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Kamchatka Expedition July ’16

By August 7, 2016Current Trips

Leader: John Walker

7th August
Today the team arrived at Krysnia, Tolbachic base camp, after a 6 hour walk from Tonya hut and had the excitement of seeing two bears, one along the way and one at the hut. Tomorrow is looking a clear day for the morning and afternoon, so fingers crossed they get the weather to bag the summit, before they have to make their 24km walk back out of the area.

6th August
The team arrived at Tonya hut today, the weather is still proving challenging, but it’s not dampening the good spirits of the team. When the team arrived at the hut they were hurriedly told to get inside the hut. Apparently a bear had been lurking around 5 minutes before their arrival. There has been no sightings since and the team have decided to visit the toilet in groups, as they don’t think this bear is a cuddly as the bear on the Charmin toilet paper adverts…  

5th August
The team set off in dreich conditions, but slowly improved to 15c  breezy but fine.  They even briefly saw summit eruptions.  They are camped east of Tobalchic and should make Base Camp tomorrow.  

2nd August 
The team waited for Rick’s bag to arrive and then had a 3 hour off road drive up to camp at 1240m. It was pretty bumpy but they all enjoyed a pause midway to pick blueberries.  Weather is described as a bit Scottish but with mozzies rather than midgies, so everyone is very happy to now be on the hill.

1st August
We had an excellent banya at Kosyrevsk. Even had a sauna! Weather forecast has been bad with lots of snow forecast so were waiting for a helicopter. In the mean time we decided to go fishing on the river Kamchat. We caught so many trout we had to give lots away to the locals. Happy days!

29th July
All of the team have arrived now, briefing held and dinner has been had. We’re all doing a pack before bed as the whole team have had a lot of travel to get this far and a 6am departure in the morning.

27th July
The team fly out today on their epic journey to the other side of the Northern hemisphere. Crossing 10 time zones they will arrive into Petropavlovsk in the afternoon of the 29th July.


John Walker

About John Walker

John works mainly in the Scottish Highlands, but has climbed in the Alps and other countries in Europe. He successfully led his first trip for Adventure Peaks to Elbrus in June 2016. John will also be leading Adventure Peaks trip to Annapurna Sanctuary & Tent Peak this year.

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