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Mt Khuiten 3 Aug 19

By August 14, 2019Current Trips

Mount Khuiten Expedition

3rd August 2019

Leader: Ken Findlay

14th August

Ken has sent a message to say that the team have walked out from base camp and are now all safe down at White River valley camp at the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park gate.

13th August

Success on Malchin Peak! The team will walk out to the National Park gate tomorrow.

12th August

The team are safely at base camp and will climb Malchin Peak tomorrow.

6th August

Today the team will leave Ulaanbaatar for their flight to Olgii to start their expedition in the Altai.

5th August

The group have arrived safely in Ulaanbaatar and completed the acclimatisation peak today just outside UB, Mount Tsetseguun. They will depart for Olgii tomorrow.

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