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Having the weather coming in thick and fast and heading into a blowing hoolie, a good waterproof can make a world of a difference up on the hills. In wild weather small features such as a good hood and set of pockets make to keep your compass and some food at hand can make all the difference in staying dry comfortable while having a quality mountain day.

Waterproof Jackets uses two main types of fabrics to keep the weather out, these being, coatings and membranes. Lighter weight jackets, ideal for spring through to autumn tend to be ‘coatings’ which is a great balance between weight, price and quality while having very good waterproofing and breathability. However if you are heading to the wilds through shrubberies, crags and winter, a sturdy membrane type jacket, made from a solid outer fabric would be a far better call and a joy to use.

A note on jacket care, best to use a good quality soap and proofer such as Nikwax to get the most out of them.