If you are looking for any kind of Climbing Hardware, then this is the right place. All our kit is manufactured by well known brands such as DMM, Wild Country, Petzl and Grivel.

Our expert staff use the gear we sell day in and day out and are happy to pass on their knowledge and experience. In this section you will find everything you need for a day out climbing be it in summer or winter.

We stock a good range of carabiners and snapgates, including the ever popular DMM Boa HMS and smaller, lightweight carabiners like the Petzl Attche 3D. We also sell a large range of quickdraws in varying sizes including DMM Phantoms and Grivel Connectors.

We only stock high quality products, especially so when dealing with traditional rock protection. Our range of passive protection includes DMM Wallnuts and Wildcountry Rocks and in large sizes, Torque Nuts and Hexcentrics. In the active protection range, we have Wild Country Helium Friends and DMM’s Dragon Cams, both updated and modernised camming devices. You will also find belay devices and descenders in this section.