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Peak Lenin expedition. Departed July 13

By August 3, 2013Current Trips

Leader and News updates: Ade Summers
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3rd August: Ade has called to say that the team have come back down from Camp 3. He has assessed the state of the mountain and made the difficult decision, on the grounds of safety, that the expedition will not continue to a summit bid. The mountain is very dry and there are numerous wide crevasses bridged only by risky planks of wood, and Ade feels the risk is too great. The team will be discussing alternative plans this evening and will more than likely look to doing some daywalks out from Base Camp.

2nd August: Ade has called with a quick update. The team made trips up to Camp 2 and then on to Camp 3 yesterday but very bad weather has closed in. They retreated back to Camp 2 for the night with a total whiteout from so much snow.

They are all safely back down to Advanced Base Camp now and resting from the last few days exertions.

29th July: The team are doing well and have been up to Camp 2 at 5300m and are now resting at ABC today. The weather has been very stable so far and plenty of blue sky photo opportunities. The Frying pan section on the glacier up to Camp 2 was living up to it’s name in the baking heat. Tomorrow the team will move back up to Camp 2 and then push up to Camp 3 for a night of acclimatisation at 6100m.

25th July:We are now at Advanced Base Camp and everyone is feeling good with no problems. We will have an acclimatization day tomorrow with winter skills and working on some fixed ropes.

23rd July: Ade called to say the group have all arrived safely in Osh and are making final preparations before their 6 hour drive to Achik-Tash Base Camp via a six wheel truck.

20th July – The team are departing for the Kyrgyz Republic today and will arrive in Bishkek tomorrow. They will buy the majority of their snacks etc. their before flying to Osh on the 22nd. In Osh they will make their final preparations and then make the 6 hour drive to base camp on the 23rd.

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