From £10,295
Altitude 6,194m Grade: 4D

A superb route to the summit of North America's highest peak and one of the Seven Summits.

The price difference offered refers to the Guide Ratio. The higher priced departures are for trips with a guide to client ratio of 1:2 with a maximum of 6 clients.

At 6194m, Denali is the highest peak in the majestic Alaskan range of North America. Its huge 6000m bulk rises dramatically from the surrounding plains, adding to its Himalayan stature. Due to its very northerly position this is the coldest mountain outside of Antarctica, and so will give rise to the feeling of acclimatising on a 7000m peak. Climbing on Denali offers excellent experience for those wishing to step up to 8000m peaks in the future. In return for this challenge, the surroundings are spectacular and the terrain typical of what you would expect of Alaska; an ethereal land on the edge of the Arctic Circle.

This is an isolated and committing mountain, giving one a sense of real adventure. The expedition is fully guided in conjunction with our authorised Alaskan partners and follows Denali’s West Buttress. This is a popular route, yet still offers a challenging ascent of 40-50 degree snow slopes and an impressive ice headwall. You should be confident on Scottish II snow and ice with experience of crevasse rescue. It is important to book early on these expeditions, normally at least six months in advance.

No Sherpa or porter support is available on these trips. Success is therefore dependent on expedition members having a good level of fitness and the ability to carry reasonable loads each day on the mountain.

Guides ratio

Bookable dates are all for teams of 6 clients and 3 guides giving greater flexibility and support.

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Dates & Prices

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9th May 2024 - 4th Jun 2024 Guaranteed27 £10,295£11,545 Book Now
11th May 2024 - 6th Jun 2024 Guaranteed27 £10,295£11,545 Book Now
18th May 2024 - 13th Jun 2024 Guaranteed27 £10,295£11,545 Book Now
21st May 2024 - 16th Jun 2024 Guaranteed27 £10,295£11,545 Book Now
25th May 2024 - 20th Jun 2024 Guaranteed27 £10,295£11,545 Book Now
28th May 2024 - 23rd Jun 2024 Guaranteed27 £10,295£11,545 Book Now
1st Jun 2024 - 27th Jun 2024 Guaranteed27 £10,295£11,545 Book Now
11th Jun 2024 - 7th Jul 2024 Guaranteed27 £10,295£11,545 Book Now
17th Jun 2024 - 13th Jul 2024 Guaranteed27 £10,295£11,545 Book Now
20th Jun 2024 - 16th Jul 2024 Guaranteed27 £10,295£11,545 Book Now

* A deposit of £3,000 will be required at checkout.


Extras can be added per-person when you book onto a date

Adventure Peaks Logoed Kit Bag (Non UK addresses + Postage) £85

* A deposit of £200 (or the full extra price, whichever is lower) will be required at checkout for each extra added per-person on this trip

What's Included

  • International flights from London (Flight inclusive package)
  • Alaskan Guide/Expedition Leader
  • Flexible transfers between Anchorage and Talkeetna, no minimum group size.
  • Accommodation at start of the trip in Anchorage on bed basis.
  • Airport transfer on arrival, arranged by hotel
  • Internal flights
  • Food, fuel and cooking equipment whilst on the mountain.
  • All tents and other communal equipment necessary for the climb.
  • Medical safety equipment and supplies.
  • All team members will receive a free logoed trip T-Shirt with the name of your Expedition on it.
  • 15% off the RRP on clothing and equipment purchases from Adventure Peaks shop

What's Excluded

  • Airport transfer on departure (approx $20)
  • National Park Special Use Fee and Park Fee (approx $420 + $15 payable on arrival).
  • Travel to and from UK airport (unless otherwise specified).
  • Meals in towns or cities.
  • As the trip can finish early we cannot guarantee where you will stay for the final nights, our agent will assisit you in booking this. Any extra nights in Talkeetna or Anchorage are also not included.
  • Personal climbing clothes and equipment. 
  • Personal insurance, visas, departure tax and inoculations. 
  • Drinks and hotel or guest house meals unless specified. 
  • Personal medical supplies.
  • Excess baggage. 
  • Tips for  local guides.
  • Costs associated with an expedition finishing early. 
  • Costs associated with you leaving an expedition early. 
  • Costs associated with extending a trip due to bad weather or other circumstances.


Day 1

Travel to Anchorage, arriving same day. Airport transfer is provided by the hotel.

Day 2

Team Meeting at 10 am for an Expedition orientation and equipment check.

Day 3

We will drive several hours to Talkeetna, where everyone will register with the National Park Service. Weather permitting, we will fly into the Kahiltna Glacier with the Air Taxi. (If we cannot fly we will assist you in arranging accommodation for the night which you will need to pay for). There will be an on-glacier Expedition Orientation that will cover the following topics: Glacier Travel, Crevasse Rescue, Sled Rigging, Rope Management and Camp Site Procedures. Establish Base Camp at 2134m.

Day 4

Single Carry supplies to Camp 1 (2368m), near the junction with the NE Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier. This is a moderate carry of about 9 miles round-trip and is a good shake-down for the upcoming days. Throughout the Expedition we will follow the climb high, sleep low technique, for better acclimatisation, however the altitude difference between Base Camp and Camp 1 is minimal enough to permit us to single-carry this stretch. On the late May and June expeditions, we may be doing our climbing at night to avoid the excessive heat and soft snow conditions on the Lower Glacier.

Day 5

Haul loads up to Kahiltna Pass. Several options exist for camp sites between 2743m & 3353m, depending upon weather, snow conditions and team strength. This is a moderately difficult carry; 7-9 miles round-trip, with 2-3,000 feet of elevation gain and a return to Camp 1 for the night.

Day 6

Move everything to Camp 2 – near Kahiltna Pass. Camp is often in the beautiful 3414m basin at the base of Motorcycle Hill.

Day 7

Back-carry day. This is an active rest day during which we drop back down and pick up the cache.

Day 8

Haul loads around Windy Corner  (4054m). Steep snow climbing up Motorcycle Hill rewards you with spectacular views. Distance is about 4 miles round trip. Sleds are getting lighter and the air is getting thinner.

Day 9

Move Camp to 4359m. This is usually a long, hard day. Weather and team strength will determine the placement of Camp 3 - however the goal is the well equipped 14,200' camp. Fun climbing with crampons and ice axe gets you around Windy Corner where the upper Mountain comes into view.

Day 10

Back-carry day. The team will descend from 14,200' to the Windy Corner cache and bring everything up to 4359m.

Day 11

Climb up the headwall to the ridge. Cache supplies and return to 4359m. Climbing up the headwall (fixed line from 4724m to 4907m) with a heavy pack is one of the most strenuous days of the trip, because of the steep terrain, heavy pack and thinning air.

Day 12

Rest day. It is often prudent to take a rest/acclimatisation day prior to moving up to High Camp.

Day 13

Move to High Camp. Weather and team strength will again determine this decision. While there is a camp site at 4907m, it is very exposed, so we usually push for the 5243m site which is more secure and the better choice for Camp.

Day 14

Rest day. Moving to 5243m and getting High Camp established can be a huge day, so we usually take a rest day before attempting the summit.

Days 15 - 22

If the weather is favourable, we'll push for the summit. However if the weather is not good it is important to be patient! We will only try for the Summit when the weather is good, meaning mostly clear and calm. The round trip climb will take eight to twelve hours or more. Usually you will depart camp early (7-9 am), climb up to Denali Pass (5486m) and follow the route past Arch Deacon's Tower and the Football Field to the slopes leading to the Summit Ridge. On this spectacular ridge you can often see down into the Ruth Glacier and view peaks such as the Moose's Tooth, Mt Huntington and more. If the weather is still good, you will always remember this view!!!

Days 23 - 24

The descent from High Camp will take from one to two days, depending on the team's strength and motivation to get home. Weather dictates when we will fly out to Talkeetna for food and showers. Not much beats a steak and salad at the West Rib Tavern after working hard on Denali!

Day 25

Return to Anchorage. As there is the potential for the trip to finish early the accommodation at the end of the trip is not included in the price as it is not known where you will stay. The in country agent will help with sorting accommodation for you on your return from the mountain.

Days 26 - 27

Return international flight.


It is essential for a trip of this type that you are adequately insured. When researching insurance options, please ensure the policy covers you for the following:

  • Cancellation or curtailment
  • Helicopter rescue (most insurance companies will no longer cover for ‘search and rescue’ but providing you stay with the group, they will assist with ‘rescue’)
  • Repatriation
  • The altitude that you are expected to attain
  • The location especially when travelling to Antarctica
  • Grade of trek/climb/expedition
  • Medical cover

Adventure Peaks partners with Global Rescue to offer the world’s leading travel protection services. Medical and security emergencies happen. When they do, we rely on Global Rescue to provide our clients with medical, security, travel risk and crisis response services. Without a membership, an emergency evacuation could cost over $100,000. More than one million members trust Global Rescue to get them home safely when the unexpected happens. We highly recommend our clients enroll with Global Rescue, in particular for peaks over 7000m:

We are aware the following provide insurance:

For UK based clients:

Expeditions and Treks under 7000m - Campbell Irvine Direct :

HCC Medical Insurance Services: LLC Tel: 1-800-605-2282
Travelex Ins. Services: Tel: 1-800 228 9792
True Traveller Ins: Tel: 0333 999 3140 for treks including over 4500m
Austrian Alpine Club (UK) Tel: +44 (0)1929 556870
Rothwell & Towler: Tel: 0345 908 0161 (under 6400m)
J S Insurance: Tel: 0844 848 1500
Snowcard: Tel: 01295 660836
The B.M.C.: Tel: 0161 445 6111 (call and speak to Jim. Please note the BMC cannot cover Mt Damavand)
Dogtag: Tel: 0800 036 4824 (Check excess etc)

For non-UK based clients:

HCC Medical Insurance Services: LLC Tel: 1-800-605-2282
Travelex Ins. Services: Tel: 1-800 228 9792
True Traveller Ins: Tel: 0333 999 3140 for treks including over 4500m
Austrian Alpine Club (UK): Tel: +44 (0)1929 556870
AXA Worldwide Travel Ins: Tel: +44 (0)844 874 0360
Ingle International: Tel: (USA) 1.800.360.3234
Insure for Less: (Australian clients)

You do not have to use any of the above, but if you make your own insurance arrangements documentary evidence of your own policy is required.

Please forward the details of your Insurance as soon as you have it: we need the insurance company’s name, their 24 hour emergency telephone number and your insurance policy number –


Peter L · 9 years ago ·

Our guides were first class and at the top of their game. Their planning, mountain judgement regarding weather and how to avoid the crowds on ridges etc and cooking skills! Were immense.

The group of clients was cohesive and good-humoured. Although there were some skill differences recording crampon skills there was a common and good level of fitness. All submitted.
Increasingly good weather help considerably. A brilliant trip alright I'm done. Thank you!

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