Peak Lenin

Peak Lenin

From £4,400
Altitude 7,134m Grade: 2D

Peak Lenin is a spectacular 7000m peak offering incredible views of the Pamirs.

Peak Lenin can be a tough and physically demanding mountain but we have achieved summit success on four previous expeditions due to our unique itinerary that includes a camp 4 at 6400m to shorten the summit day by at least 2-3 hours to less than eight hours compared to other operators (avoiding the normal 10-13 hr. climb from Camp 3). We have also included an additional 2 days to allow up to six summit days to cope with difficult weather! High altitude porters carry all group equipment and the guiding ratio is increased to 1:3 giving greater flexibility on summit day to more easily match your speed of movement and fitness level.

You may also wish to consider Peak Korzhenevskaya (7105m), in neighbouring Tajikistan, which we have found to be less physically demanding allowing us to maintain a 100% expedition success level.

Peak Lenin at 7134m is the third highest mountain in the former Soviet Union and is situated in the Pamirs range of Kyrgyzstan that borders with China and Tajikistan . The climb is non-technical and truly Himalayan by proportion and it is one of only five 7000m peaks in the former USSR. The others include Ismoil Somoni (Peak Communism, 7495m) and Korzhenevsky (7105m), both in the Pamirs, and Peak Pobeda (7439m) and Khan Tengri (7010m) in the Tien Shan region of Kyrgyzstan. To climb all five admits you to the elite group of Russian climbers known as Snow Leopards.

Base Camp is quite idyllic, situated on a raised meadow of Alpine flowers between two steep river valleys. From Base Camp we head over the Puteshestvinnikov Pass to the moraine of the Lenin Glacier which is ascended to reach camp 1(ABC) at 4200m. We aim to establish three further camps, crossing the subsidiary peak Razdelny. It is from here the views really open up towards Ismoil Somoni and the Hindu Kush. The summit is crowned by a number of plaques, including one of Lenin himself. The views, as you would expect, are outstanding and stretch right across the Pamirs to Muztagh Ata and Kongur in China and to the west, the Karakoram.

Why climb with Adventure Peaks

  • Four previously successful expeditions, summiting every year with the exception of 2015 when the weather forced our teams to abandon summit attempts
  • Extra Camp (Camp 4) at 6,400m which will greatly increasing your chance of success
  • High Guiding ratio 1:3
  • High-altitude porters carry group equipment (tents, stoves and fuel)
  • 6 days set aside for a summit attempt
  • British Expedition Leader

Our route

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What's Included

  • Estimated International flights from London (Flight inclusive package).
  • High Altitude porters to carry group equipment (tents, stoves, fuel and shovels).
  • High Guiding / Leader ratio 1:3.
  • A British expedition team leader.
  • Six potential summit days.
  • Transfers to and from the in-country airport if flights booked with Adventure Peaks.
  • Permits, charges, importation taxes and levies payable to the Local Authorities in connection with the expedition.
  • Food, fuel and cooking equipment whilst on the mountain.
  • Four Camps above Base Camp, the highest at 6400m.
  • Hotel accommodation in Osh on a Bed & Breakfast basis.
  • All tents and other communal equipment necessary for the climb.
  • Medical safety equipment and supplies.
  • Each team member is provided with a radio whilst on the mountain.All team members will receive a free logoed trip T-Shirt with the name of your Expedition on it.
  • Weather forecasts
  • 24 hour back up and support from UK staff.
  • 15% off the RRP on clothing and equipment purchases from Adventure Peaks shop.

What's Excluded

  • Travel to and from UK airport.
  • Personal climbing clothes and equipment. 
  • Personal insurance, visas, departure tax and inoculations. 
  • Drinks and hotel or guest house meals unless specified.
  • Transfers to and from the in-country airport if flights NOT booked with Adventure Peaks
  • Personal medical supplies.
  • Personal use of communication equipment. 
  • Excess baggage. 
  • Tips for porters and local guides.
  • Costs associated with an expedition finishing early. 
  • Costs associated with you leaving an expedition early. 
  • Costs associated with extending a trip due to bad weather or other circumstances.


Day 1

International flight

Day 2

Arrive in Osh or you may find it easier to overnight in Bishkek and then take a domestic flight Bishkek to Osh. Arrive in the morning with time to explore the sights, bazaars and do our shopping for mountain snacks. (H, B)

Day 3

Transfer to Achik-Tash base camp (3700m)
We transfer from Osh to base camp via the Sary-Magol/ Alai valley a journey of about 5 hrs (C, B, L, D)

Day 4

Acclimatisation on Petrovskogo Peak
To aid our acclimatisation we climb on Petrovskogo Peak, a mountain close to base camp, and also use this day to prepare our gear to be transported by mules up to ABC. Camp 1 (C, B, L, D)

Day 5

BC - Camp 1
From BC we walk through the glade of Lukovaya Polyana (Wild Onion Meadow). As the plateau ends we follow the small steep path that climbs towards the Puteshestvinnikov Pass (4100m). We then descend again via the moraine to the right where the start of the climb up the Lenin Glacier begins. A further 5kms walking brings us to ABC (Camp 1) at a height of 4400m. 6-8 hours. (C, B, L, D)

Day 6

A low activity day at Base Camp to aid acclimatisation and recap on glacial travel and crevasse rescue skills. (C, B, L, D)

Day 7

Acclimatisation day. We ascend a lovely peak close to ABC that gives outstanding views towards Camp 2 and the route beyond to Peak Lenin. This is an important day of acclimatisation as we want to ensure you are ready to move up to Camp 2 with a degree of strength and efficiency as the route is crevassed and can also be prone to avalanche after heavy snow falls.

Day 8

Today after striking camp, we descend back down to ABC in time for lunch 2-3hrs.

Day 9

Final preparation and rest day before moving up the mountain.

Day 10

Camp 1 (ABC) - Camp 2
Today we make our first ascent to Camp 2 with food (5-6kg)and some personal gear. Porters will move group equipment. Crossing the flat glacier we head up the face to the Skovorodka (Frying Pan!). This area is heavily crevassed so the group will be roped up to cross this terrain. The route progressively gets steeper until a traverse can be made to Camp 2 which is located on a rocky outcrop to the far right of the glacier at 5300m. 6-8 hours.

Day 11

Today we get used to the steepest part of the climb by taking an acclimatisation walk/climb up the steepening and fixed ropes that lead towards Camp 3. We gain the viewpoint of a small subsidiary summit at 5700m before returning to Camp 2.

Day 12

Ascend to Camp 3
Today we use our many years of experience (five successful expeditions) on Peak Lenin. We ascend again passing yesterdays high point to reach Mt Razdelnaya where we established our camp 3 and drop off food at 6100m before descending back to ABC 6-8 hours.

Day 13 - 14

Rest Days at ABC

Day 15

Ascend to Camp 2

Day 16

Ascend to Camp 3

Day 17

Move to Camp 4
Very few teams establish this camp but it is the biggest factor in summit success as it shortens the summit day by at least two hours (from the normal Camp 3 it is a minimum of 8hrs to the summit and a long haul back). Camp 4 (6400m) is placed on a plateau that is quite exposed to the wind and therefore it is established according to the weather forecast but it does gives us a significant advantage over most groups who follow a traditional series of 3 camps and must climb this, the toughest section, in darkness.

Day 18

Summit Day
From Camp 4 we cross the plateau to climb a short steep snow slope of about 40 degrees which is normally fixed; this is followed by another rocky section which eventually leads to a pre-summit plateau. The route then drops before a final rise to the true summit at 7134m. Ultimately it is a long summit day 8-10 hours from our Camp 4 or 10 – 15 hours from Camp 3.

Days 19 - 21

Reserve summit Days

Day 22

Return to Camp 1 (ABC) Clearing the mountain as we go, we head back down to base camp.

Day 23

Return to BC, Transfer to Osh. (H, B)

Days 24 - 25

Return International flight


It is essential for a trip of this type that you are adequately insured. When researching insurance options, please ensure the policy covers you for the following:

  • Cancellation or curtailment
  • Helicopter rescue (most insurance companies will no longer cover for ‘search and rescue’ but providing you stay with the group, they will assist with ‘rescue’)
  • Repatriation
  • The altitude that you are expected to attain
  • The location especially when travelling to Antarctica
  • Grade of trek/climb/expedition
  • Medical cover

Adventure Peaks partners with Global Rescue to offer the world’s leading travel protection services. Medical and security emergencies happen. When they do, we rely on Global Rescue to provide our clients with medical, security, travel risk and crisis response services. Without a membership, an emergency evacuation could cost over $100,000. More than one million members trust Global Rescue to get them home safely when the unexpected happens. We highly recommend our clients enroll with Global Rescue, in particular for peaks over 7000m:

We are aware the following provide insurance:

For UK based clients:

Expeditions and Treks under 7000m - Campbell Irvine Direct :

HCC Medical Insurance Services: LLC Tel: 1-800-605-2282
Travelex Ins. Services: Tel: 1-800 228 9792
True Traveller Ins: Tel: 0333 999 3140 for treks including over 4500m
Austrian Alpine Club (UK) Tel: +44 (0)1929 556870
Rothwell & Towler: Tel: 0345 908 0161 (under 6400m)
J S Insurance: Tel: 0844 848 1500
Snowcard: Tel: 01295 660836
The B.M.C.: Tel: 0161 445 6111 (call and speak to Jim. Please note the BMC cannot cover Mt Damavand)
Dogtag: Tel: 0800 036 4824 (Check excess etc)

For non-UK based clients:

HCC Medical Insurance Services: LLC Tel: 1-800-605-2282
Travelex Ins. Services: Tel: 1-800 228 9792
True Traveller Ins: Tel: 0333 999 3140 for treks including over 4500m
Austrian Alpine Club (UK): Tel: +44 (0)1929 556870
AXA Worldwide Travel Ins: Tel: +44 (0)844 874 0360
Ingle International: Tel: (USA) 1.800.360.3234
Insure for Less: (Australian clients)

You do not have to use any of the above, but if you make your own insurance arrangements documentary evidence of your own policy is required.

Please forward the details of your Insurance as soon as you have it: we need the insurance company’s name, their 24 hour emergency telephone number and your insurance policy number –


Darren · 5 years ago ·

Excellent trip, excellent guide. The whole experience was fantastic, had an amazing team.

Christian · 7 years ago ·

Great leader and well-planned trip...Stu [leader] was very pleasant, understanding and supportive. Great guy!!!

Michael Tee · 9 years ago ·

A fantastic trip and exhilarating challenge with amazing scenery. We had a great lead guide (Robert Smith) and a strong Russian local guide to get most of us to a successful summit.

Tom · 9 years ago ·

Good leadership skills from your guides, well done both very experienced and helpful.
The camps were very well equipped with helpful staff. I decided not to push higher at ABC and was well looked after as a lone client in the camp. I enjoyed the trekking in and out and brief time on the mountain when the weather permitted, the group was also fun and positive.

Gaute · 9 years ago ·

Your guide impressed me due to plenty of mountain experience in the region, involvement of clients and wise decisions in difficult and bad weather conditions.
Excellent service from him in bringing down clients left gear from camp two and three after decision to not make any more attempts to summit. He went up alone and brought down all gear by himself. Good social kitchen staff despite poor selection.

Robert M · 9 years ago ·

We had wonderful Western and Russian leaders and an excellent group of clients-we got on really well. Great scenery and photography from day one.

I loved Camp Three but did not make the summit due to the heavy packs and deeper soft snow it exhausted me between camps 1 to 3, however still a great trip!

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