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April 25, 2014

Trekking expedition to the Aberdares and Mount Kenya.

The team departed for Nairobi from Birmingham on Saturday 12th April and all arrived safe and well the same day.

Leader: Natalie Wilson

Full trip details for Mount Kenya Trekking

25th April 2014 – 0900hrs. Finally some pictures in from the leader which we have posted here. What amazing weather they had for summit day – not bad for the wet season!

The group were all back in Nairobi last night and will be off exploring and shopping before catching the late evening flight back to Birmingham tonight.

23rd April 2014 – 1800hrs. Reports in today from Nat say everyone is fine and they have had some amazing safari drives in Samburu National Park, seeing far more wildlife than they hoped for! Nat had emailed some pictures yesterday but unfortunately nothing has arrived at this end, so we will have to wait a bit longer for the summit shots!

21st April 2014 – 1700hrs. The team are now safely installed at the camp site by the Meru Bandas after an 11-hour day. They have been able to enjoy the luxury of a well deserved hot shower and I am sure will sleep well tonight in the relatively thick air down at around 3000m.

Leader Nat said she is so pleased with the whole group. No one winged, none of the expected “how much further miss?” type of question – they just got on with the task at hand. A few more hours walking tomorrow will take them to waiting vehicles at the park gate – then off to find an internet café to send us some pictures and on to Samburu for the safari….

21st April 2014 – 0500hrs. A brief text message in from Nat says it all.

“On summit – cracking views”

Well done to the whole team – this really is an admirable achievement for a group of this age – the envy of many adults!

5pm- We had another brief update from the team – everyone is now safe and back down at Camp for a well earned rest!

20th April 2014 – 1400hrs. Everyone has now gone to bed for an early night at the Austrian Hut (4790m), the final hut before their pre-dawn start to go to Pt. Lenana (4985m) tomorrow morning. Nat reports that apart from the odd mild headache (quite normal) the whole group are feeling fit and raring to go! It is only a short ascent to the summit, which could be reached in just over an hour if all goes well – but there is never any rush. The plan will be to see the sunrise from the top, before the long descent starts.

On the walk today they were treated to some superb views – so lets hope that on Tuesday Nat can find some wifi and send us a few pictures.

19th April 2014 – 1700hrs. The group have enjoyed a great day today as the start to circumnavigate the mountain. A steep challenging start took them up over the Hausberg col and down to Two Tarns. As they are all going so well they decided to push on round and down to MacKinders Camp (4200m) to sleep at a lower altitude and where there are better facilities for the porters.

18th April 2014 – 1600hrs. The group are now all safely installed at Shipton’s camp at 4200m. They are all feeling good now  – and niggles and effects of the altitude that some felt yesterday have passed. They enjoyed dry weather on the walk today and as Nat was calling she said the skies were clearing and views of the high peaks were appearing. It seems that the rain falls mainly at night – which is good!

Tomorrow they will climb up over the Hausberg Col (4591m) and descend to sleep at Two Tarn camp (4480m) – or maybe continue further to Makinder’s camp if everyone is going well. This will be an important day for acclimatisation – climb high – sleep low.

It genuinely seems that they have all now adjusted to the new environment, really got into the swing of the expedition and are having a great time!

17th April 2014 – 1200hrs. Nat called in using the Satphone from the ridge overlooking Liki North camp. The sickness bug has passed and everyone is on top form and really enjoying themselves. Yesterday they enjoyed a rain-free day, visited the equator and trekked in to Old Moses camp (3300m) in the afternoon. ‘A lovely camp’ – Nat’s words. They have some views today and will be camping at Liki North at just under 4000m – a height where some may start to feel the effects of the altitude.

16th April 2014 – 1200hrs. Nat has just sent a text from the Sirimon Park gate where the group have just arrived. It is from here they will start their walk up towards Mt Kenya. The previous day was hard for a few of them who had picked up a bug and were felling unwell, but this seems to have been a 24hr bug and those affected are now on the mend. Lets hope the rain from the Aberdares has not followed them to Mt Kenya – but as Nat says, an adventure is an adventure, whatever the weather!

Still no pictures I am afraid as these has not been any internet available.

15th April 2014 – 1200hrs. A text just in from Natalie reports all is well. The group enjoyed a long trek in the Aberdares yesterday to a ‘wild camp’ at Honi River. Last night they were lulled to sleep by the sounds of elephants and rain. Today they have had more rain, and exciting 4×4 drive to the base of Satima peaks and reached a high point of 3600m. Tonight they will be in Nanyuki where hopefully Nat will find wifi and be able to send us some pictures.

13th April 2014. Natalie called in using the satellite phone to say they were all safely at the Reedbuck campsite in the Aberdares, looking forward to their first proper walk in the hills on Sunday. There has been rain – as expected – but nothing tough Brits cant cope with after out recent ‘winter’.



robert · 10 years ago

First thank you so much for all students who challenge the expedition it was difficult from the beginning.finally all students were comfortable Thank you Natalie Also thank to robin all the porters without you guys not possible do do it Lastly thank you to all students for high dis plain and the way you behave during the expedition Without your parents and your teachers you cant,t make it WELL DONE guys hoping to see you next year

Susanna Saunderson · 10 years ago

What an amazing time James has had. The photos say it all. Thanks to all for making it such a wonderful and amazing experience that will stay with him for a very long time!

Vandhana · 10 years ago

Yay! Well done guys!!

Susanna Saunderson · 10 years ago

Enjoy your last days on safari and have a safe journey home.

Nisha · 10 years ago

Well done guys! Hope u r enjoying the Safari and taking lots of photos. Any chance of photos or updates from the group. Keep posting please!

Jenny & Stefan · 10 years ago

Can't wait to see you on Saturday and hear all the news. It's like being on holiday ourselves imagining all the fantastic things you are up to. Well done, everyone!

Jenny & Stefan · 10 years ago

Can't wait to see you on Saturday and hear all the news. It's like being on holiday ourselves imagining all the fantastic things you are up to. Well done, everyone!

Damian Keenan · 10 years ago

Well done Aidan & the rest of the KEFW team, fantastic achievement by all, its what memories are made of, can't wait to view the photos, hope you all enjoy it on safari, keep an eye out for those big cats.....

The Knights · 10 years ago

Well done to everyone on the KE FW Mount Kenya trip. Enjoy the last few days which should be more comfortable (easier) than the first week. We have enjoyed Nat's updates - keep them coming. Look forward to seeing you at the weekend.

Aman · 10 years ago

Fantastic, well done everyone!

Tricia Keenan · 10 years ago

Hello Aidan, HAPPY EASTER! Sunrise on top of Mt Kenya...fantastic...hope you are enjoying every minute....missing you. See you next Saturday. Mum x

Susanna Saunderson · 10 years ago

So pleased to hear about your trek and how well you are all doing. Keep it up and enjoy!

Charles McDonald · 10 years ago

Thanks for the updates they are great. Any chance of a photo?

Well done all

Aman · 10 years ago

Well done kids, sounds like you're all having a wonderful time x

Nisha Shah · 10 years ago

Thanks Natalie for the updates you have been giving us everyday. Glad that all are well and enjoying the trip. Keep posting.

subramanian Mahadevan - Bava · 10 years ago

Very nice to read an update about KE VI five ways Mount Kenya trip. Keep posting. Delighted to read children's adventure trip. Thanks to Natalie.

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