent chat on high altitude medical problems earlier in the week and people are looking after themselves well. Afterwards, there was of course a stop for lunch before heading back to Namche. All looking forward to moving up the Khumbu tomorrow. Paul

4th April: Just to let you know our Nepali eatathon continues! We are in Namche after a nice steady walk this morning. We had our first view of Everest this morning although it is from the wrong side! much excitement within the team.

This afternoon after lunch we headed up to the airstrip for an extra walk, inevitably this was followed by cake, coffee & Wifi in namche and that will be swiftly filled by dinner. It’s tough up here! Paul

3rd April: Quick update. All well here. Great meal and birthday cake at Rum Doodles last night. We are now in Khumbu, eating again. Paul

1st April: Hello. Late arrival last night, we had to stop at Calcutta because it was too windy at Kathmandu. 3 more clients still to arrive, Angus, Rob and Melissa will be here hopefully later tonight.

Were sorting through our gear now then off for lunch with the clients and a briefing on our Oxygen. More sorting and buying gear tomorrow then we are off to Lukla on Wednesday. Cheers for now. Paul


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    Hi Nick. All of us in the Gough clan are following your progress and rooting for you all. Stay safe and enjoy. Andy.

  • John Meskell says:

    Hi Brian, this can’t be as difficult a task as holding the full forward scoreless in a county final. It’s only a big hill when all is said and done.
    Best wishes to all the team – stay safe.

    John Meskell (the old fella – Brian’s father)

  • Pauline Bowerman says:

    Karen wonders if you need her kettle? One hour for tea? She’s had 5 cups by then – I should know, am presently making them AND stacking dishwasher. Hope weather improves along with altitude adaptation! Cheering for you Melissa and everyone, Lots of love Mum & family

  • k grice says:

    Just catching up with pictures. Love the yak! And his striped blanket. Can’t believe you are getting so high(silly comment). Good luck and hope you all feel better soon. Karenxx

  • Pedro says:

    Dear Melissa, It’s difficult for me to get to the internet, but love the blog. Wishing you well from Malaga. Love Pedro xx

  • Julian says:

    Hi Melissa and the team, I hope all is going well and that the weather improves soon. Happy climbing! Love Julian

  • Bob and Dorothy says:

    certainly getting a lot tougher now good luck for the final push hope the weather is kind to you all Mum & dad Smith

  • Bernardine Meskell says:

    Hi Brian. Leo and I are following your climb. Rather you than me!! But it sounds exciting. Don’t fancy the cold part. Had great chat with both your parents today. Your Dad met Eamonn, Nicola & Peter outside Buckingham Palace. Small world. I am going to try sending an email to you now. Love from …Mary in the convent x x

  • Leo Murran says:

    This Boggles the mind – talking to someone on their way up Everest while lying in bed under plenty of blankets.The ice in the tent would finish me. looking forward to seeing you and hearing everything when you visit Ennis next.
    love and prayers Leo

  • Peter S says:

    Hope you all are fine. Haw about the most importent gues on the hill, WHO are your sherpas and are they all in god mood?

  • Vicky says:

    Nick, aka Peruvian Pete, all the very best luck in the world to you and the rest of the tea on Everest! Have you found a basecamp dog yet? Be safe. Vicky (Aconcagua) x

  • Paddy Meskell says:

    Hello Brian,
    Bring a ruler with you to the top of the mountain. I dont believe its as high as they say!!!You climb Everest and Sir Alex retires – any connection. Best of luck Brian

  • Pauline says:

    Thinking of you everyday Melissa. Enjoying the blog and have printed out 16 pages! Lots of love to you and best wishes to all the team and your Sherpa helpers. Stay safe.

  • Eamonn Meskell says:

    We are all thinking of you tonightt Brian. This is where that venison steak kicks into play. Love Eamonn Nicola and Co.

  • Will Beeley says:

    Melissa, the very best of luck from all the Beeleys. We will be keeping everything crossed for a successful and safe final push. X

  • Julian says:

    Hi Melissa and all the team,
    Wishing you a happy last few days on Mount Everest. Stay warm and enjoy yourselves!

  • Bernardine Meskell says:

    Bet you will not even feel the cold Brian, for the thrill of it all. Just spoke to your Dad on Skype. he was in Abu Dabbi Airport en route home for some annual leave. I will have a full Irish ready for himself , Rose & Sheila en route from Shannon in the a.m. Dying to see them. You too soon now and WHAT a tale you will have to tell…Love, Mary x x

  • Ashley Birdthistle says:

    Go on ya boya..good luck Brian..hopefully will meet your Dad as he is just back home. Take care of yourself and no fighting with the Sherpa’s!! Enjoy..Ashley Bird

  • Lorna Franks says:

    hi nick mum here have been wondering how things are going and following the blog,all is ok here ,Rachel and Tom are here love mum xxxxx

  • Seamus and Ella McCarthy says:

    Hi Brian. Seamus and Ella here. We are following your amazing journey on Adventure Peaks. Well done Brian. What an incredible challenge and achievement. You should be so proud of yourself.
    We are thinking of you and wish you all that is good. Stay safe. Loads of Love. Seami and Ella xxx

  • Paddy Meskell says:

    Thinking of you and all your fellow climbers Brian. Hope all goes well on the push to the summit.
    Paddy and Darlene Meskell

  • Libby says:

    Hey Chipsie Nick, from the Bristol area……hoping that you successfully get to the summit, and that you do get those chips at the tea tent on your way back down. Thinking of you…….that Exodus lot you kept bumping into at a) the tea tents, b)base camp and c) at ABC after you lost your tooth. Hope you still have it in safe keeping. GOOD LUCK X

  • Granny Dorset and Uncle Rick says:

    Darling Bethie,
    We are with Mum and Nick looking at your progress and all the photos. We have been trying to ring you but we will speak to you when you come down. We are wishing you lots of luck and love. Best wishes to all the team too… hold on to your crampons!

  • Paul Tierney says:

    Best of luck on the final push to Brian Meskell and all the climbers! Get your rewards for all the hard work!

  • Barbara Stritch says:

    Well done Brian your flying it….don’t think going back hurling with Ahane will ever top this!!! The very best of luck to you and the rest of the crew on your way to the summit, ye should be very proud of yereselves 🙂

  • Soph & Oli says:

    Thinking of you all and tracking the progress online. Very excited about your forthcoming climb and looking forward to seeing you very soon xxx

  • Soph & Oli says:

    Thinking of you all and tracking the progress online. Very excited about your forthcoming climb and looking forward to seeing you very soon xxx

  • Ruby & Me says:

    Love and sloppy kisses from Ruby and Me.


  • Ruby & Me says:

    Love and sloppy kisses from Ruby and Me.


  • Pauline says:

    Darling Melissa, very happy to hear that you’ve arrived at Camp 2. All the best to you and the team for the final push. Love you loads, Mummy xxx

  • Bernardine Meskell says:

    Hi Brian. Love and prayers from all here.Must be getting exciting now that you are nearing the top of the world. Bet you are glad you did all that gruelling training and that every rock you carried on you back up Keeper hill was worth it all. I hear your Dad was wonderful as MC for the unveiling of the Mick Mackey statue.I hear it was a super day in every way. Dying to have you back on Terra Firma. Love Mary x x xx x

  • Nicola Meskell says:

    All thinking of you here Brian well done and safe journey ! Nicola Eamonn David Peter and Sinead 😉

  • Julian says:

    Greetings Melissa from 63m above sea level. You always said that I’d look up to you one day, but now you are over 8250m it is starting to hurt my neck! – I hope the rest of the climb goes well. Love Julian and Robin xxxx

  • Neil says:

    Thanks for the birthday card Melissa – arrived exceptionally on time!! A special day in two ways;I’m older, you’ll be getting colder. Good luck for the final push. We are all thinking of you! love, Neil

  • Aureol & family says:

    Hi Melissa, we are all thinking of you and hoping you are doing OK. You are incredible!! Love you lots, Aureol and everyone in Layton.

  • Aureol & family says:

    Hi Melissa, we are all thinking of you and hoping you are doing OK. You are incredible!! Love you lots, Aureol and everyone in Layton.

  • karen says:

    Am in awe of what you’ve all achieved so far! What an incredible journey, what views, what an experience. Well done to everyone and all the best for the next gruelling hours. All fine here at home, Mel, your bed awaits, although you’ll probably have had enough of cramped places by then!!! Mum has t-shirt – still !! love you loads, Karen xx

  • pedro says:

    Dear Melissa, following your progress and wishing you luck. Good catch today. Hope you catch your heart’s desire too. Whatever, you are still a great girl and welcome to visit my city any time. Kindest Regards, Pedro.

  • Adrian Collins says:

    Great stuff Brian, best of luck for the final push

  • Reenesh says:

    Hi Beth, you’re probably summiting as I type this from the library. Congratulations, absolutely amazing and well deserved!!

  • carrie says:

    well done everyone 🙂

  • Rose and John meskell. says:

    CONGRATULATIONS BRIAN, well done to you and all involved. Safe journey down and stay safe. Xxxxxxx John and Rose

  • Mum says:

    Melissa – fantastic! how good it must feel to be on TOP OF THE WORLD!! Very well done to the team members and their leaders, and a special thank you to Melissa’s sherpa. Love Mum xxxx

  • Ruby and Me says:



  • Mum, Germs, Pinks and Orvy says:

    Dear Bethie, VERY, VERY MANY CONGRATULATIONS, AND TO THE WHOLE TEAM. Haven’t quite taken in the immensity of your achievement, but I’m thrilled and relieved for you all … and can’t wait to see you in Kathmandhu! XXXX

  • Samantha Noble says:

    Congratulations everyone! Superb effort. Bob – thanks for all the updates! Paul – I’m so proud of you. Looking forward to you coming home . Sam

  • Will, Sophie and Edward says:

    OMG, what news to wake up to! Fantastic effort by all including I’m sure for the non summiteers. Melissa, we are in awe of you! Well done. Safe journey home XXX

  • Sas Kenyon says:

    Congratulations Melissa! So pleased for you and well done to ALL the AP team. You have made my day :-).

  • Daniel Meskell says:

    Congrats Brian on reaching the tip top!! Would the sense of achievement & emotion be comparable with reaching the Summit of Keeper. Fair play man serious achievement!!!

  • Seamus and Ella McCarthy says:

    Brian, What an amazing achievement “To be on top of the world, looking down on creation”. Well done! Thinking of you. love. Seamus and Ella xx

  • Bob and Dorothy says:

    Hi Rob, Congratulations and well done to all the team. Look forward to seeing you. Love Mum and Dad

  • Paul Tierney says:

    Well done to Brian Meskell and to the entire team, sounds like a very well run expedition and a fantastic achievement for everyone involved!

  • Dunc Hale says:

    Congratulations to all the team members and Adventure Peaks. Fantastic. Dunc

  • John Meskell says:

    Congrats and well done to Brian Meskell and all the group, great achievement. Not too many better views on a May morning I’m sure! Also, nicely done on keeping the website updated with the progress reports too – very interesting, worthwhile and appreciated by all family and friends..

  • Andygough Gough says:

    Well done bruv. Proud as punch. Keep smiling

  • Adrian Collins says:

    Well done Brian and to everyone there, mighty stuff.

  • Bernardine Meskell says:

    Warmest and most heartfelt Congrats Brian to you and all your hero climbers. We are so, so proud of you. You must feel dizzy with excitement and relief. We sure do. You deserve the thickest steak ever. and bottles go leor…
    Love from Mary, Leo and Regina and all the Poor Clares. xx x x x x

  • Rich Hayden says:

    Congrats Brian, some achievement! Looking forward to hearing about it !! Hope all goes well on the way down.

  • Kevin meskell says:

    Go on Brian meskell ya legend! Looking forward to seeing pics of the Ahane flag flying on the top of that hill! Talk soon!!

  • Ann McCollum says:

    Congrats to the whole team for success and safe descent! Sending special greetings to my friend Beth — so, so proud of you!!

  • Peter Stewart says:

    Hey Rob, I’m in Omagh, visiting, and heard about your latest expedition. Not many places left that you haven’t been to! Good luck with the final ascent. Unfortunately I’ve no Far East trips coming up or I’d wave as I’d fly past! Best wishes- Peter, Simone, Lily & Isobel

  • Duncan Impey says:

    Melissa, congratulations! fantastic effort! On behalf of of the folks in Dundee and beyond! X

  • Elaine Melville says:

    Yeah!! Fantastic work Robbie and all the expedition! Safe home. The Melvilles xx

  • David Meskell says:

    Congrats Brain! Setting the standard high for achievements amongst the cousins!

  • Shirley & Irwin Bragg says:

    We have been delighted with your progress and thrilled to hear of your fantastic achievment. Congratulations to your sherpa who we believe has looked after you so well

  • Shirley & Irwin Bragg says:

    We have been delighted with your progress and thrilled to hear of your fantastic achievment. Congratulations to your sherpa who we believe has looked after you so well

  • Mum says:

    What an amazing achievement by all. Melissa, darling, many congratulations – so proud of you. I am wearing with pride my Live The Dream t-shirt! Thank you to Paul – what a great team! Lots of love Mum xxxx

  • Douglas and Clodagh says:

    Congratulations! What an amazing achievement. We are so proud of you. We are all sitting around a table at Clodagh’s brother’s house, drinking a toast to you. Clodagh’s sister in Kerry was on the phone too and she was very excited to hear the good news too.

    Top of the world!

    Clodagh and Douglas

  • Mena Fogerty says:

    Hi Brian CONGRATULATIONS to you and all on your team….WOW what an achievement…the pinnacle of all achievements!…trouble is it makes my hill climbing on the Irish mountains look like walks in the park!! Well done Brian …a fantastic achievement to be proud of all your life..look forward to hearing all aboutit when you get back..Mena, Wally, Andrew , Eric and David ( in Australia)

  • Dan Meskell da auld one says:

    Good man Brian you are my hero man what do you now for kicks after that monumental achievement hear Ahane are looking for a junior hurler with an abundance of stamina and a zest for adventure

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