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Elbrus 9th August 2008 Expedition News

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18th August – SUCCESS – Chris rang today to say that all the team reached the summit at around 9.30am this morning, weather was not fantastic but didn’t cause too much of a problem. The group set off at 3am and took the snow cat up to the rocks at 4600m and set off at 3.54am. They will soon be arriving at the Prijut 11 hut and are hoping to descend down into the valley today.

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Stok Kangri Expedition News August 2008.

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Stok KangriStok Kangri Expedition News August 2008.

The Team Leader : Richard Bailey

Pamela Mitton

Trevor Mitton

William Gibbons

Niels Toft

Colin MacConnachie


25th August – SUCCESS – Rich emailed in today to say that all the team reached the summit of Stok Kangri yesterday morning. It took just under 10 hours to get up and down from base camp despite some very bad weather at times. The team were fortunate to get some break in the cloud at the top and got some stunning views. They have now returned to Leh for some R&R and will be flying back to Delhi on the 27th.

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