Aconcagua 7th January 2023

Aconcagua 7th January 2023

Aconcagua 7th January 2023

Leader: Pablo Kuntz

27th January 2023 - Summit Success

The team made their initial summit bid on the 22nd Jan, all was going well until just below the cave at the start of the canaletta. A member from a different team below our group slipped and fell and was badly injured and so the decision was taken for our teams guides to go and assist the injured climber. All the team agreed this was the right decision depsite them missing their chance to summit Aconcagua.

After descending back to Camp Colera some of the team decided they were not ready to make another summit bid and so they planned to descend to Plaza de Mulas. The remaining memebrs Jim, Vitor & Stephen stayed at high camp and made a second summit bid on the 24th Jan. They all successfully reached the summit and made it back to Mendoza on Thursday night 26th January.

24th Jan 23 Summit Day Pics

20th January 2023 - Richard Thomas Summit Success

Richard arrived back into Mendoza yesterday after his successful summit of Aconcagua. He said it was a vey cold summit day and an hour after arriving back into Camp Colera a snow storm whipped up.

Richard Thomas' Summit Pics

17th January 2023 - The Team are Moving to Camp 1

Today the team will move up to Camp 1. We will not hear from them now until they reach base camp on the other side of the mountain at Plaza de Mulas.

Richard is attempting the summit today, so we hope to hear from him and his guide later on tomorrow,when they get down to base camp.

The photos below are from heading to base camp, reaching Colorado Peak and making a carry to Camp 1.

15th January 2023 - The Team Have Climbed Colorado Peak

Pablo has messaged to say the team are doing really well and are strong. Yesterday the team climbed Colorado Peak near to base camp as part of their acclimatisation programme. Today is a rest day and tomorrow they will make their first carry to Camp 1. Today Richard split off from the main team with his guide to Camp 1. As he's already climbed Ojos del Salado before this trip he can move more quickly up the mountain and is aiming to summit around the 17th or 18th of Jan. The rest of the team are looking at the 22nd Jan for their summit window.

13th January 2023 - Team at Base Camp

The team arrived at base camp, Plaza Argentinas, yesterday. They have a rest day today and will then start preparing for moving up the mountain over the next few days.

10th January 2023 - Team Departing Penitentes Today

The team will head to the vacas valley road head in about an hours time. Today they will start their trek to Pampa de Lenas, the first camp on the three day trek to base camp.

Ready for The Trek

Pablo Kuntz

About Pablo Kuntz

Pablo is a climbing and ski guide, living and working in Argentina. He works on our Aconcagua expeditions, but has also led expeditions for Adventure Peaks to Pastore Peak in Pakistan, as well as Annapurna IV & Island Peak.

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