Men's Down Jackets

Even these days, Down is still unbeatable in the “warmth to weight” category. Mens Down Jackets will perform incredibly well at insulating in sub-zero temperatures, most noticibly whilst sitting around a Base Camp in Khumbu, or standing along the sidelines during a Rugby match.

All of our Down products are filled with a mix of feather and “European goose down” (Mature feathers that have a good coating of natural oils that help with loft and durability). Also they are all water resistant (NOT waterproof) to shed snow and reduce the likelihood of leaking feathers.

We carry stock of items suitable from lightweight Mountain Marathons to Himalayan Peak Bagging, and everything in-between. Please remember that a Down jacket may seem pricey, but they can last a very long time with care and attention, and every time you need it, you will be glad you’ve got it.

We also stock NikWak Down Wash and Down Proof to keep your down jackets looking fresh and new.

A new concept for 2013/14 winter is Rab’s Hydrophobic Down, which repels water which we all know our down jackets dislike. Rab Hydrophobic Down: Dries Faster, Absorbs less water, Retains Loft and is Fluorocarbon free.

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