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Everest North Ridge 7th April 2018

Everest North Ridge Expedition

Everest North Ridge

Departs: 7th April 2018

Leader: Sean James

20th May

Summit Success!

The team are back at base camp, the celebrations are well underway.  We leave you with a couple of summit shots!

summit 1

summit 2

18th May

After their successful summit of Mount Everest this morning the team are all safely back at ABC.  They have had a tough night/day as it was colder, with more snow and wind than they had expected, but they have now been well fed at ABC and are looking for to a good nights sleep whilst they and their phones regcharge and will be in touch with everyone soon.


They’ve only gone and done it!

At 4:30am Nepali time the team reached the highest point on earth. They are now all back at Camp 3 and just about to head down to Camp 2. Sean said there was more snow than he thought predicted and windier, which made for a challenging summit day, but despite the conditions there was no stopping the team. Well done to all and a safe journey back down the mountain.

17th May

The team are resting at top camp at 8300m. Once again, they have been able to send us these amazing pictures of the  route as they moved up today.   They are feeling good,and ready for the final push. They will set off for the summit later tonight.

17.5   17.5 8

17.5 5  17.5 2

17.5 1   17.5 9

17.5 7  17.5 4

17.5 6

16th May

The team had another warm day today, they are all feeling strong  and are now at camp 2 (7800m) and are looking forward to moving up tomorrow to camp 3 at 8300m.  This is the camp from which they will launch their summit bid.  They should arrive mid afternoon (their time) tomorrow and then they will rest, and organise themselves ready for the summit push.

The weather is still looking good.

Sean has been able to send through some pictures, amazing when you think of some places here in the UK where you get limited signal and here’s the team sending messages from their tent at 7800m, fantastic!

15th May

After a rest day at ABC, the team have moved to the North Col (camp 1) at just over 7,000m , the weather has been good and if anything a little hot, but with a little bit of snow.  The team are now  boiling water, re hydrating and getting some food cooked.  Tomorrow they will go as planned to Camp 2 at 7800m, the weather is looking good and the team are all feeling strong.

13th May


The team have set off today from base camp, they hope in the nicest possible way that this will be the last time they make the journey to ABC.  The team are in a positive frame of mind and embracing the rule of no negativity above base camp. It has been a beautiful day.


So what’s the plan now?

Well, as always the weather will dictate the plans, but all going well tomorrow they will rest at ABC with one eye on the weather, with the hope that the following day they will make their way to the North Col to camp and then a usually tougher day takes them on to Camp 2 at 7,800m where the team are likely to begin using supplemental oxygen. They then move to top camp at 8,300m where they will make their final preparations for their summit bid.  It’s always an exciting time with a slight hint of nerves thrown in!  The team have plenty of time though so they can wait if need be for the best possible weather.


12th May

The team have arrived back at Base Camp after a short break down at New Tingri, they will now prepare for their summit bid.  Going back down to the lower altitude aids their recovery.  They have been eating lots and generally just chilling out, and by the looks of it also had a bit of retail therapy. I know a hat is on the kit list but i’m not sure this is what we meant!

hat 2   hats

When the team left base camp it was an icy cold day, but the good weather that they had in the valley has returned with them.

fridge sean sheep

They ate well in the valley but there is nothing  beats the food at base camp!

flame grilled  flame grlled 2

7th May

The team are now safely back down at Base Camp after a tough second rotation. It was very windy at ABC, but fortunately their time at the North Col caught a calmer period.

As they keep an eye on the summit weather window, the team will get some well-needed rest and will try to drop down to New Tingri for some proper R&R as the team did last year. Now it’s just a case of waiting for the jet stream to move, and our crew are all in a position to move when the time comes.

5th May

Sean called this morning to say the team are now back up at the North Col and feeling good ready for the next stage in their acclimatisation. Tomorrow could be a cold day, so they plan to don their down suits and ascend to around 7500m, before having a second night at the North Col.

4th May

The Everest team has arrived at ABC for their 2nd rotation. We are all feeling good and happy to see Phurba and his team of Sherpas who have remained up here setting up higher camps. Yesterday they came back down to ABC, very tired after having been to 8300m, camp 3. Tomorrow we will all go to sleep at the north col for 2 nights and hopefully push to a high point of 7600- 7800m before returning to ABC then BC. This year is going very smoothly so far and we are now looking at summit weather windows from the middle of may. Here is the team testing their oxygen systems.

Adventure Peaks Team Testing Oxygen at ABC on Everest

3rd May

North Col Team update – The team have arrived safely back to Kathmandu, having stopped at Jilong in Tibet overnight before crossing the border yesterday morning. From here they will go their separate ways on their homeward flights.

2nd May

The team will be leaving Base Camp for their next rotation on the mountain tomorrow. They plan to spend 2 nights at the North Col (7032m) and make a push up to 7500m before heading back to Base Camp to rest.

1st May

Having completed their next rotation the Everest team are now back at Base Camp to rest. It’s also time for the North Col team to depart so the rest of the group have bid sad farewells to them as they return to Lhasa and homeward.

26th April

After a rest day everyone in the Everest team donned their harness ice axes crampons for the first time and headed into the glacier next to ABC.  They had a short walk around some stunning glacial features then set up fixed ropes to practice ascending and descending. Tomorrow the team are heading up to the north col and then back to ABC.

The route will be similar to the picture below, that we have had in previous years.

route to the North Col

Our Sherpas have been working hard to move equipment further up the mountain and establish our higher camps.

25th April

The team arrive at Advanced Base Camp to clear blue skies.  Overnight it snowed and everyone is snapping scenic pictures of the north col this morning and surrounding mountains. The team are now taking 2 days rest, this will aid their acclimatisaton.  They will also get their kit ready before going any higher and their first outing to the North Col.

21st April

Another acclimatisation hike to 5700m. Tomorrow we rest and send the yaks and Sherpas ahead to establish ABC. We will follow a day behind, which everyone is looking forward to.

Today we had the puja. This year the weather was clear and windy. All of our boots, harnesses and technical gear was blessed by the lama. In the afternoon we sorted through our gear that will be sent up to ABC in the next couple of days.

19th April

Today the team hiked up the stunning frozen river. They took lunch and reached 5900m. Tomorrow is the puja, the blessing of the mountain.

18th April

The team have been at base camp for 2 days now and have settled in with the mattresses, pillows, carpeted mess tent and  showers. All the luxuries they were looking forward to after their trip through the Himalayas and china. Today they had a short hike to 5700m and had a view of the sprawling tents.  They intend to spend 4 or 5 more days sorting gear and hiking before heading up to ABC.


17th April

The team are at Base Camp, the view from the North Side is spectacular.

16th April

The team are now in Tingri having crossed into Tibet at Resuo Bridge. They are acclimatising well, chilling out and enjoying the views.

8th April

The team are arriving in Kathmandu.

the team arriving in Kathmandu

3rd April

Good luck to this season’s Everest team, due to depart in a few days time!

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