Himlung Himal 22nd April 2023

Himlung Himal 22nd April 2023

Leader: Chris Harling

16th May 2023 - Onward to Koto

The team will arrive in Koto tomorrow and will then make the bumpy journey back to Besisahar by jeep the day after tomorrow.

12th May 2023 - First Summit Success On Himlung This Year!

Chris and the team reached the summit at 8am UK time this morning. They will stay at camp 2 this evening and drop back to base camp tomorrow.

10th May 2023

The team are now at C2 after 4hr climb in pretty soft snow, tomorrow the team head for Camp 3

9th May 2023 - Heading for The Top

Chris has messaged to say they have revised their plans and are now aiming for the 12th May as their summit day, this will allow them to get down before more heavy snows are predicted to come in. The team are now resting at Camp 1 having made their quickest journey up to the camp so far.

8th May 2023 - Summit Plans

Chris called in today for the latest weather forecast. On the previous rotation they had been up to the top of the steepest section on the way to Camp 2. There is some snow predicted for tonight, but Chris says the actual amounts falling are appear to be much less than what is forecasted. Currently the team are focusing on the 13th May as their summit day. After tonight the weahter is starting to improve for a few days, so is looking good if the snows do allow progress futher up the mountain.

1st May 2023 - Base Camp

Chris called to say that there has been heavy snow today, the team are doing well and looking forward to beging their journey up the mountain.

3rd May 2023 - First Rotation Complete

The team are back at BC after their first carry to Camp 1 today. They were rewarded with amazing views and there is a great atmosphere within the team! We’re all tired now and looking forward to rest day + puja tomorrow.

30th April 2023 - The Jouney to Himlun Himal Base Camp

Koto is a small village located in the Manang district of Nepal. The trail from Koto to Meta is a gradual ascent through a forest of pine and fir trees. The path is well-defined and easy to follow, with the sound of the river accompanying you throughout the journey.

As you make your way towards Phu, the trail becomes steeper and more challenging. The path runs along a deep gorge, with the roaring river far below you. The views are spectacular, with the towering mountains on either side of the gorge. You'll pass through several small villages along the way, each with its unique charm and character.

The village of Phu is located at an altitude of 4080m and is one of the most picturesque villages in the region. The village is perched on a hill and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The people of Phu are warm and welcoming, and you'll have the opportunity to explore the village and visit the monasteries if you chose.

One of the highlights is the acclimatisation day at Phu, where we trek up to the viewpoint at 4750m above Phu village. The view from the top is breathtaking, with a panoramic view of the entire valley and the snow-capped mountains in the distance. From here you get your first views of Himlung Himal, so there is always a buzz of excitement when you first see it. The climb to the viewpoint is steep but short, taking only a couple of hours. After spending a bit of time up there, taking in the views and relaxing, it's a quick descent back down into the valley for lunch.

Today is a much easier day compared to the two previous days trekking getting to Phu. The route to base camp is very gradual in ascent, along easy paths. We arrived into base camp, where the sherpa team had been busy setting everything up for us, just in time for lunch.

Tomorrow the team will have the Puja and have a refresher of skills, before we venture across the glacier to make our first push up the mountain.

26th April 2023 - Tomorrow we start trekking.

Chris has sent an update.

We are now at Koto after the spectacular drive up the gorge - amazing scenery, much improved track despite lots of landslides to cross now and even safety barriers on the scary cliff crossing!
Looking forward to starting the trek up to Meta tomorrow (nothing to do with Facebook!)

26th April 2023

We have now arrived in Besisaha after a long drive west from Kathmandu. Staying in lovely guesthouse with views of the foothills.
Yesterday we also were granted our official expedition permit from the Ministry of Sport and Culture, Tourism Department.

25th April 2023 - We're in Besisahar

The team have now arrived in Besisahar, a small town in the Gandaki Pradesh region of Nepal. The journey takes around seven hours by minibus, Besisahar is known as the gateway to the Annapurna Circuit, one of the most popular trekking routes in the world. Chris says the team are staying in lovely guesthouse with views of the foothills.

24th April 2023 - All Set!

The team have a enjoyed the cultural evening in Kathmandu. The kit is sorted, permits ticked. Next stop Besisahar.

23rd April 2023 - Arrival In Nepal

Today the team arrived into Kathmandu and met up at the hotel. Monday will be making the final preparations, food shop and last minute kit purchases before heading to Besisahar on Tuesday. The Sherpa team have gone ahead of the group in order to setup base camp in readiness for their arrival.

Chris Harling

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Chris Harling has over 21 years experience teaching a wide range of outdoor activities. He is a qualified teacher and member of several National Governing Bodies including the Association of Mountaineering Instructors. He is a trainer and assessor for the Mountain Leader and the Single Pitch Awards and is qualified to teach Summer and Winter mountaineering. His vast climbing and mountaineering experience has taken him to six continents, including Himalayan expeditions. Chris has climbed Mt. Everest via the North Ridge twice with Adventure Peaks.

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