Prevent Breast Cancer Classic Everest trek

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Prevent Breast Cancer Classic Everest Base Camp trek

Departed 9th November

Leaders: Carrie Gibson, Jude Work and Paul Noble

25th November

The team will bid a fond farewell to Nepal today before boarding their homeward bound flights this evening, arriving home tomorrow.

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24th November

Hello from Kathmandu! We flew back from Lukla to Ramechhap and made the final drive back to Kathmandu yesterday. Today we have been out and about exploring the sights of Kathmandu including Bodanatha the Monkey Temple and Pashupati temple.

22nd November

Well we have made it to Lukla. It has been another beautiful day and the scenery has been amazing. It’s always on the way back down you appreciate the colour here so much more. The celebrations have began and we are looking forward to a big dinner and then we will give our thanks to the sherpas for all their hard work.

21st November

The team have had a big day walking back from Dingboche to Namche with the last members of the group coming in around 9 hours. Today had big ups and big downs and the team would be weary apart from the lure of coffee and cake and celebrations in Namche.

PBC-21-11 (10)

Happy Birthday Zonja!

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20th November

Today we made our way down from Gorak Shep back to the luxury of Dingboche. On the way up this walk took us two days. Some of the team bounced down in record times loving the feeling that you can breath easier as the altitude lowers, others were still feeling the effects of being at high altitude for the last couple of days but everyone is back down and the sense of achievement from what they have accomplished has just started to sink in. We managed to get a live link through to the Lorraine Kelly show with Sally chatting and some of our epic pictures being shown, which I’m sure will be lovely to see for friends and family back home.

19th November – Everest Base Camp!

The alarm clock went off at 05:55. The team had decided to walk in two groups and I was away with the first group. We kept a steady pace as we wandered up and down the moraine and the team were just in awe of how beautiful the views are and what an amazing feat they have achieved.  The team have had their fair share of struggles to get to base camp but each day they have battled their way through. There was lots of emotions at base camp but the one main though was that they can’t quite believe they have done it!

We benefitted from the early start by being the first team up and that means we had loads of time to take lots of great team and individual shots..

18th November

Today was another beautiful day. The team have made their way up the valley alongside the Khumbu Glacier to Gorak Shep. Some of the team then climbed Kala Patthar (5550m) where they were treated to a stunning sunset although it was very cold on top. As expected everyone is quite tired tonight but looking forward to the trip to Base Camp tomorrow, after which they will return to Gorak Shep.

17th November

We have all arrived in Lobuche! Those who got in a bit earlier went for a wee walk or to the coffee shop. It was a little cooler today but still sunny. Weather looking good for next couple of days so our itinerary remains unchanged. The plan is to head up to Gorak Shep tomorrow (our last overnight stop), then we have the option of walking up Kala Patthar in the evening. The following day (Tuesday) we will hike the last stretch up to Everest Base Camp.

16th November

The team split today for our acclimatisation/rest day, with some people walking up the ridge and some going to Chukkhung. All had a great day and the sun continues to shine!

15th November

After a big day on the hill yesterday we had a very chilled walk up to Dingboche today.  It wasn’t too long a walk and certainly wasn’t as steep as yesterday so everyone was very happy to be in the village in time for a fine lunch of roast potatoes and veg fried rice. Most of the team then went to the coffee shops for cake and they will still have space for a huge dinner tonight.

Some have done their washing. Lots more yaks on the trail today. Everyone is happy and the card school has begun.

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14th November

Carrie called this afternoon to touch base. The team have had a good but long day trekking up to Pangboche from Namche, with most of the group visiting the famous Tengboche monastery on the way. After leaving Namche the path eventually drops down to the village of Phungi Thanga by the river which made a good tea stop before the climb back up to Tengboche where they paused for lunch. They are still enjoying wonderful sunny blue skies so the views have been pretty special! Carrie also had a first today with a mountain goat leaping over the trail in front of her and Tendy and scrambling down the slope below.

13th November

Today we had fantastic weather for our walk up to Everest view hotel. Once we got there we watched with interest the summit of Ama Dablam as suddenly there first was a huge red dot which seemed too big to be a person. Then it unfurled into a huge flag I mean like nearly the top 1/3 of the snow section. It was red white and blue vertical stripes. Perhaps our Ama Dablam team can tell us what the occasion was? [edit: It was the first Kuwaiti to summit Ama Dablam!]

Some of the team then went to the bakery in Khumjung before we all met up back in the coffee shops in Namche. The team are all doing well, the tea house is doing a roaring trade in showers and everyone is very happy.

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12th November

Today we got into our stride as we trekked from the village of Phakding following the Dudh Kosi (milk river) as it weaves its way up the valley and into the heart of the Khumbu to Namche Bazaar. The last stretch to Namche was a good up hill plod, from the cable bridges over the river the path crosses the hillside steadily back and forth until the welcome sight of Namche’s chortens comes into view. We’re looking forward to a welcome rest day tomorrow but for now it’s time for a cup of tea and I might just check out the cakes in the bakery.

Today as yesterday I worked my way through the team as we walked along. It is a pleasure to hear the stories of why people are here, very moving stories and fantastic stories of survival. The team are absolutely loving this trip. No matter who I’ve spoken to the quotes have been things like, “I just can’t stop smiling”, “I knew it would be beautiful, but not this beautiful”, “Youtube videos just don’t do this justice”, “Isn’t this amazing”.

I think I may have to start treating lock jaw from all the smiles! Tonight after tea the announcement of just how much the team have raised was met with a huge round of applause. For so many of this team pushing the button and making the decision to just to come was a huge achievement in itself and you can see that every day they are living this trek to the full and loving every moment. I do believe there was even a game of hide and seek in the trail today.

11th November

There was much excitement and hilarity as the team members arrived at either Manchester or London Airport and then joined together in Abu Dhabi for the flight to Kathmandu. Even though everyone was tired by the time they landed in Kathmandu that buzz of excitement grew, especially when everyone was reunited with their bags having cleared the visa process and customs. For most this is the first time in Nepal, and it only takes the short drive to the hotel to begin to see the differences in how we live. It’s 15 years since I first landed in Nepal but I can still remember that journey, trying to open my eyes ever wider to take everything in and the team are now doing the same. How many people can fit on a motorcycle, how close can all the traffic get, look at what’s hanging in that shop front, different buildings, rickshaws, gift shops, pashminas, trekking kit and all this to the tune of the beep beep beep of the horns. Then the bus driver reversing up the narrow road to the hotel with the tap tap tappy of the guy guiding him and when I say narrow I mean with about an inch to spare from the motor cycles on one side and the shop goods on the other.

We meet Paul and Jude and Lea at the hotel and our team is almost complete (just our Sherpa team to meet tomorrow). We have a quick briefing then head out for a great dinner at New Orleans restaurant. Because of the work being carried out at KTM airport we have an early start of 2:30am to drive around 4 hours to Ramachhap which doesn’t dampen the team’s excitement levels. As daylight breaks we get to see some fantastic countryside and some monkeys.

The check-in process, a term I use lightly, is one that no one will forget. All three of us (Carrie, Jude and Paul) had described this process as hurry up and wait. It started off calm, a chance to have coffee and our packed breakfast. Then our fixer (the guy that seems to bypass queues) says the first 6 are going now, and no sooner has that 6 went through then another 5 have moved through the queue. Amidst this queue jumping a frantic passing of kitbags, passports and boarding passes although not always in that order and very quickly our team are all airside or airborne. By 9:00 the teams are buzzing yet again with stories of their flights in to Lukla. Tea at the lodge, group photos and we are on our way through a very quiet Lukla.

Everyone seems to have forgotten they’ve not had much sleep and are chit chatting away as we wind our way down (with a few wee ups) to Phakding. The weather is great, clear but not too sunny or hot but many are in t-shirts. The views are as always simply stunning, white jaggy peaks on bright blue backgrounds, bright green fields of winter vegetables against grey dry stone dykes and dusty brown trails. We will meet the real yaks in Namche but for now it’s fun to get the photos of the zopkios or Zoe’s, I wonder just how many we will each have by the end of the trip.

The team had a great lunch en route and there were not only clean plates tonight but I saw many managed this with seconds as well. It’s been a long couple of days and everyone drifted off to bed by 7:30 and rightly so as tomorrow is another big day on the trail with the Prevent Base Camp team.

10th November

Everyone has arrived in Kathmandu with their gear. Our first meal was at New Orleans restaurant and hopefully tomorrow evening’s meal will be somewhere on the trail!

The group are currently organising their equipment ready for a 02.30 am departure to the airport where we will fly to Lukla and start our trek.

9th November

The group depart the UK today in two groups from London and Manchester, headed for Kathmandu where they will meet the rest of the group leaders and Lea-Anne who is flying from Australia.

We are pleased to be working with the charity Prevent Breast Cancer to organise a trek to Everest Base Camp and raise vital funds and awareness for the cause. After months if not years of planning and training, the team are departing for Nepal on Saturday. The group comprises folk from all over the UK and beyond, and Prevent Breast Cancer patron actress Sally Dynevor is also taking on the challenge. We will keep you up to date with their progress as they fly to Kathmandu and up into the mountains, making their way towards the historic base camp. 

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Carrie Gibson

About Carrie Gibson

Carrie Gibson has traveled on many of our expeditions including Everest North Ridge, Denali, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Island Peak & Ama Dablam. Carrie is also the first British woman to summit Himlung Himal.


Ailsa McDill · 5 years ago

Good luck and safe travels. Fabulous cause and so much money raised so far. Very well done! Fabulous photography and contented trekkers. Look after Catherine Irwin (my sibling) and her partner Richard Dunne they are having the time of their lives. Respect!

· 5 years ago

Thanks Ailsa! Glad to hear they are enjoying it so much, I know they put the training in and have been building up to it for a good while now. We'll keep you posted as the team continues their journey! Alice

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