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GR20 Corsica, 16th Sept 2017

By September 29, 2017Current Trips
The team line up on Corsica

GR20 – Corsica 

16th – 19th September 2017

Leader: Jack Oliver 

29th September

The team – aka the Australian Rocket -finished their GR20 trek this afternoon after getting up a little earlier than planned this morning to ensure they caught the last sun rise of the trip. It was worth the early breakfast! Totalling 187km, 10,000+ metres of uphill, countless baguettes, 14 days of trekking and an average distance of 15 km per day – add in there some amazing memories and even more laughs and you have a very very happy team!

26th September

Jack called today as the group were having lunch on the trail. They left the Col de Verde this morning and are en route to the Refuge d’Uscioulu tonight. There have been a long couple of days walking recently so there are a few tired legs and the group are looking forward to some slightly shorter days walking from tomorrow onwards.

20th September 

We’re off to a cracking start

After a fantastic 3 days of trekking (despite a day of wet weather) the team have arrived at hotel which sits at the base of Corsica’s highest mountain top.

The last 3 days have been really good and the team have taken the difficult ground in their stride (no pun intended) and done exceptionally well. The shower and soft mattress are well deserved tonight.

Tomorrow we’ve got an early start to make our way up to Mount Cinto before we head for another night at the next refuge.

17th September 

Like all good trips food is a focus, so after great breakfast everyone is in high spirits and lined up ready to meet the transport to start the trek.  Stay tuned for further updates!

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