Mera & Island Peak 30th March 2024

Mera & Island Peak 30th March 2024

Leader: Carrie Gibson

23rd April 2024 - Back in Kathmandu

The team arrived back into Kathmandu at 2pm local time. They have a few days relaxing and sightseeing, before their return journey home.

22nd April 2024 - Celebrations in Lukla

It's party time in Lukla with a bit of dancing with the team. Carrie has also sent some other pictures from the trip as well.

21st April 2024 - Team Back at Namche

We're back in Namche. We visited tengboche and the Sherpa museum on the way. Another glorious day in the sun surrounded by big mountains.

20th April 2024 - Back at Pangboche

The team have now trekked down to Pangboche. Hopefully we will get some photos soon, of their Island Peak climb.

19th April 2024 - Summit Success on Island Peak

Carrie messaged this morning to say that the team reached the summit at 10:30am Nepali time. They set off from High Camp at 3am. On a perfect night the team set off for the summit. There was not a breath of wind. Phil pushed himself on to 6000m reaching his height record and the rest of our team stood on the top of Island Peak together with our 2 Sherpas Janga and Balcombah. Well done to all for their efforts. They are now back at crampon point on the way down.

18th April 2024 - Team now at Island Peak High Camp

Carrie has messaged in to say that the team are now all at Island Peak High camp, ready for their summit bid tomorrow. The forecast is still looking good for the 19th and the team are feeling good.

16th April 2024 - Team in Chhukung

Today the team have crossed the Amphulapsa pass in glorious blue skies today. It was a long day, dark and snowing when they finally arrived at the teahouse, but they are now settled in Chhukung, where they will have a well earned rest.

15th April 2024 - Team at Amphulapsa Base Camp

Carrie has called in to say the team are doing really well and have now arrived at the Amphulapsa Base Camp. Tomorrow the team will cross the Amphulapsa pass, one of the highlights of the Mera & Island Peak trip. They will then head to Chhukhung for a well earned rest in a tea house for a couple of nights, before they head to high camp on Island Peak on the 18th April, ready for a summit bid on the 19th April. The weather, so far is looking good for this plan.

13th April 2024 - Summit Success On Mera Peak

The team reached the summit of Mera Peak at 3:30 this morning UK time, so well done to all. They returned to High Camp by 5:30am, where they had a quick stop. The team are now going their seperate ways. For those clients just climbing Mera Peak, they are heading back down to Khare. For the people staying on for Island Peak, they are now making their way down to Kongma Dingma, where they will stay tonight.

12th April 2024 - Team at High Camp Preparing For Summit Push

Carrie called this morning to say that all the team are now at high camp and doing well. The weather seems to be keeping to the forecast, in that it has clouded out and snowing a little bit, but the winds are low. All being well the clouds will start to clear from around 7pm local time and they will start out for the summit around 1am tomorrow morning,

10th April 2024 - Tagnang to Khare (4850m)

Today we crossed the fields of debris created when the glacial lake above Tagnang burst its banks in 1998 releasing a huge wave of water down the Hinku valley. The views today have been amazing and you have to stop to take in the 360 panorama as the views looking back down the valley are fantastic too, but the imposing North Face of Mera is certainly winning the views at the moment. We continue across the grassy alps of Dig Kharka, before the final ascent zig-zagging up grassy slopes to Khare. On this final part of the walk we can see tiny ant like figures on the route to high camp, that will be us in a couple of days. Today we are staying at the height of Mont Blanc! Veg burgers and chips for nearly the whole team they were ace and everyone eating very well. After lunch the weather closed in a little but the team made their way up the ridge to 5200m before retuning for tea and biscuits.

Trek to Khare

7th April 2024 - Team in Kote

We have made our way into the Hinku Valley. Over the last view days we have been up and over the pass at 4600m. We have seen only 2 other trekkers on our route in the last 3 days. It has been amazing to just wander along at our own pace stopping to take in the inspirational views of Kusum khangkaru - kangtega and charpati. We have walked through the forests of Rhododendron moved up to touch the snow line and then walked passed the panch pokari (5 lakes). Our Sherpa team have been great always working hard and happy to help

5th April 2024 - Quiet Trails

We feel like we are the only team here we have only seen about 4 other trekkers on this part of the route. Everything going well. Monastery visit yesterday and some great trekking seeing 🦅 eagles, Carrie.

3rd April 2024 - Pangkonngma

The team have arrived at Pangkonngma for their overnight stay. The day has been hot hot hot during the trek, and seen some interesting wildlife along the way.

2nd April 2024 - The trek begins

A lovely day on the trail towards poyan everyone is refreshed after last nights sleep, the magnolia trees and rhododendron are looking very colourful!

First day trekking

1st April 2024 - Lukla

Good things come to those who wait! The team travelled to ramachap with the hope of getting on an early flight, a mixture of periods of high winds and a backlogs from previous day tried to thwart our plans but we eventually got out on the last flight today at 4.00 the ultimate Everest team have went to phakding and we will stay tonight in lukla.


31st March 2024 - The team has arrived!

The Mera peak and the ultimate Everest team have had a great day. we all arrived with all our luggage, which is the best start to any expedition. We have been shopping for last minute things. SIM cards. maps. Etc had a lovely lunch at roadhouse cafe. Then we went to a Nepali culture evening and were treated to lovely food and dancing some of the team have already began to shine in the dancing 💃 🕺

Tomorrow we leave early for ramachap!

30th March 2024

The team will begin their trek after flying to Lukla airport on the 1st April.

Carrie Gibson

About Carrie Gibson

Carrie Gibson has traveled on many of our expeditions including Everest North Ridge, Denali, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Island Peak & Ama Dablam. Carrie is also the first British woman to summit Himlung Himal.


Danny McLaughlin · 3 months ago

Hi Carrie thanks foe keeping us upto date with the groups progress. Great pictures

Danny McLaughlin · 3 months ago

Thank Carrie for your excellent photos and running commentary. Pass my regards to pete jepson. Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable trip

Jackie Mclaughlin · 3 months ago

Thanks for the updates Carrie, we are following Pete Jepson who gave us this link before he went. Good luck to all on the adventure.

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