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Kilimanjaro and Meru 23 Dec 2017

By January 3, 2018Current Trips

Mt Meru & Mt Kilimanjaro Machame Route

Meru team departed 23rd Dec, Kili team departed 27th Dec 2017

Leader: Nathan Hughes

3rd January

Summit Success!

The team are now safely back at the hotel in Moshi, after a long and cold summit night. Adam and Paul left camp at 11pm with a couple of local guides, and reached the summit of Uhuru Peak 5895m at 8:25am, both were exhausted but ecstactic to have made it. The rest of the team (Heikki, Janiina, Terry and Ian) left camp at midnight with Nathan and two local guides. Janiina and Heikki reached their high point at 5350m after a fantastic effort so decided to turn back with a local guide. Ian, Terry and Nathan continued to the summit which they reached at 7:15am. Lots of snow overnight made it a tough ascent, but everyone is really happy with their achievements and looking forward to lunch and a hot shower!

29th December

The group have driven to the National Park to start their trek on the Machame route up Kilimanjaro today.

28th December

The whole group has met at the hotel in Moshi before they embark on their Kilimanjaro trek tomorrow. For three of the team, they are returning to Moshi having already summited Mt Meru, Kili’s little sister. They enjoyed eating Christmas cake on Christmas day whilst on their Meru trek. Congratulations to the Meru team! We look forward to seeing a team photo before they set off tomorrow.

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