Reading Blue Coats - Morocco 3x4000m Challenge

Reading Blue Coats - Morocco 3x4000m Challenge

Leader: Jordan Cawar

9th July 2023 - 100 % summit success again on Toubkal

Jordan messaged to say

8th July: All team have summited Toubkal and returned down to Imlil! The team left base camp at 0500 and made the summit in 2 and a half hours. The wind was low, and the moon lit the way at the start of the ascent. As we reached the midway point of the ascent the sun began to rise, and we were treated with views across the atlas and Marrakech in the distance.

The team were beaming with joy and emotional at the summit. The sky was clear without a cloud in the sky which made for some excellent summit photos.

After scoffing some of the local trail mix, We made our way back down to base camp for lunch by 10:30. After that a 3 hour descent to aremd for some much needed rest and showers.

Today we had a short walk from Aremd to imlil through the local Berber villages and markets before saying our goodbyes to Mohammed. We have transferred from the mountains back to the hotel in Marrakech where the team are relaxing before heading out to the medina one last time for some last minute bargaining and dinner. The team will fly home tomorrow.

Summit of Mount Toubkal

7th July 2023 - 100% summit Success

100% summit success! All team members have managed to summit the twin sisters (Ras and Ouanakrim), the second and third tallest mountains in North Africa. From the summit they could see south to the Saffron and anti atlas ranges for miles. The group had a very early start this morning with breakfast at 6:00am and departing up the valley at 6:30am.

After a couple of hours they had made the col at the south end of the valley and scrambled their way up the main ridge to the summits.

On the way up spirits remained high, as I’m sure the whole of the atlas heard us singing “yellow bird”, “doawadiddy diddy sun diddy do” and “peaches” from the super Mario movie.

On the summit the team made their best blue steel and magnum poses.

Now that the team has made it over 4000m they have their sights on the final challenge Toubkal tomorrow. Tigra poses are expected on the summit.

6th July 2023 - Camping at the Mouflons

The Team have arrived at the Mouflons refuge in time for lunch. The team have set up camp and are all happy and looking forward to their first peak.

Left at sunrise Went over the pass at 3600m just before the sun hit the zig zags which was good. Group are camping outside the hut for a better nights sleep. Repelenished water and chocolate at the mouflons hut today. Had showers, colder than the waterfall finally enough. 6:30 start tomorrow to grab the twin Peaks. Currently the lads are having a championship at Pluedo (liars dice) Mr Lamacraft is losing dramatically. Tagine is now the most popular meal of the day, morning porridge the least. Argument as to what would win in a fight, a gorilla sized rabbit or a rabbit sized gorilla

Weather looking good for the next few days, lads are looking forward to Hamam when they get down

5th July 2023 - Trek day 2

The team hace walked through Berber Villages past Cherry, Walnut and Apple Terraces and it was great to see the ancient irrigation systems that allow them to thrive.

4th July 2023 - The team are now at the Limpeney refuge

The team had lunch and mint tea at the pass and spent an hour in the shade, waiting for the sun to cool a little before descending. They walked from Imil around 500m of ascent to the pass at 2200m where they were greeted by our cook Hassan. The team are all moving really well, feeling fine and have made good progress getting to the Limpeney Refuge.

3rd July 2023

The group set off early this morning to avoid the heat and to make sure they were at the front of the queue for the beautiful Bahia palace. The palace is still used today by the king of Morocco to host foreign dignitaries. We then walked to the leather tanneries to see how the local leather products are processed and made, it is a very stinky process.

3rd July 2023 - The Medina

The team had the chance to visit the Medina at night when it really comes alive. They had their first taste of real Moroccan culture amongst the hustle and bustle of the markets, weaving between snake charmers and merchants. Later we found a rooftop restaurant and had some excellent grilled food with views over the main square. From there we could watch the street performers and bartering going on below. A couple of the team members managed to purchase a couple of traditional Berber scarfs to help keep the sun off their necks when they reach the mountains.

2nd July 2023 - The Team Have Arrived.

The team arrived in Marakech on time! After transferring from the airport we visited the local exchange and had some lunch at a local restaraunt. Calzone appears to be be the meal of choice, before we later delve into the local cuisine for the week. The team will conduct kit checks and last minute purchases before heading into the Medina square to explore the goods on display and practice their bartering skills. After that, dinner in the square, before getting some rest for the evening. The team will have an early start exploring the local sites in Marakech before we depart for the mountains in the afternoon.

24th May 2023 - Reading Blue Coats - Morocco 3x4000m Challenge

The team will depart the UK and arrive into Marakech on the 2nd July 2023. From there they will set off for the Atlas mountains to begin their journey!

Jordan Cawar

About Jordan Cawar

Jordan is well travelled and has been on many expeditions and treks, including, Mera Peak, Island Peak, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Morocco, Everest base camp, as well as experience working in the Middle east. Having completed a degree in Outdoor Leadership he is well accustomed with all avenues of the outdoor industry. Jordan can often be found either guiding in the lake district or climbing on the local crags.

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