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Peak Lenin Expedition July ’16

By August 9, 2016Current Trips
Peak Lenin

Team leader and updates: Dave Pritt
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9th August 
Andrey has called from ABC to say the team are now back down safe after making their summit bid. The team reached 6300m on their summit day, but with a combination of weather and fatigue the team decided to call it a day and head back down. Tomorrow they will descend to base camp and then depart for Osh on Thursday.

3rd August 
Everyone has now been up to 6100m and are now resting comfortably at Advance Base Camp.  It looks like there is reasonable weather coming in so they will wait for the weather window before making a push for the summit.

2nd August 
Andre called to say that the group are all well. They are at camp 2 and are going to push up to camp 3 to sleep tomorrow.

29th July
Andrey has called in with a report letting us know they have now completed an acclimatisation walk up to 4700m and completed a skills day practising crevasse rescue. The team are all feeling good and enjoying playing in the snow!

27th July
All of the team are at Base Camp starting acclimatisation before moving up to Advanced Base Camp

25th July
The group meets up with guides in Osh. BC tomorrow but they already start climbing Lenin.


23rd July
Today the team arrive in Bishkek in the morning with time to explore the sights, bazaars and do our shopping for mountain snacks.

Dave Pritt

About Dave Pritt

Dave Pritt is the Director of Adventure Peaks. With over 30 years of mountaineering feats, he is a very experienced high altitude mountaineer who has led expeditions to K2, Broad Peak and five Everest expeditions. Dave has completed the 7 summits, led an expedition to Ski the South Pole Last Degree, Satopanth in India and in 2007 he guided Ian McKeever to break the world record for the seven summits in 156 days. He is lucky enough to have climbed on the majority of our advertised peaks, but the Tien Shan remains his favourite destination.

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