Khan Tengri 9th July 2023

Khan Tengri 9th July 2023

Leader - Arturo

20th July 2023 - Heli to Base Camp

Yesterday the team made the dramatic helicopter flight along the Ingelchek glacier, at Merzbacher Lake the glacier forks, and they take the Northern fork to Khan Tengri base camp at 3900m. Arturo called in today, he said the team are well and being looked after at base camp. It's a quite season on the North side of Khan Tengri this year. Today they spent the morning checking equipment and getting ready for their first carry to Camp 1 tomorrow.

18th July 2023 - Acclimatising at the Helipad

Today the team enjoyed a walk up to the top of Karkara Peak (3100m), which is near to the helicopter pad. Tomorrow they will fly to Khan Tengri base camp.

16th July 2023 - Change of Plans

Unfortunately the teams international baggage did not arrive before the helicopter departure. This was very frustrating for the team, but flights to this area of the world are infrequent. However, the team didn't want to waste the time they have, so they have opted to travel to Kyrgyzstan to climb Khan Tengri. The team flew to Bishkek on the 14th and I'm relieved to say that they have all their baggage from the international flights this time . On the 17th they will head to Karkara, the helipad for Khan Tengri.

10th July 2023 - In Dushanbe

The team have arrived into Dushanbe, although the luggage for 3 of the team has been delayed. So they are trying track this down at the moment.

7th July 2023 - Ready for The Off

On Sunday the team will fly out to Dushanbe via Istnabul.

Arturo Gutierez

About Arturo Gutierez

Arturo has worked on many of our Mexican Volcanoes trips, but has also led trips for Adventure Peaks to Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Nepal.

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