Everest Expeditions, March '15


Everest North Ridge Expedition ’15

including Everest North Col, Lhakpa Ri & Naya Kanga and our Langtang and Naya Kanga expeditions

Expedition leaders: Chris Harling
Assistant Leader: Sean James

23rd March
Good luck to our 3 teams heading out to Nepal on the 28th where they will arrive in Kathmando then driving North for an acclimatisation Trek and ascent of Naya Kanga 5844m in the Langtang Valley.

29 March
Sean, our Assistant leader is covering the expedition on his Instagram feed, some highlights below.

30th March
Today we left the Kathmandu valley we drive northwards to Trisuli Bazaar at 9.30 and then joined the military road which winds above the river valleys. We arrived at our lodge at 7.30! Crossed a few old landslides on a high pass – very spectacular views through the rain and clouds. All well and excited to begin the walk in tomorrow.

The team after arriving at the Sherpa village of Syabrubensi

The team after arriving at the Sherpa village of Syabrubensi

5th April
Leader Chris Harling sent a text message in yesterday to say that 6 of the team climbed Yala Peak (5500m)on 3rd April while the others rested and acclimatised at basecamp. There was a snowstorm the night before but on the ascent they had brilliant weather and excellent views all round

9th April
Back in Kathmandu  now having trekked down the Langtang Valley over three days from our BC at 4900m. We reached the very beautiful and ever changing Langtang Valley after 3 days to get to the highest village of Kyanjin 3830m. We had made good time and that afternoon we had the chance to practice fixed techniques on a rocky slope above the village with some of the porters coming to watch with interest. The next day we chose Cherko Ri 4984m as an acclimbatisation peak, following a lovely ridge up to a snowy  bowl. As we climbed its steep headwall the wind picked up suddenly and provided testing conditions up to the summit. All clients got to the summit before heading down in very cold, wintry conditions.

Because there was too much snow and significant avalanche risk on the south side of the valley, Naya Kanga was ruled out as our main peak. Yala Peak to the north was much more attainable, with shorter summit day and only one camp needed. The BC was situated on a very snowy plateaux where the snow seemed to be over 4 – 5 metres deep! The first night was gusty with heavy snow falls during the night. Those who chose to wake for a 4.30 breakfast in the cook tent, then set out just after 5 as the sky lightened. The clouds had disappeared and we were treated to a stunning sunrise and breathtaking views in all directions – the perfect himalayan day! We witnessed a huge serac colapse and airborn avalanche off a nearby 7000m peak which caused us all to grab our cameras! One of our two sherpas, Lakpa broke trail as we headed up increasingly steeper slopes, roped together towards the summit ridge of Yala Peak 5500m. We grouped just below the small summit and climbed to the top 2 at a time on a fixed rope secured by the sherpas. It was 10.00am and the sense of achievement in the team was wonderful – it had been a long hard climb, but so worth it.

The team are now back in Kathmandu enjoying the lovely hotel and wonderful choice of restaurants and shopping, ahead of the journey to Tibet in 2 days time.

10th April
This is our last night in Kathmandu before a 6 am departure to the Tibetan Border at The Friendship bridge where will be in the hands of the Chinese Tibetan Mountaineering Association for our transport and accommodation. We hope to be in Base Camp in the next 2/3 days.


11th April
The team having an early lunch of Dahl Bhat before crossing into Tibet.

12th April
We are now in Tingri having driven from Zangmu across the Tibetan plateaux today. Crossing the border via the Friendship Bridge was the usual drawn out over beaurocratic affair with bags being checked, permits verified and re checked. The hotel in Zangmu was a very pleasant place to stay and the current hotel in Tingri is not bad either considering we are in a tiny village sat, lost on a barren dusty plain. Wifi is fast too!!

We crossed a 5000m pass en route from which we had views towards Shishapangma 8,027m which towered into the clouds distant.

Most of the expedition equipment was still held up at the border – we are hoping it catches up with us tomorrow so we can head up to EBC the day after.

13th April
We spent the day in Tingri today waiting for our expedition gear to catch up. A blizzard in the street greeted us as we got up and had our Tibetan breakfast of noodles and some kind of sauce???

Despite the conditions we set our on an acclimbatisation walk up some nameless nearby hills and spent 6 hours completing a great horse shoe in brightening conditions. Despite the breakup in the overhead sky, distant clouds to the south kept Everest well hidden and our first views were thwarted.

Tingri sits at 4300m and we climbed to 4825 today – about the height of our previous high camp below Yala Peak.All being well, a convoy of Land Cruisers followed by 2 former Chinese Army trucks should transport  9 clients, 2 leaders, 6 Sherpas and 2 cooks, plus so much equipment and barrels if food, to Everest Base Camp at the snout of the Rongbuk Glacier at 5100m tomorrow, 14 April.

Everest Basecamp arrival

14th April
We arrived in Everest Base Camp today and have finally got our first view of our mountain!

Tents erected and tied down to large rocks – no use for pegs here! From a large pile of bags and kit we now have a resemblance of home for the next 6 weeks.

The team is very excited at being here at last and keen to get climbing!

15th April
Today the team have enjoyed an acclimatisation walk up the ‘frozen river’, reaching an altitude of 5400m, followed by a relaxing afternoon at camp. The plan for tomorrow is to climb up to 6000m on a peak to the west of base camp, followed by a couple of days taking it easy before heading up towards ABC on 19th April

Photo of Sherpas:  L-R Phurba Wanchhu Sherpa, Ngima Dorjee Tamang, Phurba Ongel Sherpa, Nigma Tashi Sherpa, Pemba Tamang, Lakpa Dendi Sherpa and cook Angmu Sherpa.

16th April
Today the team climbed up the western side of BC up a series of morrains and open gullies of rocks and snow. It was a lovely route not often climbed (in fact we checked with our Chinese Liason Officer to make sure we were allowed on this side of the valley) and we were rewarded by the discovery of a spectacular hanging valley with its own glacier above. The views from 5800m back down to BC were amazing, with the multitude of coloured tents appearing as little dots on the expanse of the glacial outwash plane on which BC sits. Chris and Andy C climbed a little higher to make the crest of a ridge with huge pinnacles, which possibly has never been visited before!

The more technical rocky sections of the ascent were avoided on the way down by means of soft snow gullies which several members chose to glissade down in varying styles!

The sherpa team had been busy in our absence… in addition to our awesome dining Space Station Dome tent complete with heaters, flowers and 32″ flat screen TV (with DVD), kitchen, shower and toilet tents, our Communication tent had sprung up as well as a clever lighting system for all our individual tents! We just need someone to PAT test it all now!

18th April
A rest yesterday, during which we held our radio briefing and oxygen system training and familiarisation. We also have 5 barrels of food and luxuries to sort through before being sent up on the first train of yaks today along with all the tents etc for ABC.

Angus set off for intermediate camp today with the sherpas and will arrive in ABC tomorrow to allow him time to rest ahead of his North Col climb. The rest of the team will head up on the 19th and will arrive at ABC (6400m) on the 20th.

19th April
All Now at ABC and doing well. Angus, Phurba, Ongel and myself going for the North Col tomorrow with others resting. Beautiful weather and views!

20th April
The team trekked up the breath-taking East Rongbuk Glacier to our ABC. Everest disappears behind Changse for most of the way but dramatically re-appears towering overhead just before we round the corner of the glacier which comes down from Everest’s North Col. Our new campsite was bathed in sunshine during the afternoon and as team members arrived, they soon disappeared into tents to enjoy a well earned rest at our new altitude of 6400m.

21st April
Angus, Phurba Ongel, and myself set out to climb the North Col. Angus had enjoyed a rest day, the day before, but sadly I hadn’t! We climbed up to Crampon Corner under a crystal clear sky, where we stepped onto the glacier which leads up to the foot of the fixed ropes. Angus decided this was far enough for the day, so Phurba and I began climbing the steep slopes between the sparkling seracs. Despite my best efforts he soon disappeared from sight on the 400m climb up the route which had seen very little traffic and consisted of lots of loose fresh snow interspersed with hard glacial ice and the occasional dark crevasse. From the top of the col we had great views of Everest and its famous 3 steps – but it was too cold to stay long.

22nd April
Having had a rest day at ABC the rest of the team were set the ‘task’ of climbing to the North Col. Conditions were very blustery and a huge plume of snow was blowing from Everest’s summit and swirling along the spectacular NE Ridge. It was very cold crossing the glacier to the foot of the fixed ropes and wind blown snow was driving hard across the bowl. Everyone put in a huge amount of effort in quite testing conditions and most of the team got to, or very close to the top of the col. New personal altitude records were smashed in abundance and the tired but happy faces returning to ABC at the end of the day told of many new exciting experiences of high altitude climbing. Well done to everyone!

23rd April
We have descended the long and winding trail back to BC and anticipate the promise of several rest days, showers, DVDs and of course wonderful food prepared by Angmu our resident cook!

25th April
Chris has just emailed to let everyone know that all of the team are fine and unaffected by the Earthquake in central Nepal.

The majestic North Face of Mt Everest bathed in evening sunlight. Masking the tragedy unfolding behind.

The majestic North Face of Mt Everest bathed in evening sunlight. Masking the tragedy unfolding behind.

27th April
Update on second day of Everest’s worst loss. We spent the morning gathering news, opinions and feelings from the other teams at North Everest Base Camp. The situation is complex, some Sherpas (and some climbers) are still up at ABC yet to contact families in Nepal – to find out their well being. They must be given time and space, to push aside their role on Everest.

The scientists predicted a second big quake around 24 hours after yesterday’s. It came 25 hours later. From within the comfort of our mess tent, subtle tremors were noticed, rapidly followed by the now familiar wave like motion of the ground and the equally rapid exit of the tent by our clients. Through the cloud and snows, once again we witnessed the cliffs above BC begin to disintegrate and spew huge boulders towards our island of safety. Again, they never gained the energy or direction to reach us – we are thankful for a well chosen site and that no one is hurt.

Stood still, the effect is strange – the sensation of wavelike motion, in the absence of sound or other visual cues. Team members feel dizzy even a little nauseous.

Back inside we finish lunch and digest our thoughts of the power of nature, how small we feel. As after-shocks continue to punctuate our conversations and fool our senses.

We think of the tragedy of our mountaineering colleagues – the relative few who died on the slopes of their prized mountain and of the many who died in their homes and cities going about their everyday lives.

27th April
We have just heard from Chris at Base Camp that the Chinese Mountaineering Association have now closed Everest for the season.

Plans are underway for the team’s return from Base Camp, they will drive from Base Camp to Lhasa and arrangements will be made to fly from Lhasa. Due to the severe damage to infrastructure in Kathmandu and extreme shortage of flights and accommodation this may take several days or more.

4th May
Finally on the road home. We’re now in the hands of Chinese Mountaineering Association being driven and catered for as we travel across the Tibetan Plateau towards Lhasa. We said our emotional farewells to our wonderful Sherpa team lead by Phurba Wangchhu Sherpa at BC this morning under a dazzlingly bright sky with our unfinished objective gleaming above,12 miles away. We hope they follow on as soon as possible. The Chinese authorities are kindly going to store all teams’ expedition equipment and fly all Nepalese staff back to Kathmandu in the absence of their road home being passable. This is wonderful news which again brought tears in the mountains.

5th May
We safely arrived in Lhasa today – lovely hotel. Group spent the afternoon sightseeing in glorious warm sunshine – it really is a lovely city. The Potala Palace is simply spectacular! We have a free day tomorrow and are all very much looking forward to flying home on the 6th.

Chris Harling

About Chris Harling

Chris Harling has over 21 years experience teaching a wide range of outdoor activities. He is a qualified teacher and member of several National Governing Bodies including the Association of Mountaineering Instructors. He is a trainer and assessor for the Mountain Leader and the Single Pitch Awards and is qualified to teach Summer and Winter mountaineering. His vast climbing and mountaineering experience has taken him to six continents, including Himalayan expeditions. Chris has climbed Mt. Everest via the North Ridge twice with Adventure Peaks.


Elaine · 9 years ago

Sorry that your expedition has been cut short due to the awful earthquakes. Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by them. Hope you all manage to get home safely. The photographs are amazing.
Andy T at least you gave us all something to talk about. Sending best wishes to you, Rosie and Oscar from the Sykes. Xx

Heidi, Bella and Nicola Hanson · 9 years ago

Glad you are all safe and sound, horrible to think of all that has happened and such a shame to end hopes here for now, but could have been so much worse, I am sure that things will work out as they should. What an unfortunate but epic story you all have to tell. Salterlee very much following the story and everyone hopes you have a safe journey home Mr Taylor.

Gill Douglas · 9 years ago

Hi Gareth,we are all so relieved that you and all the rest of the team are ok.It must be unbearably hard at times to cope with this tragic turn of events and in the face of the huge scale of this unfolding disaster.Take good care as you make your way back.Love you very much, Mum xxx

Ed · 9 years ago

Chris, Catherine and i are glad you and the team are ok. Take care on the way back.

Lesley B · 9 years ago

I heard Chris on Radio 2 news yesterday! Glad to hear you are all still safe and that the very tricky decision about what happens next has been made for you. I know how hard you have worked, planned and trained to try and achieve your dream to stand on top of the world so for it to end in this tragic way must be a time of real mixed emotions. We looked at your blog in assembly and are now raising funds for the disaster appeal. Looking forward to seeing you back safe and sound soon Andy T.
Lesley and all your little friends at The Halifax Academy x

Jill Wallace aka womble · 9 years ago

So glad you are all safe. Gutted for you Andy T that your trip has been cut short but it's for the best. Stay safe and come home soon xxx from the Wallace Clan

Shirley Crowther · 9 years ago

Dear Andy T, There are an awful lot of people who are relieved to hear the news that you are safe. The images that are on our screen are horrendous. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a safe return. God bless, Shirley

Joanne smith · 9 years ago

Hi Mr Taylor Joshua and Luke are so pleased that you are all ok take care and stay safe , Joanne Graham , Joshua , Luke and Katie.

Alan Gott · 9 years ago

Hi Chris. Glad you are all safe and sound but i am sure the authorities have made the right decision. Scenes on TV from Everest BC and Kathmandu are horrific. Take extra care on the descent. Alan.

Alan Gott · 9 years ago

Hi Chris. Glad you are all safe and sound but I am sure the authorities have made the right decision. Scenes on TV from Everest BC and Kathmandu are hottific.

Chris · 9 years ago

Big bummer -Good effort on what you got done. Sorry to hear the exped has come to a stop but it will be for the best. You were on the safer side thank the gods. Thoughts go to your colleagues to the south and the Nepalese people. Put yer spare change in a charity box.

Nadine Clark · 9 years ago

Andy C. My wonderful MM. So glad that you and the whole team are still safe. Take care up to ABC and back. Just looking forward to you coming home now. The mountain will always be there. We're all thinking of you. ILUWAMH. Cl xxx

Karen Webster · 9 years ago

Hi Andy T. So glad to hear your group are ok. Stay safe! Karen, Simon, Daniel & Shona x

Andrea Hastie · 9 years ago

Hi Andy T, relieved to hear you and your team are ok , take care. Andrea Tim & Rebecca.

Aleyna Ginesi · 9 years ago

Mr Taylor,
We're all relieved to hear you're safe.
Aleyna looks forward to hearing about your trip when you visit (she asks when); and she hopes you discover more about mountains.

The Ginesi family

Zipcar HQ, Wimbledon · 9 years ago

Hey Andrew (Smith), we are all saddened to see the horrifying scenes coming from the earthquake affected areas. Our thoughts are with all those affected on Everest and so glad to hear your team has not been lucky. The avalanche scenes at Everest Base Camp being continually shown on tv news are heart stopping. Please be careful making your way down the mountain. We are all looking forward to seeing you back home.

Zipcar HQ, Wimbledon · 9 years ago

Hey Andrew (Smith), we are all saddened to see the horrifying scenes coming from the earthquake affected areas. Our thoughts are with all those affected on Everest and so glad to hear your team has not been affected and lucky to escape with your lives. The avalanche scenes at Everest Base Camp being continually shown on tv news are heart stopping. Please be careful making your way down the mountain. We are all looking forward to seeing you back home.

Matt reedy · 9 years ago

Chris, good to hear that you and coleages are safe.
See you in the lakes ......

Lindsay Bennett · 9 years ago

To Andy T
So relieved you are OK. Thinking about you and others too. Keep safe
Lindsay,Glyn and girls

HC · 9 years ago

Andy C: hope you are bearing up - please be safe, make good choices, our boys and all your family and friends want you back home safe and sound. Take care H

The Bumby's · 9 years ago

Indeed! Hey Andy T, So glad to hear that you are all ok- deeply saddened to hear of the devastation and loss and our thoughts go out to everyone. Hot tub... beardless...what's next??!!
Kerrie, James & Jack xxx

Jo · 9 years ago

Stay safe guys. Glad to hear you are ok Andy T. Was shocked to see the weekends news. Love the McNamaras x

Jasmine · 9 years ago

Glad you are ok Chris...be careful and make the right decisions xx

Jo · 9 years ago

Chris H- So relieved to hear you're all ok. Thinking of you. Take care. X

Debs and Dave Collett · 9 years ago

Hi Andy T
So relieved to hear that you and all your team are safe. Our thoughts are with you and all those that have been affected by this terrible disaster.
Good luck and stay safe xxx

Adam Bumby · 9 years ago

Glad to hear that you're all ok. Good luck for the rest of your trip.

Glynn Eastwood · 9 years ago

Hi Andy T and all colleagues
Great to hear you are all safe and sound and thoughts with those suffering in the region. Following your exploits and boys love the photos. Take care, stay safe and enjoy the moment.
Glynn, Caroline,George and Max
Never thought you could look so good in a hot tub

Brigitte sargeant · 9 years ago

To Andy Clark and team
After hearing the awful news last night, I am so relieved to hear you are all ok. Please stay safe.
Best wishes to you all.
Brigitte from Shine

Debbie Sweet · 9 years ago

Andy T
So relieved to hear the news you are safe. Desperately saddened by the news of others who have not been so fortunate. Take care, Debbie, staff and pupils of Highbury School

Graham · 9 years ago

Andy Taylor, relieved to hear you all safe. Best wishes from Gelli Aur.

Katie · 9 years ago

Keep safe Christian H xxx

janet spooner · 9 years ago

Dear Andy

so relieved you are all safe after the awful earthquake. Take good care. Love from Mrs Spooner and all at Hebden Royd

Jen · 9 years ago

Andy T glad to hear everyone ok. X

BBRCC · 9 years ago

Good luck Andy Clarke, hope you have a great trip from all at BBRCC.

Roland A · 9 years ago

hello again Andy, forgot to say Tom got up the orange route at Kendal CLEAN, even after all the socialising.
Roland A

Lesley B · 9 years ago

Hi Andy T and all on the expedition
We were relieved to hear you are all ok and unaffected by the earthquake and avalanche. Thanks Chris for the regular updates. Our thoughts are with those affected by the tragedy today, it just goes to show how important it is to live for today and do crazy things like climbing big mountains! Keep safe.
Lesley and Mark xxx

Roland A · 9 years ago

greetings from the Northern Wastelands to Andy T and Big Jerome saddened to hear the terrible news of the earthquake and the loss of lives. It was great relief to hear that you are all safe and well.
We hope the rest of the expedition goes well and is a success. To you and the team stay safe.
Roland and Anita.

Will west · 9 years ago

Thank goodness you are all ok

Jo · 9 years ago

Ps. You forgot my rubber duck!

Jo · 9 years ago

Hi Chris H
Just to let you know we're all enjoying following the team's progress on the website - photos are amazing too! Looking forward to hearing all about it over a pint in the Lowther when you get back.
Thinking of you! X

Jen · 9 years ago

Hi Andy T, it's a girl. Martha born this morning at 3.40am by cesarean 7lb5oz. Mother and baby doing well. Good luck for the rest of the trip.

Alan Whyte · 9 years ago

For Andrew Whyte
Son - respect - Father

Beth · 9 years ago

Hi Gaz!! Sitting here thinking of you. A message to say missing you and keep going ( I know you will be)
Am glued to these updates and following you every step of the way.
Keep telling everyone about you, so very proud.
Love you millions.
Beth xxxxxx

Chris · 9 years ago

Message for A Taylor, good luck on the climb. Make sure you do your windsurfer on the top.

Brigitte Sargeant from Shine · 9 years ago

To Andy Clark and the rest of the team, stay safe, and enjoy, and most of all a massive thank you from us all here at Shine, you are one amazing inspiring man Andy !!!!
Best wishes to you and Nadine
Brigitte at Shine

jane hamilton · 9 years ago

Message for Andy Taylor: Hi matey - looking after Rosie and Oscar for you. Everyone here at home wishes you all the best. Good luck and keep safe. xxx

Nadine Clark · 9 years ago

Hello my MM Andy C. - IAAY. It was SO lovely to hear your voice again on Saturday. I know you did try to contact me yesterday. Shame about the satellite signal :( I hope the move to ABC goes well. Thinking of you every minute. Stay safe, stay well, drink loads. MYM ILUWAMH. CL xxx

vicky burford · 9 years ago

Best of luck to ALL of you - I am following you every step of the way and eagerly await news from the website. Missing you all so much - it seems like a long time ago that I was in Nepal with you. Loving the updates and seeing the pictures- you all look so familiar. Hope the blue barrels are treating you well. Hope too that Annie is not having to endure too much Star Wars or boy chat!! Would love to still be with you all. Be safe and enjoy. Shabatree (or Sherpa tree...) Vicky x

Zoe Whitaket · 9 years ago

Andy T (Dunn), good to see your progress...bath pic a sight for sore eyes! Boys impressed with your frozen beard. Hope all goes well, all the best. Whitakers x

Zipcar HQ, Wimbledon · 9 years ago

A big SHOUT out for Andrew Smith from all your colleagues at Zipcar. Fantastic news that you have reached base camp safely! Best of luck for the next stage of the adventure. Hoping the food is good, does Sainsbury's have a branch there to get your bonus sandwich? Jezyk keeping you company we hope! Take care, keep safe!

Carys & Paul Henshaw · 9 years ago

Message to Gaz....... I guess all of this is a world away from Aconcagua that strangely wasn't so long ago. Thinking of you every step of the way, just remember to keep putting one foot in front of the other, stop, breath and start again, and again and again. And in the inspirational words of Ms Katy Perry :
Baby you're a firework
Come on let your colours burst
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
You're gonna leave 'em all in awe-awe-awe
Enjoy, remember everything, tell us all about it , Carys & Paul x x

Ann · 9 years ago

Best of luck to Rupert and all the team. You're a great inspiration, esp to the kids at Chestnut Tree House.
Take care, but remember: the mountain will always be there tomorrow!
(Sure summits are even tougher than soundbites!)

Gill Douglas · 9 years ago

Hi to Gareth
I eagerly await each update to give me a fuller picture of your amazing and captivating adventure.What stories you will have to tell.Hold on tight as you take in the wonder of it all.Good luck Gareth and good luck to all the team.I am very proud of you and love you very much,Mum xxx

Ann Smith · 9 years ago

Good Luck to Andrew Smith. Glad to hear that you have arrived safely at Base Camp, it's great reading your progress on the website. Thinking of you and the rest of the group and wish you all good luck for the adventure ahead. Lots of love from Mum and Dad XX

Beth · 9 years ago

So great to get these updates. It's all so amazing and admirable. Good luck everyone.
Thinking of you Gaz. Love you loads. Beth xxxxxxxxx

Steve Douglas · 9 years ago

Thanks for the comprehensive updates , really good to get them. Thinking of the whole team and a big Hi to Gaz from his Dad. Awesome stuff. Cheers

Jen & Jill · 9 years ago

Hi Andy (T)
Hope everything going well. Good luck to you all, didn't think it would be warm enough to get the budgie smugglers on!!!

Old Earth School · 9 years ago

Hi Mr Taylor,
We hope everything is going ok. We are following the blog and have looked at all the photos. We are enjoying hearing about all the things we learnt about during our Everest topic and seeing the equipment you brought in to show us. We have our fingers crossed that you do well.
From Year 3 (and Miss P)

Lindsay Bennett · 9 years ago

Hi Andy T/Philias Fogg
It all looks amazing and you look to be having a great time. Keep yourself safe. Can't wait to hear about all the adventures first hand when you are back. Take care...lindsay

Nadine Clark · 9 years ago

To my gorgeous husband, Andy Clark. So proud of you on this awesome adventure, I think you're amazing. Wish I could be there to see it all with you. All your family and friends send their best wishes. Stay safe, stay focused, stay well and I hope you're soon in EBC. Good luck to you and the whole team! MYM ILUWAMH. Cl xxx

Rosie Taylor · 9 years ago

Hi Andy Taylor,
Just got off the boat in the Maldives and waiting for the plane to Sri Lanka!
The sea life was amazing but no spas for us, just the Indian Ocean!!!
Glad all looks to be going well and the beard has gone - yes!
Love to you and Jerome. Good Luck to all for the Everest ascent.

Louise & Matthew · 9 years ago

Go for it Rupert Jones-Warner! We're all thinking of you. Lots of love xxxx

Alastair Smith · 9 years ago

Best of luck to Andrew Smith, take care and enjoy every minute!

From Alastair and Kim

Lesley B · 9 years ago

Hi Andy T
Glad things are going well, thought this was a dangerous expedition to climb Everest, didn't realise that involved lounging around in spas!
It is great to see the photos and to have updates about your progress, the kids at school will be excited to watch over the coming weeks.
Good luck and enjoy the adventure - looking forward to hearing all about it when you are back safe and sound.
Lesley and your friends at The Halifax Academy x

Cheyenne Graves (Shine) · 9 years ago

Good luck to Andy Clarke! We are so pleased to hear you're acclimatising well and can't wait to hear how things go for the next stage. We will keep following your progress and sending you positive Shine vibes as you take on this amazing challenge! Best wishes from everyone at Shine, the spina bifida and hydrocephalus charity.

Shirley Crowther · 9 years ago

Hi Andy T, You look as if you're with a great bunch of people. Looking forward to following your progress, God bless. Shirley

Karen Webster · 9 years ago

Good luck Mr Taylor - Shona can't wait to watch your trip I fold on the website.

Rebecca Hindle · 9 years ago

My son Harry just wanted to wish his old headmaster Andy Taylor good luck on his trip. He is really enjoying watching your progress on here :)

Justin Kyme-oliver · 9 years ago

Great place to keep an eye on my old friend Gaz.
Keep the updates coming.

Lizzie Ogg · 9 years ago

lovely evening chez cherry tree. Thinking of you. Love Lizzie and sebastian

Lucy Ogg · 9 years ago

Hi Papa (Angus Ogg)!
Hope you're having an amazing time and are taking lots of pictures! Be careful and keep your gloves on!!
Love and miss you lots xxxxxxx

Millie Ogg · 9 years ago

Hi dad (Angus), hope you're having an amazing time and getting lots of pictures and growing a beard! Be careful, love you and miss you lots xxxxx

Jess Sanderson · 9 years ago

Hi Dad (Angus Ogg), hope you're having a good time and doing well on your climb. and making some memories. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Love you lots, Jess and Chris xxxxx

Julie Ogg · 9 years ago

Wishing my amazing husband Angus a safe and memorable journey. Good luck to all of the team. Love you husband, miss you lots, Wifey xxx

Annette · 9 years ago

Good Luck to my son-in-law Angus Ogg x Be safe and ENJOY!!!!! xxx

Steve Douglas · 9 years ago

You are probably all out in the wilderness right now. Sending Gareth and the whole team hopes for good weather, good health, high climbs and restful low sleep. All the Best Dad (Steve)

Beth · 9 years ago

Good luck everyone. Especially to my big brother Gaz!!
Look forward to the next update.
Love Beth. Xxxxxx

Jane jones- warner · 9 years ago

Good luck to all thinking about you . Jane

Claire · 9 years ago

Good luck to the other Andrew some have called him Mighty Whyte!! take care and have a fantastic adventure Love Mumx

Roland A · 9 years ago

Best wishes and good luck Andy T and Big Jerome, and the rest of the team on your ascent of Everest
May the force be with you
Roland & Anita

Nadine Clark · 9 years ago

Good to all those climbing the North Ridge - especially to my wonderful husband Andy Clark. - Live the dream for both of us xx

Victor Delstanche · 9 years ago

Stay tough and united guys.

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