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Peak Lenin expedition. Departed August 13

By August 27, 2013Current Trips

An impressive introduction to The World of 7000m Peaks

Leader: Jason Bailey
Peak Lenin expedition details and book online

27th Aug Jason and Alistair successfully reached the summit of Peak Lenin in a 10 hour push in near perfect weather, a long day but a great achievement. They safely descended to high camp at 6100m in just over 4hrs and down to BC the flowing day…a quick descent!

It was a great achievement as the mountain unveiled a large spectrum of complex crevasses that were much wider than normal and required some quite complex manoeuvres to pass them safely, especially in descent. Very well done.

The rest of the team had an enjoyable experience and were able to reach the high camp at 6100m in the difficult conditions. A dog (Border Collie) was seen on the summit!!! Or was it the altitude!

23rd Aug Jason and team are now resting in preparation for a summit attempt on Sunday. We’ll update the page further as we hear from the team.

20th Aug Jason and the team are now back down to Advanced Base Camp and waiting for the weather to break. Later in the week it is predicted to improve so they can hopefully head back up then.

16th Aug Jason rang from ABC. The team have moved up through the glaciers and will move to Camp 2 tomorrow. They’re all happy and well.

14th Aug Jason and the team are back at Base Camp after an acclimatisation day today. Everyone is feeling good and eating well. Tomorrow they will be heading up to Advanced Base Camp. It appears that there has been quite a lot of snow in the last few days, and Jason says that climbers are coming down after successful summit bids, despite very strong winds higher up.

12th Aug Jason and the team have now arrived in Osh and have made their final prearations ready to head to base camp tomorrow.

10th Aug Jason and the team fly out today. They will arrive in Bishkek early tomorrow morning and then make their final preparations before flying to Osh. From Osh they will make an 8 hour journey by road and fianlly dirt track to reach Peak Lenin base camp below the onion glade on the North side of the mountain.


Jason Bailey

About Jason Bailey

Jason has been climbing extensively for over 10 years, sometimes quite hard but mostly not. He has travelled all over the world and has led groups on several expeditions. Jason's most notably personal expedition was to the Indian Himalayas as part of a very successful climbing team who made the first ascent of a 6,000m peak. Jason is passionate about the outdoors and if not walking or climbing is a keen skier and competes in adventure races and mountain marathons.


  • carl bowden says:


    just asking was there a particular reason that 2 only summited? out of how many were on the expedition? was it just too difficult?
    i’m interested because I am booked on this expedition next August.

  • Neil Burnett says:

    Hi Carl. On that trip we had 5 clients. On various stages 4 clients dropped out due to a complex variety of reasons ranging from bad weather to personal fitness so no particular reason it wasn’t more successful.
    If you have any more questions please do give us a call on 015394 33794.

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