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Khan Tengri 22nd July 2017


Khan Tengri Expedition

Trip departs: 22nd July 2017

Leader: Chris Kunhardt

2nd August

The team have carried their gear to camp 2 they will now move up to sleep at camp 2 tomorrow and then they hope to summit on Chapayev at 6200m. Everyone is in good spirits and adjusting to the new altitudes.

30th July

Chris has phoned to say that Camp 1 has been established and the team are acclimatising well.  They have had good weather and are ready to start moving gear to camp 2.

27th July

Chris has phoned to say that the team are now at base camp.  The team are all acclimatising well the weather has been great, they have prepared their packs, and are looking forward to a carry to camp 1  before moving up.

25th July

The team have arrived in Bishkek and made their final preparations for their expedition.  They now drive to Karakol  and then Maidadir before heading to the Helicopter base.

Everyone is in good spirits and looking forward to the challenge.

Expedition Leader

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  • John palmer. says:

    Great to hear everyone has got to camp 2. Iam McAllister’s colleague JP sends his regards and is following progress. Good luck.

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