These training courses are set in magnificent areas of the world, far away from the crowded European Alps. You will undergo training in Alpine skills and learn what it feels like to be part of an expedition whilst also being able to attempt your first Himalayan Peak at 5000m to 6000m. The course is ideal for regular mountain walkers or climbers who want to broaden their experience under the guidance of our expert leaders and instructors. No technical skills are required but you will need a good level of fitness. For this trip we have achieved a fully inclusive cost for two weeks that is roughly equivalent to many one week courses in the European Alps! The courses cover:

Use of Ice Axe and Crampons, Glacial Travel, Crevasse Rescue, Travelling on fixed lines, Rappelling/Abseiling, Local Culture, Building High Altitude Camps, Food issues at altitude, Cooking and Boiling Water at high Altitude, Medical & Heath issues, Equipment for high altitude, Mountain Weather, AMS – Acute mountain sickness, Use of Oxygen#, Avalanche awareness & snow conditions, Use of ladders#

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